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In Disney’s ‘Clouds,’ Justin Baldoni makes a teen cancer movie about joy

By Paul O'Donnell — October 23, 2020

(RNS) — Justin Baldoni, best known for his role on the CW’s ‘Jane the Virgin’, has modeled his career of late around Western culture’s allergy to talking about death.

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Scholars call out Putin and the ‘escalation’ of persecution against Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia

By Emily McFarlan Miller — October 2, 2020

(RNS) — A group of 50 religion scholars from around the world are calling on President Vladimir Putin and his administration to end the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia.

The mood in Louisville: Second night of protests ends in police standoff outside church

By Emily McFarlan Miller — September 25, 2020

(RNS) — As curfew took effect at 9 p.m. Thursday night (Sept. 24) in Louisville, and about 100 protesters sought refuge from police in a church.

Report: People who are highly spiritual tend to be more civic-minded

By Yonat Shimron — September 23, 2020

(RNS) — The Fetzer Institute-sponsored study also found that the more spiritual people said they were, the more inclined they appeared to be to volunteer and donate. But only 36% said their spirituality influences their political actions.

Study: Liberal congregations more politically active than conservative ones

By Yonat Shimron — September 18, 2020

(RNS) — The willingness of left-leaning religious congregations to engage in political activity has spiked in the Trump era, new research shows.

Damaged Kenosha church: ‘We would rather lose 100 buildings than one more life to police violence’

By Emily McFarlan Miller — August 28, 2020

(RNS) — That’s a commitment the pastor said comes from the congregation’s Unitarian Universalist beliefs.

More than 350 faith leaders to back Biden for president, including many first-time endorsers

By Jack Jenkins — August 27, 2020

(RNS) — ‘I think progressive Christianity is a sleeping giant,’ said the Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber.

In ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ the law of attraction plays a starring role

By Kathryn Post — August 5, 2020

(RNS) — ‘The Secret: Dare to Dream,’ a film based on the bestselling book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, was released on July 31 and features a star-studded cast alongside an inspirational dose of spiritualism.

5 faith moments to watch for in Beyoncé’s ‘Black Is King’

By Emily McFarlan Miller — August 4, 2020

(RNS) — Spirituality has been part of Beyoncé’s journey, from singing ‘Amazing Grace’ and a gospel medley on albums with Destiny’s Child to embodying the divine feminine from a number of religious traditions in her recent visual albums and appearances.

Church bells, shofars to sound in honor of John Lewis during his funeral

By Adelle M. Banks — July 30, 2020

(RNS) — Congregations without bells can ‘honor in other appropriate ways, including moments of silence, changing church signs, and more,’ reads the interfaith request about Lewis.

Faith leaders blast Trump administration’s renewed use of death penalty

By Jack Jenkins — July 16, 2020

WASHINGTON (RNS) — The outcry comes as the U.S. Department of Justice carried out its second execution this week on Thursday morning (July 16) and is scheduled to perform its third on Friday. These constitute the first uses of capital punishment by the federal government since 2003.

Changing the Washington NFL team’s name is something, but not enough

By Kaitlin Curtice — July 13, 2020

(RNS) — While this decision is a big one, it’s not enough to show that Indigenous peoples have a place in this nation and that we never deserved the genocide, hate and oppression we have faced. 

Dakota Access pipeline temporarily shut down in legal and ‘spiritual’ battle

By Emily McFarlan Miller — July 6, 2020

(RNS) — Oil must stop flowing through the Dakota Access pipeline by Aug. 5, according to a decision Monday (July 6) by Judge James E. Boasberg.

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