Latin Patriarch Pizzaballa’s visit provides Palestinians a basic human need: Hope

By Daoud Kuttab — May 20, 2024
(RNS) — The visit is a reminder that the Gaza war is not a religious one and certainly not a Jewish-Muslim conflict.
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Can Donald Trump swear on the Bible to tell the truth?

By Jim Wallis — May 10, 2024
(RNS) — The former president is selling 'God Bless the USA' Bibles. What will happen if he has to swear on Scripture in court during one of his many trials?

Ukraine marks its third Easter at war as it comes under fire from Russian drones and troops

By Elise Morton and Susie Blann — May 6, 2024
KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — In his Easter address, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Ukrainians to be “united in one common prayer.”

Eastern Orthodox Church ordains Zimbabwean woman as its first deaconess

By Fiona André — May 3, 2024
(RNS) — For years, the Patriarchate of Alexandria and Africa has intensified its efforts to establish the female diaconate.

Damaged in war, a vibrant church in Ukraine rises as a symbol of the country’s faith and culture

By Jill Lawless — May 3, 2024
LYPIVKA, Ukraine (AP) — It’s one of 129 war-damaged Ukrainian religious sites recorded by UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural organization.

Renewed hopes for ecumenical date for Easter could spell end to longest-running culture war

By Katherine Kelaidis — May 2, 2024
(RNS) — The ordering of time became a fight about the ecclesiastical implications of scientific discovery and societal change.

A Russian Orthodox priest who took part in services for Navalny is suspended by the patriarch

By The Associated Press — April 24, 2024
(AP) – Dmitry Safronov held a memorial service by Navalny’s grave in Moscow on March 26 to mark 40 days since the politician’s death, an important ritual within Russian Orthodox tradition.

Five years after challenging miracle of Holy Fire, Greek journalist is acquitted

By David I. Klein — March 29, 2024
(RNS) — In both a book and in videos, Alikakos recorded testimony that the priests themselves lit the flames. The Jerusalem Patriarch said he was tarnishing the authority of his priests.

Palestinian Christians make an Easter call for relief from war’s tightening grasp

By Mitri Raheb — March 29, 2024
(RNS) — An appeal to the world's Christians to pressure political leaders to find a way to peace.

More than 140 global Christian leaders call for Gaza cease-fire in Holy Week letter

By Aleja Hertzler-McCain — March 26, 2024
(RNS) — ‘We repent of the ways we have not stood alongside our Palestinian siblings in faithful witness in the midst of their grief, agony, and sorrow,’ the leaders wrote.

Bulgarians line the streets of the capital to bid farewell to Orthodox Patriarch Neophyte

By Associated Press — March 19, 2024
SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) — The spiritual leader of Bulgaria’s Orthodox Christians died on Wednesday at the age of 78 after a long illness.

Bulgarians pay their last respects to the late Orthodox patriarch

By Associated Press — March 18, 2024
SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) — Neophyte, who became patriarch in 2013, was the first head of the Bulgarian church to be chosen after the fall of Communism in 1989.

Patriarch Neophyte I of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church dead at 78

By David I. Klein — March 14, 2024
(RNS) — A soft-spoken theologian, Neophyte I was a critic of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
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