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Jesus Christ

Jesus: Scandinavian supermodel or sinless son of God?

By Jonathan Merritt — December 12, 2013

Megyn Kelly’s white Jesus is wrong both historically and theologically.

Was Jesus a feminist? Author Sarah Bessey thinks so.

By Jonathan Merritt — November 11, 2013

Sarah Bessey’s book, “Jesus Feminist”, is reigniting age-old debates on Christianity and gender.

The audacity to question God: An interview with Greg Boyd

By Jonathan Merritt — September 19, 2013

Bestselling author Greg Boyd rejects the idea that faith is rooted in certainty and the opposite of doubt.

The messy mercy and crazy grace of a sometimes startling God

By Jonathan Merritt — September 12, 2013

Is the God who created us better than the God we’ve created?

The misfit pastor: An interview with Nadia Bolz-Weber

By Jonathan Merritt — September 11, 2013

The unconventional Lutheran pastor and author talks about her salty, provocative spiritual memoir.

What Reza Aslan could actually teach us

By Jonathan Merritt — August 6, 2013

The real lesson Reza Aslan teaches us has less to do with history than you might expect.

Top 10 religious books I’ve read in the last 10 years

By Jonathan Merritt — July 15, 2013

Jonathan shares the books that have most influenced him. What is on your list?

A summons to lose your life: An interview with David Platt

By Jonathan Merritt — March 26, 2013

David Platt, New York Times bestselling author and preacher, talks about his radical message and why it has ruffled so many Christians’ feathers.

10 inaccuracies in The Bible . . . the miniseries, not the book

By Jonathan Merritt — March 25, 2013

History Channel’s The Bible is a smash hit, but some Christian critics have questioned its historicity. Here is a list of the series’ 10 most notable inaccuracies.

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