American exorcist plies his lonely trade

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(RNS) Pity the poor exorcist, caught between evil spirits eager to invade human bodies and a society skeptical that demons exist outside of Hollywood horror movies. Even some church leaders look askance at exorcists as peddlers of a practice best left in the Middle Ages. Most American exorcists, particularly the handful of priests appointed by […]

  • Buzzy Gran

    Fr. Thomas is fighting the good fight. He will need all of our prayers to continue in his vocation.

  • Cradle Catholic

    The Rite, the book, gives a good summary of the history of exorcism. But it overlooks basic information about the subject that I already knew, just from reading Sacred Scripture. There’s nothing about the Armor of the Holy Spirit, from Ephesians Chapter 6.

    Most priests do not know the Word, and have little preparation for TEACHING the Christian faith, as a result. Most priests only know ritual, distributing Sacraments to people that come to them, getting scheduled services, like a Catholic carwash. The way this priest was taught, is the same thing.

    Even Fr. Thomas is quoted above saying he ‘knew little’ about the subject of exorcism, in 2005. That is not acceptable. No wonder so many Italians clammor for exorcisms. They are NOT born-again Christians, as Jesus said to Nicodemus. Italy and much of Europe is more pagan, in its behavior.

    The devil is real. This issue is too important for the Vatican to get wrong. There were so many red flags in this book, I can’t summarize them in so few words. All I can say is “Red flag! Red flag!”

  • One Baptism

    Pray for our Holy Father and all the bishops of the world that they may realize the need to bring back our exorcists. Protestants who choose to believe what they want will never understand unless they truly believe in the word of God and his Church. God bless Fr. Thomas and his vocation.

  • Cradle Catholic

    One Baptism:

    What does your phrase “truly believe in the word of God” mean to you?

    Would it not be better for Roman Catholic church leaders to teach the WORD OF GOD with authority, than to “bring back our exorcists”?

    If our deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and popes would become so equipped in the Word that they can TEACH and PREACH it with authority, there would be little need for exorcists.

    This book claims something like 1/3 of all Italians clammor to be exorcised, and their “treatments” can last up to 20 years.

    Do you think that’s good?