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Mormons and depression

No mission? Then young LDS men are in ‘No-Mormon’s Land’

By Jana Riess — July 11, 2016

Guest blogger Mette Harrison, whose college-age son has decided not to serve a mission at this time, says we are in danger of throwing away a group of young Mormon men who do not go on missions, making them feel like second-class citizens or worse.

The one factor missing from Utah’s suicide puzzle

By Jana Riess — November 17, 2014

Depression and suicide are unusually high in Mormon-dominated Utah. A new scientific theory suggests it’s not caused by the culture, but the landscape.

“No More Shame”: A Mormon Apostle Sheds Light on Mental Illness—And His Own Struggles

By Jana Riess — October 8, 2013

Some readers know that there is a history of mental illness in my family, as I’ve written about before. This includes but is not limited to my father, who died in 2010. Without going into specifics, I would say that there is no getting around the pain that mental illness can bring into a family’s […]

Mormons and Depression

By Jana Riess — April 25, 2013

The 2012 Relief Society/Priesthood manual missed an opportunity to offer comfort and hope to church members who struggle with mental health problems. They and those who love them may be inspired to know how George Albert Smith recovered from this terribly dark place.

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