Introducing Money, Meet Meaning

By Jonathan Woodward — April 16, 2024
Hosts Tom Levinson (Jewish) and Amber Hacker (Christian), along with guest Eboo Patel (Muslim), swap practical takeaways for our financial lives – taken straight from the stories of their respective religious traditions.

Faith and LGBT Politics with R. G. Cravens

By Ray Kirstein — April 13, 2024

Money, Meet Meaning Trailer!

By Jonathan Woodward — April 11, 2024
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Smokin’ Hot Christians and Patriotic Bibles + Micha Boyett on the Dream of God

By Roxanne Stone — April 11, 2024
We talk limits — and why we're embracing them — with Micha Boyett. Plus, a little side dishing on raunchy Christians and a certain Bible being hawked by a certain former president.

Words On Fire With Fred Garcia

By Ray Kirstein — April 6, 2024
State of Belief host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush talks with crisis communication expert Helio Fred Garcia, author of the book "Words on Fire: The Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It"

Is the eclipse good for the Jews?

By Jeffrey Salkin — April 5, 2024
It's not only the sun that was in eclipse. It's something else, as well.

Ditch the Apps! Find a Matchmaker. + Richa Karmarkar

By Roxanne Stone — April 4, 2024
When did dating get so anonymous? And what have we lost along the way?

Worth Fighting For: John Pavlovitz

By Ray Kirstein — March 30, 2024
State of Belief host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush talks with Pastor John Pavlovitz, author of the new book "Worth Fighting For: Finding Courage and Compassion When Cruelty is Trending"

Asking Better Questions + Krista Tippett

By Roxanne Stone — March 28, 2024
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by the woman who arguably started the spiritual podcasting genre, the longtime host of On Being, Krista Tippett.

Surviving God with Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Susan M. Shaw

By Ray Kirstein — March 23, 2024
State of Belief host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush talks with Rev. Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Rev. Susan M. Shaw, authors of the new book "Surviving God: A New Vision of God through the Eyes of Sexual Abuse Survivors"

God loves you. Deal with it.

By Jeffrey Salkin — March 21, 2024
The Jewish eroticism that hides in almost plain sight.

Has Politics Poisoned Our Souls? + Michael Wear

By Roxanne Stone — March 21, 2024
Michael Wear challenges us to a more soulful politics that, gasp, takes Christianity seriously.

Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement: AnneMarie Mingo

By Ray Kirstein — March 16, 2024
State of Belief host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush talks with Dr. AnneMarie Mingo, author of the new book "Have You Got Good Religion? Black Women's Faith, Courage, and Moral Leadership in the Civil Rights Movement."

A new poetry, post-Oct. 7

By Jeffrey Salkin — March 14, 2024
A new Israeli literature has emerged out of the rubble of Oct. 7. It is powerful, devastating and hopeful.

Seeking Besties in a Romance-Obsessed World + Laura Tremaine

By Roxanne Stone — March 13, 2024
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Laura Tremaine as we discuss what it might take to center friendship
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