Sponsored Content Policy

RNS welcomes content from organizations that wish to reach our audience with viewpoints that support their mission and updates on their activities. RNS editors will work with sponsored content clients’ submissions to make sure they communicate effectively and match our editorial standards.

We define sponsored content as content that is produced by a client and published on Religion News Service’s (RNS) website for an exchange of value. Content should be editorial in nature – i.e., content that informs the readership or makes an argument on behalf of the client. This content is distinct from marketing or advertising material that would be better suited for a press release.

Content is made by a client and must be approved by RNS prior to publication on RNS’s website, religionnews.com. Should RNS require edits to the content, said edits will be made in coordination between RNS and the client. Edits will be made from both RNS and client in a timely manner. Nothing shall be published on RNS’s site without joint approval by RNS and client. Upon publication, content shall be clearly marked as Sponsored Content, and will be made public on the homepage of the website and in the RNS website archives.

Unacceptable content includes: material that is defamatory, abusive, bullying, harassing, racist, hateful, violent, sexually explicit or obscene. Also not permitted are ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, homophobia, and personal attacks.

Certain goods and services may not be promoted. These include: illegal products of services; tobacco, drug, weapon, and alcohol products; pornographic products and services; lotteries and gambling; and political advertisement. Note: Sponsored content is not advertising.

If content is found to violate these guidelines, it will not be published on RNS’s website.

RNS retains the authority to reject any content submitted for Sponsored Content consideration. Should the content not be published, client will be refunded in full in a timely manner.