Troubleshooting Press Release Submissions

What should I do if I encounter a problem?

  1. Review the chart below and see if it is something you can try to solve.
  2. Contact us at [email protected] to see if your press release submission was actually successful. Often the information comes through even though you can’t see it on the submission page. (After hours or for very time-sensitive releases, you can leave a message at 573-268-1383. A staff member will be in touch shortly.)
  3. If this is not something you can solve and we have determined that your information did not come through, please send the text, all images and preferences to [email protected]. We will send you an invoice to complete online and then manually process your release. Please be sure to include a phone number so we can reach you with questions.

What are some problems I may encounter?

If it is one of the top three problems below, it’s likely a browser setting or network problem outside of our ability to control. Browser issues especially need to be handled by the user, since everybody’s setup is different and we do not have the access required to fix the issue directly. 

Your form clears when you try to submit but does not send information This is an issue often found when your browser is conflicting with a browser extension. This most often happens in Google Chrome. The easiest thing to try is to submit the press release using another browser. Another option is to turn off browser extensions in Chrome and see if that helps.
You are unable to see the CAPTCHA The browser is likely not allowing external sites to track information, which can interfere with the CAPTCHA functionality. To address this setting, go to your browser preferences and look under privacy. There you should be able to allow sites to track information.
You submit your press release and are greeted with a blank page The best thing is to wait. Sometimes it can take a while, up to a minute, to submit. Granted, that is infrequent (it usually takes about 5 seconds), but it has happened.
You get a 502, 504 or “Bad Gateway” error
(May require RNS assistance)
At the time of your submission attempt we were experiencing a great deal of traffic and the server was too busy to process your request. The easiest solution is to simply wait an hour or two and attempt to submit again. If the release is urgent or needs to be submitted immediately, please contact us.
You never received a receipt though your order did submit
(Requires RNS assistance)
Please contact us. There is a chance there was a network issue during submission and the payment was not processed correctly. We’re happy to verify things and send you a receipt manually.