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Colleen McDannell

Progress for Mormon women: A historian takes the long view

By Jana Riess — December 3, 2018

(RNS) — Historian Colleen McDannell sees long-term progress for Mormon women in several key areas, including the temple endowment (no more curses for Eve!), softer rhetoric about working women, and — yes — even the Proclamation on the Family.

Legacy of Vatican II at heart of dispute between Vatican, U.S. nuns

By Kim Lawton — August 6, 2012

AMITYVILLE, N.Y. (RNS) Some critics say many Catholic sisters have been using the Second Vatican Council to justify positions and activities that are in conflict with official church teachings, but some nuns say they are living by Vatican II's call to get out of the convent and into the community. By Kim Lawton of Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

‘Old Catholics’ embrace new movements

By Peggy Fletcher Stack — May 21, 2012

 (RNS) In the North American Old Catholic Church, priests practice a brand of Catholicism that most Catholics wouldn’t recognize. There are married gay priests, open Communion and no allegiance to Rome. By Peggy Fletcher Stack.

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