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Prophet Muhammad

Shariah 101: What is it and why do states want to ban it?

By Omar Sacirbey — July 25, 2013

(RNS) Muslims around the world have varying views about what Shariah entails, and its role in personal and public life. So what exactly is Shariah? Here are five facts that might help make sense of this complex and often misunderstood term.

Syrian civil war forces Sunni and Shiite Muslims to pick sides

By Oren Dorell — May 30, 2013

(RNS) Whether the battle will be contained to Syria is in doubt now that Islam’s two major strands have taken sides against one another, threatening to spark a wider war that is centuries in the making between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

Tunisians worry about loss of freedoms gained under the Arab Spring

By Elizabeth Bryant — October 5, 2012

TUNIS, TUNISIA (RNS) Increasingly, critics say, free expression — a cornerstone of Tunisia's 2011 revolution — is under attack. A string of incidents has fueled an intense debate about the role of religion, artistic expression and women's rights in this once staunchly secular North African country. By Elizabeth Bryant.

Shiite Muslims quietly establish a foothold in U.S.

By Omar Sacirbey — October 2, 2012

QUINCY, Mass. (RNS) Until recently, the overwhelming share of U.S. Muslims were Sunni. That's changing as Shiite Muslims flee persecution in their homelands and set up mosques in the U.S., presenting another face of American Islam and bringing overseas tensions within Islam to U.S. shores. By Omar Sacirbey.

Man behind anti-Islam film `Innocence of Muslims’ arrested in Los Angeles

By David Finnigan — September 28, 2012

LOS ANGELES (RNS) The Egyptian-American man reportedly behind the anti-Muslim video which has sparked weeks of riots was arrested and detained in Los Angeles. By David Finnigan.

Can you be a good Muslim and still have a dog?

By Omar Sacirbey — September 14, 2012

(RNS) It's “Walk your Dog In Front of a Mosque Day,'' and it's not meant as a joyous occasion. Muslims’ alleged canine-phobia is often cited by critics of Islam as an example of how Western values and the faith are incompatible. Yet many Muslims the world over have dogs, and dogs figure prominently is some Islamic countries. By Omar Sacirbey.

The ‘maverick’ Egyptian-American Copt behind the anti-Muslim film

By Daniel Burke — September 13, 2012

(RNS) The man who circulated the trailer of an obscure anti-Islam film, promoted it on his website and posted it on social media was a little known Egyptian-American Coptic Christian activist who lives near Washington and proudly touts his ties to Quran-burner Terry Jones. By Daniel Burke. 

DC Comics introduces new Muslim superhero

By Omar Sacirbey — September 7, 2012

(RNS) Green was the favorite color of Islam’s founder Prophet Muhammad, so it seems fitting that the world’s latest Muslim superhero has joined a small but diverse circle who have donned the Green Lantern ring. By Omar Sacirbey. 

Are Muslims allowed to dance?

By Omar Sacirbey — August 29, 2012

(RNS) The Taliban in Afghanistan beheaded 17 people, allegedly for dancing, according to one Afghan official. The reports shocked people around the world and provided fodder to critics of Islam. Does Islam forbid dancing? By Omar Sacirbey.

Author celebrates lives of Islam’s four noble women

By Kay Campbell — July 30, 2012

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (RNS) Shahada Sharelle Abdul Haqq said she became interested in studying Islam when she learned how the Quran protects the rights of women. Her new book celebrates the lives of Islam's female role models. By Kay Campbell.

Boston mosque aims to keep young Somali immigrants off the streets

By Omar Sacirbey — July 12, 2012

BOSTON (RNS) While Somali Muslims in America have been in the news for joining terrorist groups overseas, few people have paid attention to a more substantive problem of young men getting involved in the drug trade and joining gangs. By Omar Sacirbey.

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