Risky business

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When you’re the pope, every word you say counts, especially on the subject of sex. According to reporters who accompanied him on a flight to Cameroon on Tuesday, Pope Benedict said that the use of condoms “aggravates” the spread of HIV/AIDS. But according to the Vatican’s official transcript of the statement, he said that they […]

  • robert schaefer

    In my opinion, the Pope is out of touch with reality. In theory, abstinence is a wonderful practice and a 100% fool proof method from obtaining and spreading STD’s. Yet, in reality, abstinence is not something that is being practiced by all, especially in poor cities and nations. So, when people, for whatever reason, are NOT practicing abstinence from sexual relations and STD’s are risking peoples health then get “real;” start educating them while passing out the condoms. Of course, condoms are NOT a 100% method to stop the spread of STD’s; yet, it is a far much better way than preaching at them to just abstain from sexual intercourse because as statistics show this method is NOT working. So, Your Holiness, please get “real” and just discuss matters that you are knowledgeable about, Roman Catholic Religion, “ex catheral.”