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Same Sex Adoption.jpgHere, courtesy of Brody, is Heidi Hess Saxton, the Founder of the adoption services group “Extraordinary Moms Network,” on The Great McCain Same-Sex Adoption Waffle:

[S]aying a child is better off in a same-sex household than to continue waiting for placement in a traditional home is like saying an unborn child is better off if the mother aborts him than if she makes an adoption plan. It may seem an expedient solution in the short-term … but the long-term consequences are grave indeed.

Something tells me this issue is not going away.

  • Rob Winslow

    The anti-abortion forces are masking their anti-woman ideology. Keep women as child-bearers at the command of the male dominated society–that’s their real (often unconscious) motive. The question we face is how to extend the rights of personhood to the fetus without taking away the rights of a (female) person to control her own body and life. The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was solomonic in this regard, seeing the right of the fetus gradually growing during pregnancy. Let’s keep it that way; beware the oppressive influence of the religious right.