• george g. mayol

    Pax in Christi! First and foremost,it is a misnomer to refer to SSPX and its faithfuls as Lefebvrians or Lefevbrists because the Archbishop has no doctrines of his own. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre only accepted what have been transmitted through the deposit of faith. After the Second Vatican Council Rome turned Modernists, inspite of the fact that all cardinals, bishops, prelates and clergy at that had taken oath against Modernism as required by Pope St. Pius X. Majority of the council delegated embraced Modernism which considered an enemy of the Church at that time. Who were the personas behind the Second Vatican Council? Why the communists attended the council? Who were the theologians at the council? Is it true that one theologian was already excommunicated ten years preceding the second Vatican Council? Why was Annibale Bugnini thrown out of Rome a few years after the Council? What was the agreement between Cardinal Tisserand and Moscow? Pope John XXIII, said when he opened the Second Vatican Council that it was only pastoral in nature. Second Vatican Council has no dogmatic pronouncements and therefore bound for error! So why impose this evil council on SSPX? Vatican II endangers our faith and our souls! May the Holy Ghost enlighten the conscience of the people who are allergic to SSPX and the Catholic Tradition which is the true Catholic religion founded by Christ. Kyrie eleison!