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Catholic bishops open meeting to criticism, discussion of Reddit

By Jack Jenkins — June 11, 2019

BALTIMORE (RNS) — At one point, a bishop asked for clarification on how to spell ‘Reddit.’

Bishops continue to define response to sex abuse despite Vatican call for delay

By Thomas Reese — November 15, 2018

BALTIMORE (RNS) — Some U.S. bishops felt their house was burning down, and the Vatican was asking them to delay turning on the fire hoses.

Abuse watchdogs say bishops’ ‘failings’ hurt their credibility

By David Gibson — May 9, 2013

(RNS) Even as an annual review this week gave Catholic bishops high marks on sex abuse prevention policies, officials with the church’s oversight agencies expressed serious concerns about “recent high-profile failings” in several dioceses.

Catholic bishops told to follow their own policies against sexual abuse

By David Gibson — June 13, 2012

(RNS) Assessing a decade of efforts by the Catholic hierarchy to defuse the clergy abuse scandal, the leader of a lay review board on Wednesday (June 13) warned the bishops that they must start to follow their own policies against child sexual abuse if they are to have any hope of restoring their fragile credibility. By David Gibson.

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