Will Mormon service missions become a thing of the past?

By Jana Riess — September 28, 2023
(RNS) — We are going backward in forcing service missionaries to serve teaching missions.
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South Sudanese refugees, fleeing a second civil war in Sudan, return home to bleak prospects

By Tonny Onyulo — September 28, 2023
MALAKAL, South Sudan (RNS) — The situation has prompted religious leaders in South Sudan to appeal to the international community to aid returning refugees.

How college can be a pathway to making Muslims more welcome

By Musbah Shaheen, Matthew J. Mayhew, Christa Winkler, and Alyssa Rockenbach — September 28, 2023
(RNS) — Campuses are places we learn to value others in the basic ways that humanize us.

A Yom Kippur sermon warns American Jews of Israel’s growing messianic rule

By Yonat Shimron — September 27, 2023
(RNS) — In a barnburner Yom Kippur sermon Monday (Sept. 25), Rabbi Sharon Brous said elements of Israel’s new government have a messianic agenda that aims to turn the country into a fascist theocracy.

The Vatican’s ‘Synod on Synodality’ is about to begin. Here’s what to know.

By Claire Giangravé — September 27, 2023
VATICAN CITY (RNS) —  The unprecedented gathering of 464 Catholic clergy and laypeople, including women, begins Oct. 4 at the Vatican.

Spokane City Council denounces mayor for appearance with Christian nationalists

By Cassy Benefield — September 27, 2023
SPOKANE, Wash. (FāVS News) — Local religious leaders were troubled by Sean Feucht’s Christian nationalist ties. But it was the mayor’s appearance on stage praying with former lawmaker Matt Shea that took up more space in the city council’s resolution.

AME Bishop Silvester Beaman named chair of White House council on African engagement

By Adelle M. Banks — September 27, 2023
(RNS) — ‘Bishop Beaman’s extensive experience and deep roots in Africa will enable him to lead the Council to achieve its full potential,’ the White House said.

Religious liberty is becoming a go-to right for everyone

By Mark Silk — September 27, 2023
(RNS) — A legal strategy pioneered by the right has been adopted by the left.

On Sukkot, the Jewish ‘Festival of booths,’ each sukkah is as unique as the person who builds it

By Samira Mehta — September 27, 2023
(The Conversation) — Like many Jewish practices, the harvest festival of Sukkot largely takes place at home − meaning families can incorporate many meaningful traditions.

The secret synod

By Phyllis Zagano — September 27, 2023
(RNS) — Too many U.S. Catholics don’t know about the global discussion of the church’s future.

AI won’t be replacing your priest, minister, rabbi or imam any time soon

By Pauline Hope Cheong — September 27, 2023
(The Conversation) — A scholar of digital religion explains why the use of AI isn’t necessarily displacing religious leadership: It is the clergy who are helping with the programming, critical for its deployment.

Tinmel – Morocco’s medieval shrine and mosque – is one of the historic casualties of the earthquake

By Abbey Stockstill — September 27, 2023
(The Conversation) — Morocco is grappling not just with the loss of lives from the recent earthquake, but with the destruction of its cultural heritage – a 12th century mosque in the village of Tinmel is among them.

Less-redacted report on Maryland church abuse still redacts names of church leaders

By Brian Witte and Lea Skene — September 27, 2023
BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Attorney General’s Office said in a statement last month that the five officials whose names remain redacted “had extensive participation in the Archdiocese’s handling of abuser clergy and reports of child abuse.”
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