Not by design

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Intelligent design.gifSpeaking of Gov. Jindal, it seems he will soon have the latest species of anti-evolution bill on his desk. That will happen once the Louisiana House and Senate work out a minor difference in SB 733, which “would allow science teachers, upon a request by a local school board and approval by state education officials, to use supplemental materials when teaching subjects such as evolution, global warming, cloning and the origin of life,” to quote Bill Barrow’s story in yesterday’s New Orleans Times-Picayune. Barrow goes on to note:

Jindal, who holds a Brown University degree in biology, has not taken a specific position on the bill. But he has stated during multiple campaigns his openness to allow “intelligent design” into public school science classrooms.

Veepstakeswise, this is also not a happy development for the GOP wunderkind. To sign or not to sign. Either way, he loses.

  • Rob Winslow

    Recently, an 88 year old man had a letter of his published in the Naples, (FL) Daily News about his belief in God, indicating others may have descended from apes but he himself was created by God.
    This led me to muse: Now that a true believer has enlightened us that there are different paths that human descent has taken, we can say for sure that right-wing Republican evangelical Christians are directly descended from the rat.