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Sistas in Zion

Mormons criticize LDS curriculum’s treatment of slavery in the New Testament

By Jana Riess — November 5, 2019

(RNS) — The LDS Church’s curriculum on Philemon asks class members to consider a situation from the slaveowner’s point of view. What the heck?

5 Mormon General Conference highlights in tweets

By Jana Riess — April 4, 2016

I was bracing myself to be disappointed by General Conference, but it was uplifting and (dare I say it?) EVEN FUN AT TIMES. Here are my fave tweets.

Naming of 3 new Mormon apostles raises questions about race, international diversity

By Jana Riess — October 5, 2015

Mormons need to think carefully when there is such a growing discrepancy between the beautiful racial and international diversity that characterizes our religion around the planet and the much narrower range that is evidenced among our most visible leaders.

Mormon feminism makes slow progress — but it IS progress

By Jana Riess — September 30, 2014

A black woman prayed from the pulpit! References were made to Heavenly Mother! So why are some Mormon feminists saying the progress is too little, too late?

Feminist Mormon Girls Camp!

By Jana Riess — July 31, 2013

I’ve spent the last two days attending the world’s first-ever Feminist Mormon Girls Camp, a new safehouse for women, men, and children who dream of a better future.

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