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Roxanne Stone is the managing editor for Religion News Service and the co-host of the RNS, award-winning podcast Saved By the City.

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Brian Houston acquitted by Australian court in sexual abuse cover-up case

By Roxanne Stone — August 16, 2023
(RNS) — Houston was charged with concealing his late father, Frank Houston's, sexual abuse of a young man.

What the New Hillsong Doc Gets Right … and Wrong + Janice Lagata

By Roxanne Stone — June 8, 2023
Why so much Carl Lentz? And other thoughts on the 'The Secrets of Hillsong,' with former NYC volunteer Janice Lagata.

The Women Who Ran with Jesus + Nijay K. Gupta

By Roxanne Stone — June 1, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by New Testament scholar Nijay K. Gupta on a tour of the early church's extraordinary women leaders.

A Personality Test Extravaganza!

By Roxanne Stone — May 25, 2023
ENTP! 2 wing 3! Let's talk about you and me!

Carl Lentz calls abuse allegations ‘categorically false’ in new Hillsong documentary

By Roxanne Stone — May 19, 2023
NEW YORK (RNS) — 'The Secrets of Hillsong' will premiere the first two episodes on May 19 and the final two on May 26.

What Churches Lose When Women Don’t Lead + Rev. Dr. LaKeesha Walrond & Rev. Dr. Serene Jones

By Roxanne Stone — May 18, 2023
This week Katelyn and Roxy are joined by the Rev. Drs. Lakeesha Walrond and Serene Jones — two women who have shattered their fair share of stained glass ceilings.

We Got It From Our Moms + Marcie Alvis Walker (Creator of Black Coffee With White Friends)

By Roxanne Stone — May 11, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Marcie Alvis Walker in a wide ranging conversation about the power of motherhood — for good and ill.

Is Youth Group Good for Teen Girls? + Sheila Wray Gregoire

By Roxanne Stone — May 4, 2023
Turns out youth group teachings affect teen girls well into adulthood — for better and worse.

Who Is In? Who Is Out? Why Evangelicals Love Gatekeeping + Isaac B. Sharp

By Roxanne Stone — April 27, 2023
A tour of evangelicalism's defining decades and how the movement was shaped in part by who was kicked out.

Would the Proverbs 31 Woman Get Botox? + Jamie B. Golden

By Roxanne Stone — April 20, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by skincare enthusiast Jamie B. Golden to dive face-first into the prickly subject of cosmetic procedures.

Should Megachurch Pastors Make Mega Moolah?

By Roxanne Stone — April 13, 2023
In light of recent revelations around Hillsong finances, Roxy and Katelyn delve into the life and times of crazy rich clergy.

We’re STILL Deprogramming from ’90s Diet Culture + Cole Arthur Riley

By Roxanne Stone — March 30, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Cole Arthur Riley as we explore the ways the body ideals of our teen years still inform how we see our adult bodies.

Carl Lentz, in first staff position since Hillsong, joins Transformation Church in Tulsa

By Roxanne Stone — March 28, 2023
(RNS) — ‘We gladly welcome Carl Lentz to our Transformation Church staff, helping TC with strategy as we continue to move forward in our vast vision,’ said one pastor of the predominantly Black megachurch.

Rethinking Our Drinking + Sarah Bessey

By Roxanne Stone — March 23, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy examine their relationships with alcohol and are joined by Sarah Bessey, a self-described 'evangelist' for the sober life.

Faith After Gothard + Jinger Duggar Vuolo

By Roxanne Stone — March 16, 2023
Katelyn and Roxy are back for a new season of Saved By the City and are joined by guest Jinger Duggar Vuolo, of TLC's longrunning '19 Kids and Counting.'
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