The need for online religious education and spiritual formation

SARASOTA, Fla. – According to the 2010 Faith Communities Today survey, the utilization of church websites and email by congregations has more than doubled in the past decade. The use of social media, blogs, projection screens in worship, and membership databases in the office are also on the rise in American congregations.  Many churches, however, have been unsuccessful in utilizing online technologies to assist them in their religious education and spiritual formation programs.

Sacred Space Online Learning (or SSOL – pronounced “soul”) is a new, comprehensive, one-stop resource center dedicated to providing a wide range of cost-free spiritual, religious, and faith-based resources for people of various faiths, denominations, and spiritual understandings.

SSOL is a type of online library.  It contains an expansive database with search functionality so people can easily locate the materials they need.  The materials that make up the database come from a wide range of organizations who create religious, spiritual, or faith-based materials. SSOL presently includes hundreds of online classes, live webinars, and on-demand webinars and it continues to grow.

SSOL contains over two dozen “Categories of Learning” which demonstrates the wide range of topics that are available.  “There’s something for everyone on SSOL,” says SSOL Coordinator, Rev. Duane Romberger.  “Whether you’re a religious leader seeking inspiration for a sermon, an educator seeking materials to use in your local context, a person unable to attend your place of worship and seeking religious education online, a religious leader looking to fulfill continuing education requirements, or whether you’re simply on a spiritual journey and you want to explore choices; SSOL has something for you.”  While some online offerings include registration costs, SSOL itself does not charge any fees to view all of the offerings, and many of them are completely free.

Sacred Space Online Learning is owned and operated by the Office of Formation and Leadership Development (OFLD) of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC).  SSOL contains a special MCC Portal where anyone can learn about MCC, and view their own unique offerings.

“I believe education is liberating, empowering, and essential to ministry” says Rev. Elder Dr. Mona West (Director of the OFLD), “I also believe providing educational opportunities online through SSOL helps to make the world a global classroom.  It allows us to connect with each other in new and exciting ways.”

Visit Sacred Space Online Learning (SSOL) today to learn more.