Ted Cruz booed off the stage when he touts Israel-Christian solidarity

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After he said "Christians have no greater ally than Israel," Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-Tex) was heckled off the stage at a Wednesday night (Sept. 10) gala to raise awareness of beleaguered Mideast Christians. Photo courtesy of Ted Cruz' website

Photo courtesy of Senator Ted Cruz

After he said "Christians have no greater ally than Israel," Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-Tex) was heckled off the stage at a Wednesday night (Sept. 10) gala to raise awareness of beleaguered Mideast Christians. Photo courtesy of Ted Cruz' website

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(RNS) The Texas senator is heckled off the stage at a conference to protect Middle Eastern Christians after he calls Israel an ally.

  • Good for him for walking out. These sorts of organizations should not be infected with truculent particularisms and it should start with giving the purveyors of that a good dressing down.

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  • Eric

    This slick huckster did not walk out. He was booed off the stage for being the skeezy demagogue he is.

  • Fran

    Oye vey!!

  • As a Texan, I was ashamed when this dummy had his election victory bought for him by the Koch brothers. He, like virtually every last one of our congresspeople, has blinders over his eyes, unable to see either the light or the truth. And the truth is that Israel is committing genocide with our planes, our bombs and our support. WE need to re-think our support of Israel under these conditions.

  • rob

    if your not perfect in your thought words or deeds ..
    if your not as perfect as God the father is ..

    your not reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ ..
    HE says Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

    If your not perfect person THEN you also just like me ,, need Jesus


  • Doc Anthony

    No, he was booed off the stage for telling the truth to people who, honestly, don’t want to believe the truth because of longstanding cultural animosities and violence on both sides (for example, attacks on teenagers on both sides).

    The fact is that, for U.S. Christians, Israel is absolutely their greatest ally in the Mideast (and 200 percent more of an ally, period, than ANY member of the European Union, including Great Britain.)

    But if I were a Palestinian Christian, especially with family roots in Gaza, things might look a bit different to me. As RNS writer Mark Silk suggested, maybe the issue is not what Cruz said but how he said it.

    But there’s another explanation too, as IDC president Baaklini pointed out. There were some folks present at that banquet who shouldn’t have been allowed in there anyway. A few “politically motivated opportunists chose to divide a room”, and those jokers “were made no longer welcome” as a result of their stupid booing antics. But by then the damage had been done.

    So nope, I don’t blame Cruz for politely summarizing, explaining the situation at hand correctly, and then walking out so that the IDC leadership could take stock of things and CLEAN HOUSE already. It was the correct thing for Cruz to do.

  • “The fact is that, for U.S. Christians, Israel is absolutely their greatest ally.”

    I don’t think those in the audience would characterize themselves asl “U.S. Christians”.

  • Susan

    As someone who is a Jew and a Zionist. I don’t support so-called Christian Zionists. because they want a Jewish state with no Jews in it. I also support a two-state solution and the fact that these Christian Arabs do not is very disturbing to me. It will certainly be used the the Israeli and Jewish right wingers. It makes peace and the end of the occupation less likely.

    Israel is not committing genocide. The population of Gaza and the West Bank is continually growing.

    rob, please no excuses for proselytizing, especially to Jews.

  • Susan

    The various branches of Orthodox Churches have not had the equivalent of a Vatican II when it comes to attitudes towards Jews.

  • Louis

    Please ask Jesus to help you correct your imperfect grammar (and learn the difference between your and you’re). If you learn how to use the English language, then perhaps more people will be able to take seriously your words about Jesus.

  • Larry

    He was booed of the stage for being a tone deaf moron who didn’t know a damn thing about the audience he was addressing.

    Israel has nothing to do with the plight of Iraqi and Syrian Christians. These are people who largely supported prior governments which had vowed to wipe Israel off the map (Assad and Hussein). Making noise about a country who has clearly tried to steer clear of the current conflicts is not going to be remotely helpful.

  • Doc Anthony

    I’m thinking you’re correct Agnikan, according to the article.

    At any rate, Sen. Cruz and IDC president Baaklini said what they said, and did what they did. Still the right thing(s) to say and do.

    Meanwhile, there are a lot of Israel-haters all across the world. (Just ask the Presbyterians!!!!)

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  • opheliart

    This is important for all to hear. The Orthodox in the States are a mixed bunch, and fractured as much as the RCC (in smaller areas). The laity are waiting on Patriarchs dragging their feet in many areas … that same OLD same OLD. John XXlll was instrumental in Vatican ll, and it was a shame he passed so early in this work, as much much more could have been accomplished on the practices and teaching within the RCC.


  • Cruz was educated at the “Christian School” networked to 2nd Baptist Church Houston. In those days associate pastor Jim Deloach was a fundamentalist endtimer. who linked with the Likkud party of Israel to usher in the 2nd coming of Jesus with the blood of a Red Bull and drama associated with the Dome of the Rock. I hope the national press will explore this likely association and formation of Cruz thoughts on Israel

  • Garson Abuita

    This has everything to do with the 2016 presidential election. Cruz can afford to offend the relatively tiny Arab Christian vote and at the same time garner accolades within the Jewish community.
    another thing: Ironically, historically there have been some alliances between Israel and Arab Christians, such as during the Lebanese Civil War.

  • Ted Cruz is right on! Its sad that people who say they are Christians HATE people who in their eyes aren’t doing what THEY think should be done…. Jesus is LOVE….HATE comes from our spiritual enemy named satan. I FULLY agree with TED CRUZ …AMEN!

  • Benjamin R. Owen

    Cruz was not “booed off stage.” He made his point, finished his speech, and left. Evidently he brought out the venom from his opposition both there and in some of the comments here.

  • Wendell Franklin Wentz

    I do declare. I have seen another dog and pony show presented to us by the Koch bought Ted Cruz. He is good at staging shows that disrupt the government and people. Cruz knew where he was, and he planned this uproar. Cruz will not win the award for being a peace maker.

  • Diogenes

    I see frequent references to politicians ‘bought’ by the Koch brothers, is anyone naive enough to suppose that George Soros is not equally active in supporting politicians and causes that suit his point of view, plans, and purposes? Soros and the Koch brothers are simply two sides of the same coin, plutocrats manipulating the political process through vast wealth. As a conservative evangelical, I am weary with leftists who disparage anything coming from the right, and rightists unwilling to acknowledge the dangers of associating with strange political bedfellows.

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  • rob

    Susan im Lutheran when have Lutheran’s ever used excuses to tell Jewish people about Jesus .. we just do it ,,with no apologies for it. ;; we are
    not .dispensationalists..We do not have to support a Jewish state if we
    think they are there just to make trouble for other people..

  • rob

    yes Lutherans don’t think the Jewish race is any better than any other race of people we also don’t think its any worse than any other race ..

    that makes Jewish people just normal like the rest of us ..No better no worse..

  • rob

    excepting one things every Jewish person serving in congress is a democratic now. .Erik Cantor left
    and the majority of Jewish persons being very liberal in their theology are also Democrats.

    You would think because of the abortion issue RC members would mostly be republicans .. Not true far more democrat rc members of congress than republican same with other member’s of the RC church..

    its Lutherans and other protestants that are mostly republicans

  • rob

    we Lutherans think your stool WOULD most likely stink as bad as every one elses… does Vatican ll think it must smell like roses and daisy’s..?

  • rob

    Ted Cruize theology is a little off if he thinks a persons sanctification is completed here on this earth..

    so Yes a person that Jesus is not finished with yet can be a bigot and a Christian both at the same time,

    Simul Justus et Peccator” is a phrase coined by Martin Luther that may be translated: “Righteous or Saint and at the same time a Sinner.” In making this statement Luther was making the point that every believer, in this life, is still in conflict with their sinful nature.

  • rob

    Louis .. if I was the most eloquent of writers.. it would not make a difference
    on whether people took me seriously on Jesus or not.
    your correcting me was not out of concern and kindness for my cause..
    do not do that to any one else for your own sake .. Think about it.
    you want most people to like you ? do you really think acting that way helps that.. No

    im giving you a time out ———until you can learn to play the game nicely,,
    little man..

  • Lots of opinions here; history is needed . . .
    After the Holocaust, world-wide sympathy for the Jews was best expressed by allowing them to attain their new homeland. Guided by the UK and the USA, they were “returned” to the land promised them by God through Abraham.
    Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their own land and placed in refugee camps – – – for 60 or more years. Their frustrations and resentment could only grow, until, in Gaza, they had opportunity to express their disdain for the results of their displacement. “Foreign policy” was to blame for their circumstance, but the target of their bitter anger was the people of Israel who had displaced them, on the basis of ancient religious stories.
    This expressed attitude is not anti-Semitic, but only an awareness of the predicament forced upon the Palestinians. They are people, too.

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