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#MuslimRage: The funniest responses to Newsweek’s “Muslim rage” cover story

(RNS) Newsweek asked people to tweet reactions to its new cover story on "Muslim rage." Boy, did they get an earful. 

Newsweek asked people to tweet reactions to its new cover story on “Muslim rage.” Using the hashtag, #MuslimRage, hundreds of people responded, with many poking fun of the magazine's underlying premise. Author Reza Aslan tweeted, “Memo to those few violent MidEast protesters, this is how you fight Islamophobia. You make fun of it.”

Here's a sample of a few of the funniest tweets. 

[View the story “Muslim “Rage” ” on Storify]

Muslim “Rage”

Muslims respond to Newsweek cover story on “Muslim rage” with #Muslimrage tweets

Storified by Daniel Burke · Mon, Sep 17 2012 11:18:44

Newsweek asked people to tweet reactions to their new cover story on “Muslim rage.” Boy, did they get an earful. 
Want to discuss our latest cover? Let’s hear it with the hashtag: #MuslimRage.Newsweek
I’m having such a good hair day. No one even knows. #MuslimRageHend
Watching someone order a veggie slice at a halal pizza parlor. #muslimrageNihal Khan
RT @__Ateeq: When someone walks infront of you during salat #MuslimRage (Mustak Alilili)
Odd socks to mosque? #MuslimRageShamim
Just swore at my laptop because a window froze. #muslimrageNesrine Malik
When people eat ice cream in front of you on a hot, Ramadan day.#MuslimRageRobert Downey Jr.
Guantanamo Bay #muslimrageMarwa
Dude praying next to you takes âÂ?Â?foot tofoot, shoulders to shouldersâÂ? way tooseriously. #muslimrageCiyaal suuq ©
RT @ImadMesdoua: “What do you mean you don’t serve chocolate milk at this pub?!” #muslimrageÎÂ?ÎÂ?ÎÂ?ÎÂ?D âÂ?Â?
Telling your boss that you need Eid off but you don’t know the exact date yet #muslimrageKaha
When they run out of Red Velvet cupcakes @Sprinkles #muslimrageOmair Ali
Finding out your favorite food isn’t halal anymore. #MuslimRageQueen Biscotti
Moonsighting talks. #MuslimRageWaqqas.R2I
When my comforter has lost its fluff #muslimrage #notmuslimanymorebutwhateverHoneyBadger Plz.
Monica Seles never won Wimbledon. #MuslimRageAli Saleem
did she just change that diaper on the very rug we’re about to lay our faces on? #muslimrageTaz
You know when you accidentally rip your curtain? Well, that’s #MuslinRage #MuslimRage O yes I did.Hisham Wyne