COMMENTARY: Pay no attention to the man behind the burning Qurans

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(RNS) A Florida pastor plans to burn a pile of Qurans on the 9/11 anniversary, and interfaith activist Mike Ghouse hopes no one pays him an ounce of attention. “It is not what (the pastor) will do, it is what we do as Americans and American Muslims.”

  • Lorae Carter

    As a resident of Mulberry,i also work in Mulberry, this nut case has tried everything, but one thing…He has NO permits to do what he wants to do…So why this guy is doing what he does I will be at the Unity Rally celbrating life by giving blood, the best gift ever…, love by meeting and speaking to other like minded people… and remember what happened in 2001., when radical Islamist did what they did to our country.
    I pray that this Sept. 11 2013, we can all come together as a whole….and show we can overcome…
    All We Need is Love!!!

  • Lorae,
    I am glad you will be joining us at the Unity Day and donate blood. I am certain, you will fall in love with the idea that all of us Americans will come together as Americans and nothing but Americans. While we have our identity, we look to each other as American and rededicate ourselves to our pledge; one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

    Please spread the word and bring friends.

  • gilhcan

    Another quack. The world has so many of them, and too, too many of them are involved in religion. One would think, after the many, many centuries of terror caused in the name of religion that things might change a bit for the better in this presumed enlightened age. But no, so sadly no, it is no different now than many centuries ago.

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