U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks to the media before a campaign rally in Glen Ellyn, Ill., on March 14, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jim Young *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-FITZSIMMONS-COLUMN, originally transmitted on March 17, 2016, AND RNS-CATHOLICS-CRUZ, originally transmitted on March 21, 2016.

Conservative Catholics endorse Ted Cruz as Trump alternative

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks to the media before a campaign rally in Glen Ellyn, Illinois on March 14, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jim Young *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-FITZSIMMONS-COLUMN, originally transmitted on March 17, 2016.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks to the media before a campaign rally in Glen Ellyn, Ill., on March 14, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jim Young
*Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-FITZSIMMONS-COLUMN, originally transmitted on March 17, 2016, AND RNS-CATHOLICS-CRUZ, originally transmitted on March 21, 2016.

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(RNS) More than 50 conservative Catholic activists and political leaders have come out in support of Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz in an effort to shore up Catholic backing for Cruz as an alternative to Donald Trump.

Among them is a priest from South Carolina who may be skirting the edges of his own church's policies against clerics becoming involved in politics.

Trump is currently leading the three-man GOP field and has drawn strong primary support from Catholic voters despite his controversial rhetoric and past stands on key issues like abortion rights, which he once supported.

The Catholics endorsing Cruz, led by Princeton professor Robert George and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, cited Cruz’s opposition to abortion and gay marriage and his advocacy of religious freedom as the reasons for their support.

“No one has been stronger than Ted in standing up for religious liberty and other fundamental constitutional freedoms,” said George in a statement posted Friday (March 18) on Cruz’s website. “He will foster a culture, from the top down, that honors the Constitution -- the one thing that, despite our differences, binds us all together as Americans.”

While Trump was not mentioned by name in the endorsement, George and some of the other signers have also been leading the charge against the New York real estate magnate.

Several of them were among dozens of Catholics who signed an appeal earlier this month in National Review that said while they understood Trump’s appeal for some Catholics, he was “manifestly unfit to be president of the United States.”

That was before Sen. Marco Rubio, who many Catholic conservatives were backing, dropped out of the race following a drubbing by Trump in his home state of Florida.

Cruz, a senator from Texas, is the son of Cuban immigrants but he is a Southern Baptist, not a Roman Catholic. His father, Rafael Cruz, was born Catholic but became a born-again Christian in the 1970s and is known for his fiery preaching.

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One of the Cruz endorsements comes from Monsignor Ed Lofton, pastor at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Summerville, S.C., and official chaplain of the Knights of Columbus of South Carolina.

“I am very pleased to give my personal endorsement to Ted Cruz for President of the United States,” Lofton said in the statement.

"The Church must not be silent as the nation chooses the leaders who will shape its future. I am personally working for the election of Ted Cruz, and I urge fellow Catholics to join me in giving Ted Cruz our support and our votes.”

But Deacon Greg Kandra, a blogger at the Catholic news site Aleteia, wrote that he was "a little surprised to see such a vocal and enthusiastic endorsement of a candidate by a Catholic priest."

Kandra noted that the Catholic Church has strict guidelines against clerics holding office or taking "an active part in political parties."

He also pointed to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops policies stating that church organizations and their representatives should "not endorse or oppose candidates, political parties, or groups of candidates, or take any action that reasonably could be construed as endorsement or opposition."

Other signatories of the Cruz endorsement include Brian Brown, head of the National Organization for Marriage, Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

(David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS)


  1. A clergyperson has every legal right to make a personal endorsement of a political candidate and the priest made clear he was speaking personally. I believe the USCCB asks and most diocese instruct parish priests not to make political endorsements, so he may be disobedient to his bishop. A retired priest or one teaching at a university might make a personal endorsement.

    But the real story (which has been out there brewing for awhile, David) is the politically conservative Catholics have been in “high dungeon” over a Trump nomination. Not because of any policy disagreement with him, but because they know it would be the end of their phony claims that Catholics must always vote for the self-proclaimed anti-abortion candidate. They would simply be dismissed as clowns and hacks not just in a Trump-Clinton election, but forever in the future. It is a threat to their cardinal campaign tactic and they are scared.

  2. Progressive and well educated as they’ve become in the last half-century, it’s nice to see that the Roman catholic electorate in the US has managed to hold onto some of the retrograde, hate-filled, mostly clerical bigotry that one associated with the Irish Roman clergy of the 1950s.

  3. I’m not sure how Catholics can reconcile voting for any of the nut jobs in the GOP with Pope Francis’ “who am I to judge?” call. But that’s some real spin right there to refer to Cruz’s father’s radical Christian dominionism a “fiery preaching.”

  4. Pope Francis is was a leftist nurtured in South American liberation theology. While he says many good non political things, when he makes political statements he should be ignored.

  5. Religion getting involved with politics…yet again.

  6. The questionable paraphrase of Neibuhr’s theory of toleration aside, do you really consider your snarky insults to be an example of how to “engage them honestly and fairly on the issues on which we disagree with them?”

  7. As a born raised catholic this news is sad. This guy is vile and hated by his peers. I choose any republican but Cruz. This evil ugly person is an opportunist and malignant. Catholicism is a dying religion already and this news will not help. A better option would have been the governor of Ohio He seems genuine and not as lethal as Cruz or Trump.

  8. Of course conservative Roman Catholics
    should vote for Cruz as he is the only one who has the plan and vision to fix our wrecked economy. That is the true bottom line for those of us who NEED a
    jOB to SUPPORT our FAMILIES. Ignore the Leftist/Marxist/Socialist bait about side issues to confuse us and get us to vote for the EVIL people who want to
    tear down this country. People like 1) HillaryClinton-no history of accomplishments except Marxist class warfare while takinghundreds of $millions from big banks, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc
    2) Donald Trump-a blowhard with a third grader manner and a stealth Democrat. He has flip-flopped on his positions as much as Hillary and like her is a corrupt opportunist. 3) Bernnie Sanders-the openly Socialist (unlike Hillary who has been a closet hard-line Communiskt) candidate who promises much more govt. give-aways by the Marxist euphemism, “taxing the rich.” The same
    “logic” Obama used to pass “Obamacare
    How’s that working out for those…

  9. Prominent Conservative Catholics such as Chris Cristie, Rudolph Giuliani, Pat Buchanan, Chris Cristie and actor Jon Voight already endorsed Donald Trump, while many Fox commentators (Laura Ingraham, Eric Bolling or Kim Guilfoyle) also Roman Catholic are currently backing him..

  10. So the entire notion of papal infallibility in subjects of policy is only followed out of convenience. Kinda funny because almost the entirety of Catholics living in the developed world treat their religious dogma the same way. Only to be followed at ones convenience.

    Only a tiny fanatical following actually care about the rampant fetus worshipping and enforced bigotry against gays that their leadership promulgate.

  11. Why would I as a Catholic line up behind Republicans like Cruz and other political “Born Agains” who labor morning to night to undermine Catholic social teaching? Please, better an enigma, a gamble like Trump than a sure enemy.

  12. Where are all of the job creators? oR maybe trump can help you with a minimum wage job in one of his casinos, or a no-wage job in one of his foreign factories. Or maybe Romney can help with one of his companies?

    When our president took office, the economy had crashed due to Shrub, who was on his second Economic crisis. Unemployment was in the stratosphere. It is now down below 5%. And you want to vote for Cruz because he, conservative republican like every other, is really on your side. And because MRs. cLinton is a closet communist of the purines qui variety.

    This is what our country has become.

  13. Sorry. Putinesque. Though purina does the trick as well..

  14. “Leftover,” you hold the record for the sheer number of different names for a single poster, so you fool nobody. You collect names the way Victorian ladies collected hats.

    Plus, you spelled Niebuhr’s name incorrectly. Try reading him before pretending to know what he said.

  15. I was going to ask you about that “purines qui” phrase. But I chose not to do so, simply because Hillary really IS a closet communist regardless of her Purina “bark-bark” subspecies.

    (And yes, that IS an actual recent Hillary quotation, on-camera! She really DID bark like a yapping political puppy! )


    P.S. The word “Putinesque” does NOT really describe Hillary.
    Vladimir Putin, whether rightly or wrongly, has established himself as an actual
    PRESIDENT who seriously knows what he’s doing. He’s the Real Deal.

    Putin don’t play no games, and nobody dares to play Putin. The guy’s got so many black belts, he don’t even NEED a Secret Service !!

    Putin is a world leader, Hillary and Obama are NOT. Both of those amateurs score 100 percent on campaigning but ZERO percent on governance.

    By the way, the only American leader that Putin has expressed any RESPECT for, just happens to be …**Donald Trump.** Go figure, baby !!!!!!!!!!

  16. “Francis Wenceslaus Fernandes” — LOL. This poster acquires new names for himself the way Imelda Marcos acquired shoes……boat loads of them.

  17. “Francis Wenceslaus Fernandez,” meet “Yosef Santamaria.”

    What an interesting coincidence how this one tiny thread on this small board attracts two separate posters with equally flamboyant, original, and creative screen names.

    Yes, and I have a wonderful bridge in Brooklyn to sell to any buyer who’s naive enough to say yes.

  18. No, “Francis” and “Yosef,” for the thousandth time, we are not buying insurance from you. We have insurance……

    These insurance sales people are a pesky lot.

  19. LOL…..are you for real or what? You think Trump endorses “Catholic social teaching?” Do you even know what “Catholic social teaching” means?

    Hint: It includes issues like immigration and attitudes toward the poor.

  20. Ashamed of my Latin skills, I was just about to look up “purines qui”. 88-)>>>

  21. As I said.

    This– your comment especially– is what our country has become.

  22. I am a conservative Catholic and I’m endorsing Trump.

  23. Just want to make sure I’ve got this right:

    1.) Doc Anthony is apparently an American.
    2.) Doc Anthony says Hillary Clinton really IS a closet communist.
    3.) Doc Anthony says Vladimir Putin is a Real Deal actual PRESIDENT.
    4.) Ergo, vote for Vladimir Putin, and send Hillary Clinton to Russia?

  24. OK, so how did my last comment (posted March 21, 2016 at 2:17 am) about Doc Anthony’s comment (posted March 20, 2016 at 5:10 pm) end up back before A Valdez’s (posted March 20, 2016 at 12:45 pm)?

    I wonder where this one will end up.

  25. If you believe in conservative principles both economic and culturally conservative principles, and are looking for someone who comes closest to consistently applying those principles, then Senator Cruz is the one to vote for.

  26. Sorry, my old GOP gave the store away and shot themselves in the foot by continuing to allow the ultra right to take over our party of Lincoln and Reagan, not antagonize evangelist Cruz! The truth be told, McConnell allowed a freshman senator to take over the party caucus and shut down the government. WHY do Catholics blindly support Cruz? Not his intelligence, rather his dogma! WOW!

  27. Papal infallibility applies only to matters of faith and morals and even then only when spoken “ex cathedra.” It is extremely rare, actually. Never been about matters of policy.

  28. Actually, Stan, since you made the suggestion, go for it. I’m sure it won’t be the first time.

  29. They all deserve each other — Putin, Hillary, Obama, and Trump.

  30. Not so simple, Ben. The currently low unemployment is coupled with absolutely anemic economic growth. One reason is the number of new jobs created that are part-time jobs.

    A good comparison: Under Bill Clinton, when unemployment was this low during his second term, growth was spectacular

    The difference is policy. Bill Clinton’s policies built on Reagan’s policies which turned around our economy in the 80s. Clinton reduced regulations, reformed welfare, expanded free trade, slashed the capital gains tax, and began a community-based charity-driven new war on poverty. Obama’s policies did the opposite. Regulations have mushroomed, especially those like Obamacare which encouraged part-time as opposed to full-time hiring, welfare reforms have been pulled back, taxes have crept up again, and we are back to failed top-down socialistic approaches to poverty.

  31. I’m a conservative Catholic and also endorse Trump. Does anyone realize that Robert George is a long and close personal friend of Cruz and was his professor at Princeton!
    Of course he would denounce Trump!

  32. Of course, unlike Hillary, Bill Clinton actually was a “New Democrat” who rejected the far left craziness into which his party had fallen. However, it took Gingrich and the Republican Congress to give Bill the cover he needed to go in a New Democrat direction, angering the left, especially on the economy and issues of wealth and poverty.

  33. JackB, the Catholic intellectuals who support Cruz evidently support him simply because they can’t abide the alternates, namely Hillary and Trump. Given their positions on the issue, Cruz is closest to them.

  34. Finding excuses for avoiding religious dictates is part and parcel with any faith. Rules are meant to be enforced against others but never binding on one’s self.

  35. What a paranoid response.

    BTW, do you have a response which doesn’t involve personal insults to the speaker?

  36. Which shows the kind of people who go in for that sort of stuff. Self righteous, opponents of civil liberties, politically slippery, indifferent to people who lack wealth and power and eternally nosy into things they have no business in.

    Cruz is all yours. You can have him.

  37. Hi Jack
    As a fervent Catholic living in Australia , we worry if by some chance Trumo gets in. What a disaster for America, You guys will suffer as never before.
    May God in his Mercy help you to vote wisely and with right thinking.

  38. So what is the great economic plan of conservatives these days?

    More money sent to people shipping jobs overseas? Letting poor starve to death or pose public health hazards? Deregulation schemes to set up the next recession to sap middle class wealth like the last one?

    BTW Clinton was the most effective conservative to be elected as a Democrat since LBJ. 🙂

  39. Ted Cruz does not follow the Prince of Peace! Expect ever more wars in the Middle East to light up the sands with our bombs if Ted Cruz is elected President. His religious views are dangerous to peace.

    Catholics who support Cruz need to have their heads examined.

  40. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Just enjoy your protestant queen and the new Chinese invasion you’re about to suffer. Eventually, America will come to your aid after we’ve thrown off the shackles of the New World Order which attempts to deceive us all.

  41. “Fanatic,” like any other pejorative word, is the eyes of the beholder. Thank you for making that clear.

  42. It depends on whether you mean theologically conservative, politically conservative, or both. One can be theologically conservative and politically liberal, for example, although that’s becoming less common with time.

  43. But note that neither George nor the others endorsed Cruz until all but one alternative to Trump was left on the stage. It took 14 of the 17 original GOP candidates to drop out before these guys made their endorsement. That’s a very long time to wait.

    This suggests that their endorsement of Cruz is at least as much a stop-Trump endeavor as a pro-Cruz effort.

  44. Eileen, I agree that Trump will be a disaster for America if he wins. There’s an even chance he won’t get the GOP nomination because most Republicans can’t stand him, unlike the Trump supporters, who, like the Obama supporters of 2008, are with him no matter what he says or does. Trump himself said his supporters are so die-hard, they will stay with him even if he shoots someone on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Clearly, he is contemptuous of his own backers, but they don’t seem to care.

    But if he is not stopped by the majority in his own party, he will lose to Hillary in the general election.

    So don’t be fooled about the American people. Most Americans, both conservative and liberal, realize who and what Trump is…..a combination of ill-informed buffoon and dangerous demagogue.

  45. Catholics PLEASE wake up. Don’t you see, a vote for Cruz is a vote for Clinton? Let’s pick a winner this time. The ‘numbers’ are with Trump.
    The Establishment is USING Cruz until they can ditch/switch at the convention. Whatever candidate they throw in, will LOSE as Romney did.
    Truly, 4 years of Clinton crimes, will be worse then 8 years of Obama.
    THINK about the future Supreme Court appointments and what has already happened to freedoms of Religious Rights under Obama/Supreme Court.
    Pray and wake up. Beat Clinton + stop Obama agenda = Trump.
    You don’t HAVE to be totally in love with a candidate to appreciate the fact they actually have a chance of winning. If he (Mr T) gets only one thing done, it will be better than Clinton/Obama and what we have endured.
    This is a chance to pick a winner against the opposition. Do it!
    Worst case and you choose wrong and we all have to suffer thru Clinton.
    Ignore the mind bending games thrown at us and vote to win = Mr. Trump.

  46. Explain Bigotry by anyone shy of their being misfits in human society that have a chance or the option to obtain their arrival in Heaven if they themselves could tolerate and accept Traditional Catholic Doctrine.

    For that matter why tolerated an unnatural set of behaviors, when men and women could following Catholic Doctrine “should” obtain virtuous characters which is the purpose for being Catholic in the first place.

    Tolerance means to many, accepting that which includes the unnatural, and even malevolent behaviors and for what benefit especially for those who claim to call themselves Catholic?

    Criminal (self explanatory: if not maturity needs to be expanded), Religious (as in the case of Hindus and Islamic extreme examples of public executions), Medical (as in the case of excessive indulgences of appetites) all these said malevolent behavioral outcomes that harm society should not be tolerated, and if that is what is called Bigotry then most reasonable people are…

  47. Anyone who believes that Trump, who in the past had said that partial birth abortion should be legal and now pretends to be against it, is dealing in willful ignorance.
    The man has a outrageously immoral history and has tried to repackage himself as a conservative. If any of you believe that this guy is conservative, you are quite literally….blind.

  48. I hope Cruz’s Catholic supporters understand that, as an evangelical Protestant and Christian Reconstructionist, he’s definitely NOT their friend. Trump would be dangerous … owing to the man’s overwhelming immaturity and insanity … but Cruz isn’t a solution, either, particularly for Catholics. Christian Reconstructionists generally would outlaw Catholicism if they ever have the opportunity.

  49. They are tax exempt, yet they still stick their noses in places where they have no say. If they have a political opinion they wish to share then maybe they should pay taxes like all thr flock. Trump 2016!

  50. Cruz attracts a certain segment in the country but it’s not encompassing enough to defeat Hillary. Today Trump emphatically said he would only appoint PRO-LIFE judges to the Supreme Ct. We must support the front runner or its all over for our country. Count on it!

  51. Vote 2 win, you have it exactly backwards.

    Trump has lost to Hillary in 42 of the last 49 polls. For months, he has been practically the only one on the GOP stage to do so. Even on today’s stage, both of his opponents, Cruz and Kasich, beat Hillary consistently, while Trump is still a consistent loser against her.

    Moreover, Trump’s negatives are sky-high among Americans as a whole, as big as those of any frontrunner of either party in decades, and higher than even Hillary, who is not exactly loved by the electorate.

    Things can always change, but from the time he entered the race for the GOP nomination late last spring until today, Donald Trump’s poll numbers in a general election have been awful. There’s no getting around it.

    As of now, Donald Trump is unelectable.

  52. Trump appears to be an unwitting litmus test not just for Catholics but for all other Americans. How one fees about him says a lot about that person. People who are reasonably well-informed, believe in the Golden Rule of treating others as they would like to be treated, and have no financial or career interest in supporting Trump tend to oppose him strongly.

    It’s the low-information voter, the ne’er-do-well who blames the “elites” for his or her own personal shortcomings and setbacks, and the career climber who has convinced himself or herself that it pays to endorse Trump who are his supporters.

    The heart and soul of America, from conservative to liberal to independent, opposes Trump’s run for the presidency rather completely.

  53. Christian Reconstructionists or “theonomists” are a fairly creepy lot, but they are post-millennial theologically, while Cruz is premillennial and is a Southern Baptist. Southern Baptists, like virtually every other group in the nation that calls itself Christian, teaches that Christian Reconstructionism is both theocratic and heretical. Moreover, Cruz’s full-throated support for the Constitution, and in fact for an original-intent view, is logically incompatible with Reconstructionism, which specifically seeks to replace the Constitution with the body of Biblical law to the fullest extent possible. Again, that is deep heresy to nearly all of Christendom.

  54. Yoh, conservatives don’t have Five Year or Ten Year Master Plans directed by government leaders for whole economies. That’s failed socialism.

    Free markets largely run by themselves. They’re the sum total of the daily individual economic decisions made by hundreds of millions of people.

    Together, they comprise the market, and conservatives and moderates believe that the wisdom of the market, reflecting those hundreds of millions of decision-makers, far exceeds the wisdom of a tiny handful of central planners meeting in some room.

    Conservatives believe you unleash economies by unleashing markets and hence people….and that you do this by pursuing policies that reward work, savings, and investment, ie what people put into an economy. That means regulatory policies based on managing rather than eliminating risk, government spending that’s limited to what government does best, not worst, and low taxes on labor and capital to unleash both.

  55. Freedomusa, you sound libertarian, but if you think Trump is libertarian, you need to watch him a lot more carefully.

  56. Thank you for your opinion, but really and after all, who is yoh?

  57. Ted Cruz is most certainly a dominionist. See https://religionnews.com/2016/02/04/ted-cruzs-campaign-fueled-dominionist-vision-america-commentary/ & http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/14/does-ted-cruz-think-he-s-the-messiah.html, among others.

    He is also his father, Rafael’s, son. And Rafael is an avowed dominionist. See http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/rafael-cruz-preaches-seven-mountains-theology-tells-activists-stop-electing-village-idiot among others.

    Ted talks a lot about the Constitution, but if he could dispense with it and establish a Christocracy in its place, he most certainly would do so, happily.

    Re: “Again, that is deep heresy to nearly all of Christendom.”

    Yes, it is, and I wonder why Christendom hasn’t long ago shut down dominionism & Christian Reconstructionism and relegated their champions to the dustbin of history, rather than electing them to office. Hmm.

  58. Barring a miracle, the gates of hell have prevailed against the catholic church. But I believe that the Lord’s prophecy will come to pass through the catholic church being miraculously resurrected from the dead.

  59. Jack your contention that Cruz or Kasich are more popular at the ballot than Trump is not supported by reality.

  60. What? Jack, you trusting in ‘polls’ is what is backwards. What about polls with Rubio pulling ahead in Florida or Kasich tied in Michigan? Guess the American voters didn’t pay much attention to polls when they voted huh? They want Trump. Pray the GOP listen.
    – Look at facts. Like actual vote totals in the primary states. Who gets the most votes? It’s beenTrump more often then others. Why? Big voter turn out. That’s regular Americans showing support for Trump. Real numbers win. Polls, not so much.
    – So for an example, say it’s Trump vs Clinton in the end. If the voter turnout stays just ‘somewhat’ consistent (highest for Trump and low for Clinton) Trump wins. And 42 of 49 polls mentioned above will be wrong.
    – Looking at actual voter results – Trump is very electable to American voters. Best real data we have at this point.
    PS Poll shows Kasich winning vs Clinton, HaHa. Rest my case on dumb polls with that one.

  61. “Phony claims”? Catholics are INSTRUCTED to vote for a pro-life candidate vs. a pro-abortion candidate. Or, in any case, “the lesser of two evils.” Of course we are also instructed to attend Mass every Sunday, etc. If Catholics were to vote exclusively according to Church teaching, we would not be where we are today, politically. Faced with a Trump-Clinton choice, the choice to vote for Trump would be easy. It is as simple as that. It is also puzzling that, given the voting instructions and lives at risk, that so little is heard from the pulpit.

  62. Or more to put the point more succinctly, haters gotta hate. Bigots always have to pretend they have have an excuse to treat people badly.
    There is nothing reasonable about it.

  63. Yet if Mr. Trump is not so popular, then WHY is it that his rallies bring in MUCH MORE people than say a Sen. Cruz rally?

    Thank-you for your response.

  64. Bravo. I am a Catholic clergyman and I endorse Trump!

  65. That’s your personal opinion but the opinion of vast majority of the America n people is hack with the establishment boys. We need a CEO in the WH and not a clown. Trump is very electable and he will win.

  66. 1983 called it wants its nonsense economic theories back. The only thing conservatives have done for the economy is undermine middle class wealth. In the 35 years of trickle-down economic policies, the poor have not only remained poor but now live in more desperate situations. The standards of middle class life have become increasingly more difficult to attain. The wealthy now claim its their right not to contribute to the system they benefit so much from..

    The Republicans of the past who wanted responsible governance and a strong nation would be considered vile liberals by the standards of the current batch of conservatives.

    So what is the current grand scheme for the economy by conservatives? They have nothing. Many conservatives at state levels have been running economies into the ground. Criticism only means something if you have some alternative worth considering. Conservatives have zilch.

  67. That one’s as old as the hills, yoh. I know insurance and originality don’t usually mix, but give it a try anyway.

  68. Sure it is, Joe. It fits with polls stretching back to last summer and continuing to this day. Obviously you don’t like polls that contradict your assertion but on what can we base any assertions besides polls? Intuitions? Gut hunches? Wishful thinking?

    What to you is “reality” when it comes to assessing such things if you reject polls and surveys?

  69. You’re in dream land. Trump not only loses nearly every poll against Hillary…..his negatives exceed hers, as I said.

    And again, as of today, with just two other candidates in the race, Trump still can’t reach 50%. He is losing a majority of voting Republicans in primary after primary after primary after primary.

    A huge percentage of Republicans say they will not vote for Trump if he is the nominee. The percentage is considerably higher than what Democrats say about Hillary if she is their nominee.

    Trump is under water…..by voting for him, you will be responsible for a disaster this November if he gets the nomination. He will get blown out and you will end up with Hillary in the White House and Harry Reid back as Senate majority leader.

    You are buying into fantasy and hype. It is you and your fellow Trump supporters against everyone else — including most Republicans and including a cold stone wall of Democrats and Independents.

  70. You’re relying on hype and hope, but nothing objective. Every indicator, including Trump’s failure ever to get a majority of voting Republicans, shows that Trump is in very serious trouble for the general election should he get the GOP nomination.

    You can engage in magical thinking, but since claims of magic are in the end unverifiable and unfalsifiable, you’re really saying nothing.

  71. CTAnneM, all that means is that his supporters are intensely committed to him and that he has more of them than each of the other candidates. But he still can’t get a majority of GOP voters, even now when it’s a 2 or 3 man race.

  72. Christian Reconstructionism is a tiny movement that most Christians never heard of. What you’re doing is stretching its definition to include any Christian who takes the free exercise of religion clause in the First Amendment literally and seriously. That is light years away from replacing the Constitution with Biblical law.

  73. Sadly, after what had happened in Brussels yesterday, Mr. Trump spoke right away about the threat of terrorism and its horrible results yesterday. Had to wait for a while for Sen. Cruz to speak out on the issue. Could a Cruz handle the issue of national security if he was to be elected? At least Mr. Trump spoke out right away, give him that much credit.

  74. I find it sad that supporting someone (i.e. Mr Cruz) who would ban anyone entry into the US because of their religion, and and set up neighborhood spy squads to monitor people of that religion (Islam) would get the support of any Catholic.

  75. That’s an interesting take. Of course, George H.W. Bush, who gave us Clarence Thomas, was so strong a supporter of Planned Parenthood as a Congressman that other Congressmen nicknamed him “Rubbers.” Trump’s previous position was rational, but his change is based on political expediency, and that should gladden you because anyone who really believes otherwise will never be a resident of the White House. Of course he’s not a “conservative.” Neither was Reagan, either Bush, or Rmoney. A real conservative could hardly get 50 electoral votes.

  76. Anyone who has a “full-throated support for the Constitution supports Roe v. Wade. Cruz does not, so your assertion about him is proven false thusly.

  77. In other words, Donald Trump is just like every Republican nominee from 1980 on.

  78. A new poll says you are wrong….again Jack. Poll: Majority of Republicans want the party to unite behind Trump
    By NOLAN D. MCCASKILL 03/23/16 11:00 AM EDT
    A majority of Republican and Republican-leaning voters believe the party should unite behind Donald Trump at a contested convention, according to a national Monmouth University poll released Wednesday.
    The New York billionaire won another 58 delegates Tuesday with a decisive victory in Arizona, putting him within 500 delegates of securing the GOP nomination outright. But should Trump fail to accrue the necessary 1,237 delegates, 54 percent of those polled said the party should back Trump for the nomination anyway. More than a third said the delegates should nominate another person, and 7 percent were unsure
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-gop-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/03/poll-gop-voters-unite-trump-221144#ixzz43nDOGEvq
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