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‘Left Behind’ and ‘The Good Lie’ face off during Hollywood’s year of faith-based films

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey — October 3, 2014

(RNS) “Left Behind” and “The Good Lie” both aim to attract a faith-based crowd, and they’ll both test Hollywood’s appetite for religion.

Meriam Ibrahim, freed from Sudan, plans to settle in New Hampshire

By Josephine McKenna — July 25, 2014

ROME (RNS) “Now we will go to New Hampshire where my brother-in-law Gabriel lives. They will help us. We will be all together as a true family,” Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim said.

Meriam Ibrahim, finally freed from Sudan, meets with Pope Francis

By Josephine McKenna — July 24, 2014

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The Vatican’s chief spokesman said Pope Francis wanted Thursday’s meeting to be a “gesture of support for all those who suffer for their faith, or living in situations of difficulty or restraint.”

Meriam Ibrahim released from death row in Sudan

By Fredrick Nzwili — June 23, 2014

Many in the Muslim-majority nation held that Ibrahim should never have become a Christian because her father was a Muslim.

PHOTOS: Groups rally for Meriam Ibrahim at White House

By Heather Adams — June 12, 2014

Protestors led by the Family Research Council rallied outside the White House in support of Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian woman in Sudan who was sentenced to death for marrying a Christian.

Christians condemn death penalty for Sudanese doctor accused of apostasy

By Fredrick Nzwili — May 16, 2014

(RNS) A doctor who is eight months pregnant and currently in detention with her 20-month-old son, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim was charged with adultery last year. Recently, the court added an apostasy charge when she declared her Christian faith in court.

Israeli Racism and African immigrants: perverting Biblical teachings on immigrants

By Omid Safi — October 21, 2013

The treatment of Palestinians and African refugees is surely a serious challenge to the rosy depiction of Israel as a robust democracy. It also reflects a profound perversion of Jewish ethics and Biblical teachings.

Olympian running to save others

By Sally Morrow — July 3, 2012

Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports from Beaverton, Oregon, on South Sudanese runner Lopez Lomong, who went from running to save his own life to running to save others.

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