• Jack

    This was a disaster at the convention. The chair asked for a vote of the delegates. The “yeas” and “nays” sounded even on the first vote. So the chair asked for a second vote, and “nays” were probably a little more prominent. The chair was confused on what to do, and then asked for a third vote. The “nays” absolutely won the vote, yet the chair completely disregarded the will of the DNC delegates and lied as he said “2/3rds affirm” the change in the platform to include “God” and “Jerusalem”. It was VERY clear, the DNC at their own convention proved that they don’t value the votes of their own delegates. The only thing that counts is the will of the bosses. People should google this and they will see what happened and interpret this for themselves. It is a very accurate reflection of the way our President has been leading for the last four years.

    I believe the DNC should let the delegates decide. The reference to God is not prominent in any way in the 2008 platform which is what the 2012 platform now reflects after the chair disregarded the delegates votes. The delegates clearly did not want the reference to God. They clearly did not want to affirm Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

    I think this was the Democrats being honest about the stand they wanted to make. I would wish the parties would just be honest about what they really envision for the U.S. And then let the voters choose. I just hope our votes won’t be ignored like they were at the DNC when the platform was “amended.”

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Jack left out part of the farce. Some news outlets showed the words placed on the teleprompter before the voice vote. It told the chairman to say the “Ayes” won the vote. But it was so obvious that the needed 2 thirds vote had NOT been reached that the chairman got very confused.
    Unfortunately, much of the biased media took the attitude that the bloody disaster in the road should be ignored as they took the attitude:” Move Along! Nothing to see here! MOVE ALONG! MOVE ALONG!”