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Free Speech Fairness Act

‘Destroy’ the Johnson Amendment? Trump’s rhetoric meets reality (ANALYSIS)

By David Gibson — February 17, 2017

(RNS) The president has vowed to gut the law barring clergy and churches from politicking without risking their tax-exempt status. But his promise may be more symbol than substance.

Free pastors from the Johnson Amendment

By Tony Perkins — February 9, 2017

WASHINGTON (RNS) More free speech for advocates in the public square should be something that everyone can get behind, whether Democrat or Republican.

Politicize our charities and churches? No, thanks

By Amanda Tyler — February 9, 2017

WASHINGTON (RNS) Beware, for as soon as the church joins at the hip with a particular candidate or party, its ability to speak truth to power and not risk being co-opted by the government is hindered.

The ’Splainer: What is the Free Speech Fairness Act?

By Kimberly Winston — February 6, 2017

(RNS) Legislation introduced in Congress aims to ‘restore’ religious liberty in the pulpit. Will it? Let us ‘Splain …

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