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Muslims join to demand police reforms, back black-led groups

By Mariam Fam — June 16, 2020

(AP) — Dozens of American Muslim organizations have called for reforms including prohibiting racial profiling and maneuvers that restrict the flow of blood or oxygen to the brain.

Do not be afraid

By John H. Vaughn — April 9, 2018

(RNS) — As we face relentless attacks on our rights and our lives, what role does fear play in our lives today?

Modern-day crucifixions

By Jennifer Jones — April 6, 2018

(RNS) — Black men nationwide are still disproportionately killed by police. Each name turned hashtag reminds us that the scales of justice seem permanently tilted away from black and brown people in the United States.

Is Reformed theology for black people?

By Jemar Tisby — October 31, 2017

(RNS) — Given the history of slavery and racism practiced by white Reformed Christians, black people are an unlikely group to identify as Reformed. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t resonate.

Poll: We like our red-white-and-blue patriotism — mostly

By Cathy Lynn Grossman — June 23, 2015

(RNS) Americans’ patriotic fervor is tempered by race and religion, a new survey finds.

She’s black, gay and soon you can call her ‘rabbi’

By Lauren Markoe — May 28, 2015

(RNS) Sandra Lawson was a personal trainer and religious about nothing but fitness. Now she’s religious about Judaism.

A young Jewish woman, raised as white, learns she’s not

By Lauren Markoe — March 13, 2015

(RNS) Lacey Schwartz didn’t know she was a Jew of color until she uncovered a family secret.

‘Noah’ blockbuster has almost everything going for it, except diversity

By Bob Smietana — April 7, 2014

(RNS) Biblical epics, such as the 1956 classic “The 10 Commandments,” featured white actors playing Moses and Pharaoh. That hasn’t changed.

Are Christian conferences racially exclusive?

By Jonathan Merritt — November 20, 2013

Some say Christian conferences are dominated by white people. RNS’ Jonathan Merritt crunches the numbers.

American Jews say others face more discrimination

By Lauren Markoe — October 24, 2013

(RNS) American Jews say they face discrimination in the U.S., but they see Muslims, gays and blacks facing far more.

Southern Baptists push for more black missionaries

By Adelle M. Banks — June 10, 2013

(RNS) Southern Baptist Convention President Fred Luter’s recent overseas missions trip is being hailed by black and white Southern Baptists as a catalyst to change a long-present reality: very small numbers of black missionaries.

35 years later, some black Mormons see lingering prejudice

By Peggy Fletcher Stack — June 7, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) 35 years after Mormons allowed blacks to join the priesthood, some black Mormons say prejudice continues to fester within Mormonism because members are uncomfortable talking about it.

New poll examines minorities’ views on social issues

By Lauren Markoe — July 26, 2012

(RNS) Compared to Hispanic Americans, black Americans are far more likely to believe abortion should be legal in most circumstances, even when they personally reject the procedure as immoral. By Lauren Markoe.

NAACP urges black churches to address AIDS epidemic

By Adelle M. Banks — July 12, 2012

(RNS) The NAACP has mounted a campaign calling on black churches to address HIV/AIDS after researchers learned these myths circulate among their pews and pulpits. By Adelle M. Banks.

Leontine T.C. Kelly, pioneering African-American woman bishop, dies at 92

By B. Denise Hawkins — June 29, 2012

(RNS)  Retired United Methodist Bishop Leontine T.C. Kelly, the first African-American woman elected to the episcopacy by a major religious denomination, died Thursday (June 28). The teacher, pastoral leader and activist was considered a pioneer for her ministry of more than two decades. She was 92. By B. Denise Hawkins.

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