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Mormon leaders

What to watch for in this weekend’s Mormon General Conference

By Jana Riess — March 29, 2018

Mormons are abuzz with speculation about this weekend’s General Conference, which will feature 2 new apostles and possibly a major announcement. Will the LDS Church finally get an apostle of color?

LDS Church Announces new First Presidency Counselors, takes questions on women and LGBT Mormons

By Jana Riess — January 16, 2018

As expected, Russell M. Nelson is the new president of the LDS Church. His two counselors are Dallin H. Oaks and Henry B. Eyring, choices that demonstrate stability and continuity for the world’s 16 million Mormons.

Mormon leaders have trust issues

By Jana Riess — April 19, 2017

Research shows that the second-most-common reason people leave the LDS Church is that they didn’t trust Church leaders to tell the truth about controversial issues.

Mormon apostle bemoans kids today

By Jana Riess — February 10, 2017

When Mormon leaders lecture young people (or anyone else), it would be great if they could so without suggesting that anyone who has ever strayed from their carefully delineated path is under the influence of Satan.

8 quotes from Mormon leaders on independent thinking

By Jana Riess — March 23, 2016

Mormons have likely heard the adage that when the prophet speaks, the thinking has been done. These LDS leaders beg to differ.

Mormons warned against baptizing Holocaust victims, celebrities

By Tracy Gordon — March 5, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) Mormon leaders  issued an unequivocal mandate to church members: Do not submit names of Jewish Holocaust victims or celebrities for proxy baptism. Doing so could cost Mormons access to their church's genealogical data or even their good standing in the faith. By Peggy Fletcher Stack.

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