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April Fools’

Mormons to open Starbucks locations inside LDS temples

By Jana Riess — April 1, 2016

A surprising new arrangement to put a Starbucks inside every LDS temple has Mormons wondering: Is coffee now kosher?

Author returns, exhausted, after 3 hours in Mormon heaven

By Jana Riess — April 1, 2015

The unsettling new book “3 Hours in Mormon Heaven” warns readers: get all your R&R in now, because there’s no rest for the righteous where you want to be going.

Mormon leader Uchtdorf translated to heaven; begins to glow

By Jana Riess — April 1, 2014

The LDS Church announced this morning that Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency has been translated to heaven. β€œHe was simply too good for this world,” said a church spokesman about the wildly popular Mormon apostle.

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