Saved by the City

Roxy and Katelyn grew up immersed in white evangelical America. When they moved to New York City as adults, they were warned about the secular dangers of ‘the big city’ life. This podcast captures what happens when purity culture meets hookup culture; when distraction steals from devotion; when the diversity of viewpoints and lifestyles clash against pre-existing assumptions. Gotham can be a weird place for single Christian women. But they’re out there … and they have stories to tell.

Martini Judaism

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin decided to expand his award-winning column Martini Judaism into a podcast because he likes coffee. More precisely, he likes having long cups of coffee with good friends, having passionate discussions on all kinds of topics — but mostly, about religion, spirituality, popular culture, and Judaism. And when that quality, face-to-face caffeinated time isn't possible, the podcast is the next best thing. Rock music, ethical dilemmas, politics, Israel, sacred texts — it’s all on the table.

The State of Belief

Every week, Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush hosts lively, funny and poignant conversations with inspiring religious and civic leaders, as well as artists and activists from across the country. Listeners get a potent mix of spiritual wisdom, political strategy, and hopeful commentary from national and local leaders who are rising up to meet this urgent moment in America. With the tagline, “Where Religion and Democracy Meet,” State of Belief is a celebration of our nation’s diversities and an invitation to join together to, in the words of the great James Baldwin, “achieve our country.”