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Jean Vanier and the corrupting power of sexual sin

By Charles C. Camosy — February 26, 2020

(RNS) — If Jean Vanier is not good — indeed, far from it — who can be good?

When saints fall

By Thomas Reese — February 25, 2020

(RNS) — I can forgive sins of weakness, but I am not ready to forgive Theodore McCarrick, Vanier, Harvey Weinstein and other men who are alleged to have abused their power to prey on the vulnerable.

Vanier is gone, but his Christian model for living alongside the disabled takes root

By Yonat Shimron — May 30, 2019

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (RNS) — Jean Vanier’s core principle of ‘Eat together, pray together, celebrate together’ forms the basis for Friendship House, where students share living space with people with disabilities.

How Jean Vanier broke my heart and saved my life

By Cathleen Falsani — May 9, 2019

(RNS) — Confronted by love and grace — the undeserved gift we cannot earn or merit, but that is given to all equally — the natural impulse is to pay it forward. To take a small risk or a leap of faith; to extend love to someone else. And to learn, as Vanier discovered, that a single act of kindness has the power to change your life — and the world.

‘Intrinsically worthy’: Jean Vanier’s legacy to people with disabilities

By Yonat Shimron — May 7, 2019

(RNS) — The founder of L’Arche homes believed disabled and able-bodied people could live side by side as equals.

Jean Vanier, Catholic hero to developmentally disabled, dies

By The Associated Press — May 7, 2019

Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche International, a network of communities where people with and without disabilities live together, died at 90. He was the subject of the 2017 film “Jean Vanier, the Sacrament of Tenderness.”

Henri Nouwen’s intimate letters shed light on his ‘theology of the heart’

By John Murawski — October 4, 2016

(RNS) Nouwen’s letters chronicle his lifelong struggles with celibacy, his disaffection with academia and his prolonged recovery from a nervous breakdown — among the many spiritual stations that mark this late priest’s life.

John M. Templeton Jr., philanthropist devoted to science and religion, dies at 75

By Cathy Lynn Grossman — May 19, 2015

WASHINGTON (RNS) An evangelical Christian, John (Jack) Templeton Jr. not only inherited his father’s devotion to seeking truth at the intersection of science and spirituality, he inherited the Templeton Foundation controversies that came it.

Jean Vanier, friend of developmentally disabled, wins Templeton Prize

By Chris Herlinger — March 11, 2015

(RNS) Jean Vanier believes that people with developmental disabilities offer spiritual lessons and gifts to a world too driven by success and power.

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