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Muslim-Jewish tensions grow at Jerusalem shrines

By Reuters — September 9, 2015

The Temple Mount is a focus of Palestinian statehood hopes that Jewish ultra-nationalists oppose. Israel has banned two Palestinian groups it said promote protests over Jewish prayers near the Muslim shrines.

Jewish singer Matisyahu’s concert canceled in Spain when he refuses to denounce Israel

By Reuters — August 18, 2015

He refused demands by a boycott-Israel group to make a political statement supporting Palestinians. No other performers were asked to make statements.

New Arabic-language Vatican guidebook aims to explain Catholic culture

By Rosie Scammell — June 9, 2015

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican has released an Arabic-language guidebook, the first of its kind, which aims to bring the culture of the Catholic Church to a new audience. Titled “The Vatican, its Significance and its Monuments,” the book hit bookstores around the Holy See late last month.

Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue terror attack

By Michele Chabin — November 18, 2014

JERUSALEM (RNS) The incident was the latest violent event in the tense city where relations between Arabs and Jews have been deteriorating for months over a contested shrine holy to both Jews and Muslims.

Beyond the Berlin Wall: “Mr. Obama: Tear Down All These Walls.”

By Omid Safi — June 20, 2013

President Obama poetically stated: “No wall can stand against the yearning of justice,”
Yes indeed!
Mr. President, tear down all these walls.
Mr. President, tear down the segregation wall in Palestine/Israel.
Mr. President, tear down the wall along the American-Mexico border.
Mr. President, tear down these walls.

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