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Mars Hill Church

Former Mars Hill Church elder moves to dismiss lawsuit against him

By Emily McFarlan Miller — June 17, 2016

(RNS) That’s because, former Mars Hill elder Sutton Turner said, he never was served with the lawsuit, which the state of Washington reportedly requires within 90 days.

Mark Driscoll to launch new church on Easter Sunday

By Emily McFarlan Miller — March 16, 2016

(RNS) The launch comes 1 1/2 years after he resigned from Mars Hill Church in Seattle and a month after the filing of a lawsuit accusing him of racketeering there.

Former church elder offers to meet Mars Hill plaintiffs

By Emily McFarlan Miller — March 15, 2016

(RNS) A top aide to Mark Driscoll says he is “deeply grieved and saddened” by the closure of Mars Hill Church.

Mark Driscoll responds to ‘false and malicious’ allegations in lawsuit

By Emily McFarlan Miller — March 4, 2016

(RNS) Four former members of the now-defunct Mars Hill Church in Seattle filed a civil racketeering lawsuit Monday (Feb. 29) against the church’s controversial ex-pastor.

Mark Driscoll rises from the ashes in Phoenix (COMMENTARY)

By Laura Turner — February 5, 2016

(RNS) Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle until he resigned in 2014, announced that he was setting up The Trinity Church in Phoenix.

Why Mark Driscoll’s fall and Mars Hill’s breakup issues a warning for megastar pastors

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — November 5, 2014

(RNS) Pastors with megabrands are raising new issues for fast-growing churches.

Exclusive: Mark Driscoll’s resignation letter to Mars Hill Church

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — October 15, 2014

READ RNS’ EXCLUSIVE DRISCOLL RESIGNATION STORY   October 14, 2014 Michael Van Skaik Chairman, Board of Advisors and Accountability Mars Hill Church Dear Michael: By God’s grace I have pastored Mars Hill Church for 18 years. Today, also by God’s grace, and with the full support of my wife Grace, I resign my position as […]

Exclusive: Mark Driscoll resigns from Mars Hill Church

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — October 15, 2014

(RNS) The Seattle megachurch pastor has been on sabbatical during his church’s investigation.

Pastors’ letter on Mark Driscoll: Step down from all aspects of ministry and leadership

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — August 28, 2014

(RNS) “This is without a doubt, the most abusive, coercive ministry culture I’ve ever been involved with,” former Mars Hill pastor Paul Tripp said.

Why Christians shouldn’t celebrate Mark Driscoll’s demise

By Jonathan Merritt — August 24, 2014

Pastor Mark Driscoll’s leave of absence is a relief, but hold off on glee.

Mark Driscoll to step down while Mars Hill reviews charges

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — August 24, 2014

(RNS) The megachurch pastor has faced a series of allegations in the past year, including charges from former Mars Hill pastors.

Mark Driscoll charged with abusive behavior by 21 former Mars Hill pastors

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — August 22, 2014

(RNS) Former Mars Hill pastors say Driscoll has engaged in a pattern of abusive and intimidating conduct and has not changed.

Mark Driscoll removed from the Acts 29 church planting network he helped found

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — August 8, 2014

(RNS) “It is our conviction that the nature of the accusations against Mark, most of which have been confirmed by him, make it untenable and unhelpful to keep Mark and Mars Hill in our network,” the Acts 29 Network of evangelical churches said.

Why I accept Mark Driscoll’s apology…and you should too

By Jonathan Merritt — August 4, 2014

Pastor Mark Driscoll says he’s sorry for inappropriate comments made under a pseudonym in 2000. Here’s why Christians should accept his apology.

COMMENTARY: ‘Rock star’ pastors lose their luster

By Tom Krattenmaker — August 1, 2014

(RNS) There’s a wild card that older-school religious celebrities did not have to contend with: the Internet.

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