• Norm Martin

    So happy to see the joint letter that the SBC leadership is praying for President Obama. It sure is better than the criticism we usually see about our president.

    Wisdom is certainly needed to find a way not to get involved with “nation building” as we did previously. Islamic moderates must stand up to ISIS, hopefully we can help them do so.

  • Jose

    Great to see the support from SBC. Remembering every single one of those persecuted in our prayers. Praying that the 200+ Assyrian Christians that have been kidnapped will all be released and for God to miraculously open the eyes of the enemy and cause them to have mercy.

  • socialjusticeNOW!

    BUt it is ISIS who are the “least of these.” They are the downtrodden victims of Western violence, imperialism, Zionism and Islamophobia, created by Western hegemonic white supremacy and patriarchy. Even if they may sometimes go too far (and this is debatable), it must be remembered that they are “punching up” against Western oppression, whereas the West is “punching down” in responding to them. Remember intersectionality, people.

  • Earold D Gunter

    And when that fails what will your next prayer, which also won’t get answered be about?

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  • Larry


    Good Poe work there.

    You might have someone convinced you are not a joke account. Highly unlikely though. A little too over the top.

  • socialjusticeNOW!

    “Humor” is a Western capitalist construct, Larry. We Allies never joke because Social Justice is serious business. That is why we criticize those who make jokes, like those Charlie Hebdo staffers. So-called “jokes” almost always punch down. “Humor” is racist, Islamophobic and misogynist.

    I am 100% serious. If you don’t believe me, perhaps you will believe the Amnesty International-affiliated pro-terrorist charity CAGE, who declared that the “Jihadi John” who is so villified by Western media is “extremely gentle” and would never hurt anyone.

    And the UK’s National Union of Students refused to pass a measure condemning ISIS, because they understand social justice and recognized that doing so would be Islamophobic.

    Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi, the resident Islamophobia expert at Sweden’s Multicultural Youth Center, moved to Syria and joined ISIS.

    Wake up and smell the social justice, Larry! Take a stand for ISIS and against Islamophobic Western oppression!

  • Fourth Valley

    The social justice people quite are capable of making fools of themselves. Thus there is no reason for you to even bother posing as one and trolling.

  • Daniel Mann

    Sad news. SBC using “least of these” as a call to war is sad news indeed. There are specific actions that we are called to with regard to “least of these” and defense was not mentioned. “Feed,” “clothe,” and “visit” were the 3 to which Christ called us. Earlier in the same book, Matthew tells us to “not resist the one who is evil,” and to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” I know of at least 1 SBC leader who is leading his congregation in prayer for the persecutors and for that I’m grateful. Can’t we get back to being a peculiar people in a vengeful culture?

  • lew

    Hummm…. we should have let Hitler go as well! Yup…

  • Dan Mann

    Lew: If you read the story of the Roman Empire there were Caesars as beastly as Hitler. Genocide, blood lust, land grabs, and grotesque torture were the norm. It was into THIS culture that Christ was born, lived and died, without ever calling for insurrection. Would he have had reason to call for a war to free his people? Yes – but he didn’t. Rather than war, his challenge was to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. It’s pretty straight forward and not at all ambivalent. I understand the “justification” for vengeance and retaliation, it’s in our DNA. As a follower of Christ I’m called to be different, to be peculiar rather than accept the easier path which would be to hate and seek revenge. Our government may choose to respond militarily but doing so in the name of Christ and His Church, as Ronnie Floyd is suggesting, is antithetical to scripture and merely a justification for acting out of fear instead of faith.

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