The Slingshot: Declined atheist donation bears fruit; Tutu hospitalized; the hijab com …

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Need to know: Thursday, August 25, 2016

‘Respectfully decline’

Christian home rejects donation from atheist, who then raises more

The atheist’s original modest donation has surpassed $24,000, which will go to other charities if Christian home won’t accept it. More from KJRH


Desmond Tutu checks into hospital

A recurring infection could keep him there for a week or two. More from Religion News Service

Muslim Mounties

Canada’s Mounties allow women in uniform to wear hijabs

A government spokesman said the move away from the wide-brimmed hat will reflect Canada’s diversity and attract more female Muslim officers. More from BBC News

Nuns missing

Churches, convent among Italian earthquake casualties

“I had lost all hope to get out of this alive, but God sent me his messenger,” said surviving Sister Mariana Lleshi. More from

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Bonus tracks


Benedict says he quit papacy because he couldn’t face another trip

“From the beginning I was conscious of my limits,” the pope emeritus says in new biography. More from

Tentative TV

Where Is God on the Small Screen?

Networks often view religion as a subject that gets you in trouble, say NYT TV critics. More from

Can’t see her

In Israel’s religious press, Hillary Clinton is invisible

“We will not publish pictures of women, period," said an editor of an ultra-Orthodox news site. More from

Supporting Shabbat

Steven Hill, Orthodox Jewish actor known for playing ‘Law & Order’ DA, Dies a …

The actor who portrayed District Attorney Adam Schiff wouldn’t perform on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons. More from

‘The fatwa hotline’

Muslim women issue religious rulings on the phone

It’s the only helpline in the Middle East where a team of state-approved women fields the calls on religious questions. More from

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