PHOTOS: Bible illustrations from history’s ‘best-selling artist’

(RNS) Annie Vallotton's simple illustrations of biblical stories have been included in the more than 225 million copies of "The Good News Bible."

(RNS) Annie Vallotton died in December at age 98, and in some circles she’s known as the best-selling artist in history. Vallotton started her art career by painting frescos on the walls of refugee camps; in 1966, after a 10-minute interview during an airport layover in Germany, Bible translator Eugene Nida selected Vallotton as the illustrator for American Bible Society’s innovative New Testament translation, “Good News for Modern Man.”

The translation was the first to bring the Bible to the masses in straight-forward, everyday language. Vallotton’s simple line-drawing illustrations illuminated the Bible’s stories for readers. The success of “Good News for Modern Man” was followed by the complete Bible translation, “The Good News Bible,” which also included pen and ink illustrations by Vallotton. To date, The Good News Bible has sold more than 225 million copies—each with Vallotton’s illustrations.

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