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On Planned Parenthood controversy, ‘The New York Times’ swings and whiffs

By Jonathan Merritt — July 22, 2015

By sidestepping the elements of the story that have outraged Americans, it’s as if the editorial board is trying to prove true the conservatives who claim their paper is run by left-leaning elitists.

3 reasons we’re afraid to talk about hell

By Jonathan Merritt — April 24, 2014

A majority of Americans believe in heaven and hell, yet they shy away from discussing the latter. Here’s three reasons why.

MLK would agree with Kirsten Powers on serving same-sex couples

By Jonathan Merritt — February 20, 2014

RNS’ Jonathan Merritt uncovers a lesser known lecture by Martin Luther King, Jr. with implications for America’s current religious liberty debate.

Faith isn’t all about winning: An interview with Tom Krattenmaker

By Jonathan Merritt — April 22, 2013

Award-winning journalist Tom Krattenmaker tells what he learned in his recent exploration of the evangelical church.

In the Middle East, not America, Christians are actually persecuted

By Jonathan Merritt — April 3, 2013

Some American Christians have a persecution complex. Recent events in places like the Middle East demonstrate what actual persecution looks like.

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