Want to improve Muslim attitudes? Get them online

(RNS) A new Pew study says getting Muslims online can improve their views of the West, but a major problem remains: across 39 countries and territories, just 18 percent of Muslims said they used the Internet.

COMMENTARY: Truth: Who needs it?

(RNS) Instead of reasoned debate among people who all seek the common good, we have a toxic spew of ads aimed at nothing more than instilling fear and hatred. Such willful destruction of the public square is despicable, and now it has become normal. By Tom Ehrich.

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Religious groups vie for Internet domain names

(RNS) The Roman Catholic Church and an evangelical megachurch are among the religious groups applying for newly available Internet domain names. But as .com and .org are replaced by more specific online addresses, should names such as .Catholic and .church be under the control of religious partisans? By Daniel Burke.