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conflict resolution

How do Mormons deal with conflict and faith crises? Avoidance doesn’t work, expert says

By Jana Riess — November 25, 2020

Step One, says Chad Ford, is to let go of the fear of conflict, and recognize that conflict itself is not sinful. But for Mormons steeped in both niceness and hierarchical leadership structures, that may be hard to achieve.

When it comes to global conflict, churches are the best solution we never think of

By timbreene, Scott Arbeiter — September 6, 2019

(RNS) — There is a solution that can help us connect with the needs of communities in faraway places, one that sits on many street corners in our downtowns and backroads in our country and theirs: local churches.

In Assisi, seeking love and forgiveness in the shadow of St. Francis

By Charles Honey — October 1, 2012

ASSISI, Italy (RNS) Swimming against a global tide of religious violence and political polarization, about 550 religious and humanitarian leaders met recently here in the birthplace of St. Francis to propose a new way forward: love and forgiveness. By Charles Honey.

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