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Philadelphia prepares for mega event: hosting Pope Francis

PHILADELPHIA (RNS) The city is experienced in holding events for crowds of 1 million-plus. But this one differs not only in size but in the number of security organizations involved: the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, the Italian police force, the Swiss Guard, as well as city and state police.

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What really endangers children? Churches that look away.

In the past years, most of us have become growingly aware of how common it is for pastors and others within faith communities to allow known or suspected sex offenders to have access to children. Sometimes this is fueled by ignorance, and other times it is fueled by a desire to place institutional “needs” over the value of a child’s soul.

$250,000 bail set for Philadelphia's Monsignor William Lynn

(RNS) “If the conviction is in question, is not the punishment in question?” asked Common Pleas Court Judge M. Teresa Sarmina in setting a $250,000 bail for Philadelphia's Monsignor William Lynn, whose conviction of sheltering abusive priests was overturned.

ANALYSIS: Philadelphia abuse reversal conveys a painful lesson

(RNS) This week’s court decision that freed a senior cleric in Philadelphia who had been jailed for shielding an abusive priest was a symbolic setback for victims’ advocates but one with a substantial, and discouraging, message for their cause: None of the churchmen implicated in cover-ups during the worst decades of abuse will likely ever face charges.