About Saved By The City

Roxy and Katelyn grew up immersed in white evangelical America. When they moved to New York City as adults, they were warned about the secular dangers of ‘the big city’ life.

This podcast captures what happens when purity culture meets hookup culture; when distraction steals from devotion; when the diversity of viewpoints and lifestyles clash against pre-existing assumptions.

Gotham can be a weird place for single Christian women. But they’re out there … and they have stories to tell.

Meet the Hosts

Katelyn Beaty

I grew up in Ohio, attended a small private Christian college in Michigan, then moved to Chicago where I worked at Christianity Today magazine for about a decade. That's where Roxy and I first met.

I was the magazine's first female and youngest managing editor. Then I left in 2016 to promote my own book, on women's work and vocation, and started writing more for mainstream news outlets on faith and politics in light of evangelicals' disastrous support of Trump. I did freelance speaking, writing, and editing for about two years, before taking a book editing job with Brazos Press and moving to New York City in late 2018.

So I've been here for about 18 months. Under normal circumstances I'm really into karaoke, birdwatching, and international travel. Don't know if you know the Enneagram but I'm a 3w4--"The Expert." All Enneagram types think their own type sounds sociopathic, but that's mine.

Roxanne Stone

I guess I’m your quintessential small town girl at large in the big city. I grew up in a zero-stoplight, one-church town in rural Colorado. I definitely had a horse.

Since then, career (and life) adventures have taken me to Chicago, Orlando, New York City, San Diego, Cleveland and back again to NYC. I have worked in publishing for more than 15 years, including as an editor at Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine and a long stint as a data nerd for the social research company, Barna Group.

Today, I’m the managing editor for Religion News Service. I live on the Upper West Side, in a tiny apartment with a tiny dog, an extra large cat and way too many books. I’ve known Katelyn since 2006, but our adventures together really started on an assignment in New York City in 2012, long before either of us ever imagined we’d one day live here!

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