The Book of Gustav

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OK, hurricanes are unpredictable things, but as you can see, the National Hurricane Center is predicting that Gustav will be hitting New Orleans, oh, just about the time the gavel comes down to open the Republican National Convention up there at the other end of the Mississippi. If I believed in that sort of thing, I’d say it was one of those divine punishments that is being visited upon the GOP by an angry God set on reminding voters what that Party’s still sitting Administration accomplished three years ago to the day.
Jonha.jpgBut believing as I do in a more merciful Deity, I’d prefer to believe that a Jonah, say maybe Streetprophets‘ pastordan, is being dispatched posthaste to St. Paul, to call upon the assembling delegates and hangers-on to repent forthwith. And perhaps they will don sackcloth, from the most magnificent senatorial Pooh-Bah down to the least intern amongst them; and they shall refrain from the shrimps and the filets mignon and every other bespoke foodstuff; and the Anointed McCain will sit in ashes; and the Assemblage will turn from its evil ways. Whereupon God will stop Gustav in his tracks, and cause him to peter out, thereby of course angering the Jonah. But the Lord shall teach the prophet a lesson, saying, “And should not I spare the GOP, that Grand Old Party, wherein are more than threescore million persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left; and also many lobbyists?”