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How to be one church in divisive times

By Charles C. Camosy — November 29, 2022
(RNS) — Remember the great gift of the exhortation, 'Be the first to love.'
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Time for a “new” Jewish holiday

By Jeffrey Salkin — November 25, 2022
"Funny, you don't look Jewish" is not funny. We need to change the perceptions of what it means to look, and do, Jewish.

How to talk to kids about antisemitism

By Jeffrey Salkin — November 22, 2022
(RNS) — A sad but necessary lesson for difficult and challenging times.

Catholic bishops punt again on ‘Faithful Citizenship,’ reflecting divisions on politics

By Thomas Reese — November 18, 2022
(RNS) — Nothing said at the bishops’ meeting indicated that they know how to deal with the post-Dobbs, post-election reality other than to say, 'more of the same.'

How Chappelle’s antisemitic ‘SNL’ bit betrays Black liberation

By Andre Henry — November 17, 2022
(RNS) — The comedian never misses an opportunity to minimize the abuse of oppressed people not his own. 

Two cheers for Michael Gerson

By Mark Silk — November 17, 2022
(RNS) — And may he rest in peace.

The hidden joke behind “Hogan’s Heroes”

By Jeffrey Salkin — November 17, 2022
Was "Hogan's Heroes" funny? Yes -- and dead serious, as well.

A doctor decides mother and child are both his patients

By Charles C. Camosy — November 15, 2022
(RNS) — An OB/GYN who once provided abortions has a conversion.

New memoir unpacks what Mormon girls are taught about marriage

By Jana Riess — November 15, 2022
(RNS) — 'I needed to learn that I get to decide what my life looks life,' says Rachel Rueckert, author of the new memoir 'East Winds.'

What Dave Chappelle got right

By Jeffrey Salkin — November 14, 2022
(RNS) — Dave Chappelle's SNL monologue was offensive. But, there are some things we can learn from it.

Confessions of a post-Vatican II Reform rabbi

By Jeffrey Salkin — November 14, 2022
(RNS) — When we make religion easier and more convenient, what evaporates in the process?

Bishops need to acknowledge collateral damage from Dobbs win

By Thomas Reese — November 11, 2022
(RNS) — To the extent that the bishops helped the Republicans gain power, they must accept responsibility for what the Republicans did with that power.

This election was good for the Jews, and Jewish values

By Jeffrey Salkin — November 9, 2022
(RNS) — America was tested, and America won.
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