Apple’s Tim Cook isn’t defined by his sexuality, and neither should anyone …

Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2009.

LYNCHBURG, Va. (RNS) The big news this week is that Apple CEO Tim Cook is gay. While our personal theologies might not line up on every account, I can tell you that his perspective on sexuality is one that I find both thoughtful and refreshing.

In a Bloomberg Businessweek op-ed on Thursday (Oct. 30), Cook shared that he treasures being gay because it has given him a “deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with everyday.”

“While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now,” Cook wrote. “So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2009.

Photo courteys of Tim_Cook_2009.jpg: Kindly granted by Valery Marchive via Wikimedia Commons

Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2009.

Cook has remained fairly private since he was named Apple’s CEO in 2011, shortly before the death of founder Steve Jobs. This announcement is a shift — for him, for Apple and the larger corporate world. But it’s also a shift he clearly believes is worth the sacrifice.

Cook is willing to allow what he has experienced — the difficulties, the painful moments, the times he felt less-than — to encourage others. I’m sure his life has offered him a smorgasbord of challenges and yet he has risen to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S. But never along the way has he allowed one aspect of his life to become the definer of his life.

“Part of social progress is understanding that a person is not defined only by one’s sexuality, race, or gender,” Cook wrote. “I’m an engineer, an uncle, a nature lover, a fitness nut, a son of the South, a sports fanatic, and many other things. I hope that people will respect my desire to focus on the things I’m best suited for and the work that brings me joy.”

In a time of adamant activism and partisan politicking, Cook’s words seem to be a rare commodity. With pro-gay, anti-gay, and I-don’t-know-yet-gay groups advocating for one thing or another, the individual lives behind these labels of sexual orientation have been lost.

Granted, Cook admits that he works in a field that is innovative, creative, and fairly open-minded, so he has been placed in the best of situations. But I bet it hasn’t always been that way. Had he allowed his sexual orientation to define who he was — had he been gay first, and an intelligent human being, capable of greatness, second — he might not be where he is today.

Tre Goins-Phillips is a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and the Opinions Editor at the student-run newspaper, The Liberty Champion. Photo courtesy of Tre Goins-Phillips

Tre Goins-Phillips is a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and the opinion editor at the student-run newspaper, the Liberty Champion. Photo courtesy of Tre Goins-Phillips

This is not to say that one’s sexual choices and orientations are unimportant. Because they are. They just do not, or should not, box us in, hold us back, or shut us down. These individuals are human beings first — intellectuals first, entrepreneurs first, engineers first, visionaries first, artists first.

We are human beings with innate value — first.

At the end of the day, we have to find common ground. Common ground is what makes the world continue to move, grow and advance. Cook gets it. He understands the weight of his announcement. He understands its importance, but also sees that there are things in this life of even greater importance — what it means to be human.

I’ve found my common ground and, in Cook’s own words, “We pave the sunlit path toward justice together, brick by brick. This is my brick.”

(Tre Goins-Phillips is a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and the opinion editor at the student-run newspaper, the Liberty Champion.)


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  • the True God of the bible did not give him homosexuality that came from himself.. listening to other god’s..

    homosexuality will never be right NO MATTER HOW many people speak up for it.. no matter how many man made laws support it no matter how many church’s fall for it..

  • People don’t choose to be gay Rob. You don’t get to decide who you are attracted to.

    Think for a moment, why would someone choose to be gay or lesbian when they know there is a good chance their family won’t accept them and that they could be discriminated against?

    On topic, I think Tim Cook is right in claiming that a person’s orientation shouldn’t be their defining attribute. Raven Symone has a similar view pointed in not wanting to be defined as a lesbian.

  • I don’t hear people in the church talk about pride, greed, or dishonesty like they do about homosexuality. Why?

    Jesus put His focus on relationships with people. He was the only human in history that had the right to look down on others, but He didn’t. I don’t see why Christians waste so much time arguing about which sin or lifestyle is worse when they aren’t doing what Jesus called them to do in Matthew 18.

    I think Paul said it best: “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” 1 Cor. 2:2 ESV

  • Michelle-The reason people don’t talk about those other sins is because
    so many people today compromise/don’t follow Jesus and they don’t want
    to face their own sin. 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 lists swindlers,thieves,drunkards,
    adulterers,the sexually immoral,greedy coveters,slanderers/gossips and
    idolaters right along with homosexuals as who will not inherit the kindgom
    of heaven unless they Repent! We must Repent! So many in the church
    are still getting drunk,gambling,mean,havin premarital sex/sleepin around
    so they want to talk about gay marriage or abortion so they don’t have to
    look at themselves/face their own sin. Jesus said that many will say to Me
    Lord,Lord and not enter heaven so we all need to Repent! Jesus said
    you are one of Mine only if you continue in My teachings and follow Me!
    It’s not enough to believe in Jesus. We must Repent/follow Him/Jesus!

  • I always am left with a question for the authors of pieces like this: isn’t everyone largely defined by their sexuality? A very common topic we talk about to others, even at work, is our family (or if single: dating) People put up pictures of their spouses and kids. Small talk often revolves around shared stories of family vacations, holidays and amusing stories of family or dates. Single people discuss their attractions and relationships and crushes. In a world where it wouldn’t matter, gay people also will talk about their families and spouses and crushes–to everybody and just like everyone else. The people who are defining people by their “gayness” are the ones who don’t want to hear about it or else judge it. Being gay has to be completely normalized before we expect it to not be a defining aspect of a person.

  • A few points about this article. This article shows the continual drift of Liberty University from the fundamentals that it was founded. Also, the argument that is presented, that just because someone is human we automatically find common ground is one of the weakest arguments that I have heard in the homosexual agenda. Another point is that those in the homosexual agenda are the ones who are being militants in forcing acceptance of their lives. Personally, if you are an entrepreneur, an inventor, a teacher or anyone else let it be. Why do you have to be a gay teacher? However, don’t come to me forcing me to accept you by asking me to say the Bible is wrong in this issue. It’s called Scriptural authority and when Scripture says something is sin, then it’s sin whether it’s pride, gluttony, sex outside of marriage, and homosexuality.

  • From my observations, most Christians subscribe to antinomianism for themselves and strict legalism for everyone else.

    They don’t talk about pride, greed or dishonesty because they are arrogant, greedy and dishonest (many of them seem to regard these as virtues). But they’re not gay, so they don’t mind railing against those who are. It’s pretty simple, really.

  • Tim Cook wants to preach a public sermonette about God, gifts and gayness? Really?

    That’s fine, but Tim Cook better not complain when Bible-believing Christians preach their own public sermonettes in response to him.

  • @..Josh people also choose to murder.. people choose lots of things that cause lots of troubles for them selves and other’s homosexuality murder
    stealing cussing rebelling against governments just to name a few of the wrong things

    people are defined by there sex ..Lttle boys are most often dressed by moms in blue little girls are put in pink clothes ..

    God designed male and female to marry come to gather and have children.
    since he designed us as sexual beings ..

    and uses terms that relate to us as sexual beings on what is right and wrong for his church and outside the church also..

    husband and wife
    virgin etc are just some of the sexual terms we understand and God is able to communicates with us about wrong and right..

  • Karla,

    We can receive forgiveness of sins now as imperfect and sinful humans, since none of us are perfect at the present time like Adam originally was (before he sinned) and Jesus, before he died.

    Thankfully, the benefits of Jesus’ ransom sacrifice, as well as Jesus’ millennial ruIe in the near future, will put an end to imperfection and sin we inherited from our first parents.

    It is so exciting to know that because imperfection and sin will finally be eliminated, the majority of mankind will soon have the opportunity to live forever on earth, the most fantastic home that God prepared for us to enjoy!

    As the psalmist so aptly wrote, at Psalm 115:16:

    “As for the heavens, to God they belong, but the earth he has given to the sons of men.” 😀

  • Liberty U is not the Fundamentalist Christian Madrassa you though it was? Oh well. If it makes you feel any better the school still has a reputation for being a joke by everyone outside of the Evangelical Christian wingnut welfare system. Its law school graduates continue to make the most asinine, ignorant, legal arguments in courts all over the country. That is the ones who can find work when they graduate and haven’t killed themselves due to their 250K student loan debts.

    “Also, the argument that is presented, that just because someone is human we automatically find common ground is one of the weakest arguments that I have heard in the homosexual agenda”

    Because why should you ever treat people like human beings? You are a Christian goddammit. You have to treat everyone else like crap as God commands.

    “Another point is that those in the homosexual agenda are the ones who are being militants in forcing acceptance of their lives.”

    Actually most of them just want to keep your religious based bigotry out of our civil laws and to be treated in a civil manner. “Not accepting their lifestyle” is a euphemism for treating people in a malicious uncivil manner. You want to use religion as a license to behave like a raging jerk towards others. That is he great thing about religious belief. It gives social sanction to behavior and actions which would sane and honest people would consider reprehensible.

  • It’s a choice. No one is created to have sex with someone of the same gender. That is an absolute fact. IF this man is so intelligent, he should be able to determine reality with one look at his own body and body parts. This whole propaganda of the Born That Way cult, makes any and everything that a person does a congenital condition. Sooooooo, the porn addicts “in the Church,” can simply bring their DVD players or smart phones to their favorite seat in the pews and watch Brazzer movies all sermon long and no one can say or do anything about it because that would be pornaphobia.

    If gay activists were honest people, they would push their way into designing new religious organizations and leave the Christians to be what God did create them to be. NOT OF THIS WORLD.

    Oh and isn’t it fascinating that “Apples” logo is a bitten piece of fruit?

    “Did God really say . . .?”

  • @Michelle:

    “Michelle October 31, 2014 at 4:43 pm
    I don’t hear people in the church talk about pride, greed, or dishonesty like they do about homosexuality. Why?”

    Because like homosexuality they are settled facts. And, by the way, they ARE preached against even in today’s scene. “Gay Pride?” Ever hear of that? Just as sinful as greed because it is one and the same.

    “Jesus put His focus on relationships with people.”

    And the people that got married were man and woman/husband and wife. PER Jesus.

    “He was the only human in history that had the right to look down on others, but He didn’t.”

    You must have never read a single parable. There are many people mentioned that are sent out. And not in a gay way.

    “I don’t see why Christians waste so much time arguing about which sin or lifestyle is worse when they aren’t doing what Jesus called them to do in Matthew 18.”

    Ah, the old two wrongs make a right absurdity? Two wrongs just make two wrongs.

    “I think Paul said it best: “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” 1 Cor. 2:2 ESV”

    If you believe that what Paul said there is true, then stay consistent and hold to his opposition to homosexuality as well. And of course that marriage TO JESUS and every other person in the New Testament . . . that marriage as man and woman is NOT a hate crime. In fact, there is no other kind of Christian marriage.

  • @TGGPan

    Hmm, “GAY PRIDE.”

    Nope, never heard of “Christian pride” in my life as an atheist OR as a Christian.

    Since obviously you have never heard a Christian sermon in a Christian church, you may be shocked to find out that all of the things you deny are preached there are constantly and consistently preached there. And of course lived as well, but quietly for fear of being targeted as you do quite rigidly.

    Of course.

  • Where you find a healthy body, you find parasites trying to get in and feed on it. Parasites do not attach themselves to the dead.

  • Cook defined himself by his sexuality or this article would not have been written.

    Does this “oh-so intelligent man” think he is the only sharp tool in the shed?

    My how the haughty are so haughty!

    Many of the rich and powerful throughout history have been pederasts. I wonder what would be uncovered if we were allowed to follow this man around in his private life like Christians are ubiquitously subjected to?

    Now I know why Apples logo is what it is.

  • “But it’s also a shift he clearly believes is worth the sacrifice.”

    I look forward to the day when my fellow human beings, my fellow brothers and sisters, no longer have to consider it a sacrifice to allow everyone to see who they were born to be.

    Use love, not hate when dealing with your fellow human beings, and the world will be a much better place.

  • Wow! There’s nothing like homosexuality to draw out the bigotry.

    Of course the Bible says things that are anti-gay, but it also says things that are pro-slavery, and even such things as slaughtering unruly children! Whether they admit it or not, everyone picks and chooses which texts they follow and which texts they pass over and ignore.

    The Bible therefore acts as a religious and moral smorgasbord, with texts that can be used to fit in anyone’s agenda.

  • So did God PERSONALLY tell you this, or did you pull on your big boy pants and figure it out all by yourself? Or are you claiming that God confides in YOU the state of his relationship with anyone else on the planet?

    Spiritual arrogance, my friend, is not going to get you into heaven.

    Meanwhile, of course, not believing that Jesus died for your sins is also against god’s word. But I suspect that other people’s religions are just fine with you. You’re certainly not writing on blogs telling everyone how wrong they are.

  • Lots of Christians disagree with you. And God himself disagrees with your sinful desire to judge other people, their faith, and their relationship with God.

  • I’ll tell you what. YOU repent of YOUR sins. I’m sure you have enough of them to take up at least five minutes of your precious time.

  • No one is forcing your acceptance. you don’t have to accept a thing, except this:

    We have the right to live our lives as we wish, believe in God as he speaks to us and not to you.

  • It wasn’t a sermonette but a statement about his relationship with God.

    I doubt God comfides in the likes of you–- who have continually misrepresented basic facts– the state of his relationship with anyone else on the planet.

  • Once someone erroneously clams greed, pride and dishonestly are not sinful there will be a reason to speak out.

  • There is nothing normal about homosexual behavior. Unless you define normal as sinful which you could and be right.

  • Only someone who does at understand scripture would say something like this. Please learn first before you speak.

  • Ben in oakland-You are right! We all must Repent of all our sins. All sin
    is bad not just gay marriage and/or abortion. We all must Repent!

  • Joel osteen on greed.

    ted haggard on pride.

    Just about every prominent antigay Christian on the subject of gay rights on dishonesty.

  • As St. Paul said, good is now evil and evil is now good.

    personally, I find what passes for Christian love when directed at gay people to be completely indistinguishable from hate.

  • The bible has been used to justify mass murder, wars, the subjection of women, slavery, segregation and 2000 years of anti-Semitism.

    Maybe YOU should learn before you speak.

  • God never made anyone a bigot, but here you are.

    God made lots of people non-Christian– about 2/3 of the world thinks your story is nonsense– but here you are, anyway.

  • I read the many comments on this blog and note the hatred expressed for fellow human beings and then I read the lack of comments on another blog about the victims of abuse committed by church leaders and it reminds me why I walked away from Christianity.

    It this is Christianity, it has lost it’s way and is no place for the likes of myself.

    No trick or treat
    Just wash the feet
    And give poor strangers
    Good things to eat

    No fatted calf
    Or festive speech
    Just put out a hand
    For the hurt to reach

    No tithes of gold
    Expect be paid
    Do with sincerity
    For souls badly flayed

    Expect no praise
    Or name in lights
    For rescuing those
    Who dread darkened nights

    Do as your God would do
    For the poor and week
    But expect not they
    In return Him seek

    Let those thee help
    See thy gentle light
    Not by bushel hidden
    Or dazzling bright

    And the reward at last
    One will come to know
    For true peace comes
    From loves simple flow

  • Oscar-Psalms 118:8 says it’s better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust
    in man. People will always let you down. You are loved by Christ so I hope
    you return to Him. People preaching Truth/against sin is Biblical not hate
    but sometimes it comes off the wrong way/people take it the wrong way
    if they don’t want to Repent/change. I hope you return to Him. God bless.

  • I do appreciate your kind sentiments.
    My parents quoted similar scripture, but what they really meant was that I should the version of god that my father had evolved and that his strange fellow missionaries ranted about, while they beat and sexually abused the children put into their care.
    I still hear his ranting occasionally and those of his ageing fellow missionaries. But for me I cannot reconcile the God of love that was preached by men who hated and committed such vile crimes on innocent children and cover it up to this day, while extorting large sums of money from the naïve to pay for it all.

    I care not if a man is gay, who am I to judge? My concern is more for those who have been sexually abused in the name of a religion that spends far to much time worrying about the sexual orientation of others than it does it’s own victims of sexual abuse committed within it’s fold.

  • Oscar, I don’t blame you from walking away from Christianity. God has probably walked away from it Himself and is probably deeply shamed by what He sees going on in so called churches today.

    The Christian church is responsible for destroying far more souls than it ever helps. Our expensive tabernacles are monuments to ourselves, not to God and they are places that hide many dark secrets.

    The poem is really what the Christian message is all about. Living a Christ like life, not condemning and hating others in the name of God.

  • Frank, Considering humans to have done something wrong that you think will result in them suffering in eternal damnation for it, when in fact all they are doing is what comes natural to them is hate.
    I for one will be glad when your kind have either realized that what they have, is just hate, not love.
    Thankfully, our youth understand, and once a few generations of your kind are gone, the rest, if any are left, will look back at your ilk and bow their heads in shame at your actions.

  • It sounds like you are judging Christianity by it’s Christians. You’ve already set yourself up for failure. If I were you, I would stop worrying about the sin of the Christians and worry more about your own sin and your own pride. Pick up a Bible and listen to the words of Jesus with an open heart and an open mind. Your not going to win an argument against God’s word, I can assure you.

  • So people should just do what comes natural to them? Um, no. Some people naturally want to do things that are straight up wrong and that is because we are all sinners. It’s not hate to say that God is going to judge people for their actions. You are clearly a bigot. “Your kind”???

  • Are you speaking for God or are you just spewing anti-religious bigotry? I will take the latter and not the former.

  • Its a sad world in which people are condemned by those who are already condemned. Don’t throw stones.

  • San Jose Jesse,
    I did not say that people should just do what comes natural to them. That is a dishonest twisting of my words. I just said that for some humans, being attracted to the same sex is natural. Just like those that are attracted to the opposite sex is also natural, to them.

    By the way, if all humans are sinners, then why do only some want to do wrong, and not all? Or is “wrong” something different than sin?

    You can use a make believe god to dishonestly justify whatever hateful actions you take against other humans, but don’t expect everyone to agree with you, especially me. 😉

    As I pointed out, your kind, (meaning christians, and any other human that uses a faith based belief system to determine their actions, no bigotry, just a succinct categorization) are systematically being made extinct by the evolution process as a great majority of our youth don’t buy into that BS.

    Within 5 or so generations, this nonsense will be behind humanity and those who advocate any action against another human being solely based on perceived “sin” will be looked on as having no more in touch with reality than those we now look back on who worshiped rocks, trees and thought the earth was flat.

    By the way, that is not a bigoted statement, just a gleeful observation.

  • If Jesus came to your church
    Would you prefer he went away
    Because at his age he should be married
    Which means, he might be gay

    And would you watch Him closely
    As the offering was collected in
    Because the ragged clothes suggest
    He was on drugs and oh so thin

    Would you watch your children more
    Because He probably had a past
    Those gentle eyes are suspicious
    As on others they are cast

    Would you forget to tell Him you meet
    On Wednesday night at Pastor Jones
    For fellowship and prayer
    He’s not the sort for private homes

    And would you speed past Him
    In your flash car after closing prayer
    Even though He walks in the rain
    And you have a seat to spare

    Of course you wouldn’t know it was Jesus
    Blind eyes rarely ever do
    Just another down and out
    Sent to bother you

  • There is sexuality that is natural which is approved by God and there is sexuality that is not natural and is not approved by God, which includes homosexuality.

    Everyone had the free will to make one or the other choice.

  • “Within 5 or so generations, this nonsense will be behind humanity.”

    Don’t hold your breath, Earold. Nero said something to the same effect 2000 years ago. So did Voltaire, Jefferson, Nietzsche, Hitler, Stalin, and a plethora of other “gleeful” and long-gone Christ-haters. We’re still here and we’re not going anywhere any time soon. If the phonies who have always been among us now have some incentive to drop on out then so much the better. That is what made the church strong and vibrant during the Roman Empire, and again during the Great Awakenings, and ever shall again and again into the future unless and until the end comes.

  • This article is incredibly problematic. Take this quote for example – ” Had he allowed his sexual orientation to define who he was — had he been gay first, and an intelligent human being, capable of greatness, second — he might not be where he is today.”

    Has this author ever heard of intersectionality? We shouldn’t have to pick and choose which identities are most important or should be put “first” and “second.” All parts of us are integral to who we are. The author is correct in saying that we should never be defined as just one part of our identity, but this sounds to me like those voices who say “stop making your sexuality an issue.” Secondly, the quote above sets Cook’s “gayness” in contrast with intelligence and capacity for greatness. Are these two mutually exclusive? Thirdly, please stop using the word “choice” to describe identity. Regardless of how it’s meant, it is triggering!

    Don’t ask us to pick and choose which identities are most important, and don’t minimize the importance of sexual identity in anyone’s life.

  • Mr. Cook defined himself. I don’t understand the premise that we are not defined by our sexuality AFTER we define OURSELVES by OUR sexuality.

  • My kind? If you mean those who trust Gods created order for sexuality and marriage and trust what God says about those things then I am in the exact right place with the right people.

    The only shameful people are those show encourage others to sin.

  • I,lol try to explain it to you. Unfortunately, I don’t have so many one syllable words.

    Jesus said to give away all that you have and follow HIm..Joel Ostmeen, mega rich Joel Osteen, says that you should give HIM all that you have and follow Jesus.

    Hypocrisy. Ooops Too many syllables.

  • By its fruits shall you know them. Someone said that once.

    Rotten theology produces rotten fruit. These postings are full of rotten fruit.

  • Wrong according to whom? I have a much better definition of morality.

    Harm no one. be kind. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. respect other people.

    Homosexuality harms no one. unfortunately, it does offend some people, as well as excite, obsess, entice, attract, annoy, frighten and a whole bunch of other verbs.

    You’re right, it’s not hate to tell someone that your think they are sinning. IT is hate however, when you use your beliefs about sin to harm their lives, vilify them for no reason other than the imaginations of your heart, and attempt to use the laws to make their lives as difficult, dangerous, expensive, and unpleasant as you possible can…

    All the while congratulating yourself about your own so called morality.

    Ted haggard, anyone?

  • The first and most damaging sin in the Genesis story of Eden had less to do with fruit (nowhere does it actually say, “apple,” btw) and everything to do with the fact that the serpent lied by misrepresenting the goodness of God. The man and woman became complicit by believing what the serpent said. If you want to cite scripture, at least get it right.

  • Frank, Yes your kind. I mean those who have faith based belief systems, which they use to harm those who don’t believe, and behave as they do.

    Sin is your kinds construct, it means nothing to non-believers.

    By the way, I don’t encourage anything but the fare treatment of my fellow human beings.

    Your kind on the other hand seek to influence laws and society in general to treat badly anyone who is leading a gay lifestyle.

    To me, I have the same opinion that Jefferson had about those that believe in twenty gods or no god, “It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg”. That is as long as it remains in their heads, and doesn’t influence our world.

  • Here’s a small suggestion Larry: How about YOU defeating one of those Liberty University attorneys in an actual court of law, and THEN you go make the grand proclamations about the quality of their legal arguments?

  • Oh yes, “Your Kind.” You see, Biblical Christianity is the “New Black.”

    In today’s America, it’s A-okay to hate God, hate the Bible, and hate Bible-believing Christians. And as you can see, there’s no shortage of haters.

  • Absolutely right. Would any sane person, especially a sane, successful person, choose to be gay knowing the consequences? If radical Christians could just get their minds off sex for a few minutes, maybe this whole thing would go away? Is the earth flat, or was it made before the sun and stars were made, as the Bible says? If you don’t think so–really–and you’re a Christian, then you just choose to believe the CRAP about gays in the Bible by cherry-picking what fits your own belief system, which, as stated above, includes obsession with sex. It’s YOUR problem, not theirs.

  • Great poetry there, Oscar. I really do mean that. A strong challenge, yes..

    But I’ve got a little challenge too: Do you yourself live out this poetry? You and Jesus got a full-time John 3:16 relationship going, or do you just like invoking His name to make a point? And are you a working member of a nice flawed imperfect church full of nice flawed imperfect Christians? Or are you writing this poetry but not hashing it out in weekly fellowship with all us flawed folks?
    And does the Bible’s authority and accuracy still matter to you, or is Pope Francis’s famous cop-out line “Who am I to judge” your only Scripture these days?

    So often, we church folks, properly shamed because we know that stories like yours ARE true, settle for apologizing and giving kind understanding words, which IS appropriate because yes us Christian folks DID fail you. And we’re still failing, yes. That’s why your poetry is needed.

    But then we usually leave off the last part, which is to challenge you right back and maybe disturb YOUR favorite comfort zones as well. So that’s what I choose to do here.

  • Hi Rob, the true God of Bible (i.e in the old testament) seems very irrelevant in today’s day and age…i don’t have any prejudice against gays , they have been there from thousands of years, what i am not comfortable with is celebrating homosexuality… In a way making it fashionable. I know many men who were gayish( girlish) in there early years but then grew up to lead very normal heterosexual life with kids and family. In todays time such kids will be encouraged to grow up as gays. The problem is that we have reached a point where things cannot be forced upon people, the only thing we can do is to reconcile with the truth and put our trust in God’s plan, who knows this could be hia way of controlling population explosion.

  • None of them seem to find enough work to practice in my neighborhood. We don’t get much call for Bible thumping know-nothing attorneys in my neck of the woods. The wingnut welfare program is mighty scant here.

    The school is ranked in the lowest tier of law schools. Its existence is a living joke to the entire legal community. Anyone stupid enough to go there who doesn’t have a personal political connection to a televangelist or Southern Republican politician has flushed a small home mortgage worth of tuition down the toilet.

  • I’ve read all of this and I am pretty saddened by it because of you Ben in Oakland, I can see your life right now you don’t believe in God because of the way you explained it. you are hurt somehow and in someway and you blame it all on God but really its satan getting you on a foothold. To conclude this arguement all sin is equal there is no greatest sin. In my opinion homosexuality is mockery of God or the person has a bad beackground concerning the oppisite gender. And like Karla said we must repent to all of our sins in every area of our life. And one question for Ben in oakland why did you realy walk away from God.

  • It isn’t a matter of “many Christians disagree with you” – it’s what the true word of God is. Just because someone doesn’t condone homosexuality doesn’t mean they are ‘judging’ anyone. Stop putting unnecessary motives in peoples’ mouths. Mr. Cook did not “receive the gift of gayness” from God because to God, it is an abomination and that is definitely not a gift from God. Stop justifying it. Yes, we are all sinners in our own way; however, we don’t run around the streets of the cities opening declaring our ‘sin’, we repent and pray to God for forgiveness for our sin(s). Stop judging people because they speak the truth. We don’t judge but we don’t condone it either. Plain and simple.

  • Little late to the conversation here. Josh, I don’t understand at all where you get any analogy with one’s sexual orientation and those who choose to murder. Besides, what about someone who is asexual; no attraction to male or female. Do they choose to be asexual? I never hear of anyone suggesting that an asexual person should use reparation or conversion therapy in order to be attracted to and marry a woman/man so s/he can fulfill God’s plan to propagate as God designed.

  • Christianity is SUPPOSED to be the religion of love and acceptance. You wonder why I’m not in it? Because I love Jesus,I pray to God daily and repent of my sins.
    However I’m Conservative/Liberal in Politics. I love Gay people and straight people. You Christians are all about “Sex,Drugs,Money” and other crap. Why can’t y’all just ACCEPT everybody instead of hating on them.

  • My words mean nothing here but the rational way to present any argument gets down to PROVEN facts about any given subject. We are not at all pragmatic in our assertions here. Its the old statement of what is Truth? If i make a statement with a negative assertion it requires absolute fact to make it true. If i make an absolute statement to be positive it doesnt need present fact and can be proven over time if need be. If i quote the Bible as Truth then prove the statements therein as Truth. Its amazing how true it is and time has proven it! The process that follows accomplishes one major point about the Christian Faith and that is the validity of the Gospel and the responsibility to tell it! What happens from there is not the placing of blame but loving the individual in sin through that sin! Again, many walk away by choice but it doesnt invalidate the Truth of it. Inference to what follows the Truth can be vindication or indictment. Ultimately love the person hate the sin.