For ‘values voters,’ health care reform holds little value

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WASHINGTON — Health care reform may be Priority No. 1 in Congress and at the White House, but for the 1,825 religious conservatives who gathered here for the annual Values Voter Summit over the weekend, the subject was barely on their radar screen. “To me, there are so many more important issues than health care […]

  • Jake

    The illogic of the arguments against some type of health care reform as reported in this article is simply breathtaking…so much so that it’s giving me chest pain!

    Let’s see:

    1) Illegal immigrants cluttering up emergency rooms is the problem. Not the high cost of health insurance, or prescription drugs, or the rising obesity–and attendant health issues–of many “real” Americans.

    2) The number of uninsured Americans is wrong because…poof, this person say it’s wrong?

    3) Many of the uninsured don’t want insurance…they have better things to do with their money. That is, I guess, until they need health care. But then what happens? Well, if you can’t pay for it, just have the hospital write off the bill. I’m sure that $10k that Ms. Campbell’s friend decided not to pay has added to the cost of my health insurance premium somewhere…and probably more than the cost of some poor illegal seeking treatment for the flu. Who, exactly, is cluttering up these emergency rooms? Illegals…and rip-off artists who hide behind cries of ‘personal responsibility,’ unless, of course, it’s their responsibility…because then, I guess it’s not.

    4) As a free-market capitalist, I’m stunned that some people not only don’t see the economic value and ultimate cost savings of having a healthy workforce, but worry about government intervention in the process. They’re probably the same people who don’t wear motorcyle helmets or use their seatbelts–a personal decision that costs me and everyone else money when they’re catastrophically injured in an accident. But hey, not wearing that seatbelt certainly sticks it to the government, doesn’t it?

    5) I loved the comparison to the DMV. I doubt, somehow, that those DMV folks would be running healthcare. But frankly, I’m not sure they’d be any worse than the private-enterprise buffoons we have now, who cancel policies when they’re actually used, and who deny legitimate claims when they’re made. This kind of stuff happens all of the time, but I’d guess you’d have to have a health insurance policy and actually use it to know this.

    Thanks, “values voters,” for valuing illogical arguments and reasoning so highly. I wish you all the best of health.