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Tony Perkins ditches theodicy after flood destroys his home

Contaminated floodwaters inundate a neighborhood in Sorrento, Louisiana, August 17, 2016. Photo credit: Louisiana Environmental Action Network/© Jeffrey Dubinsky/Handout via Reuters
Contaminated floodwaters inundate a neighborhood in Sorrento, Louisiana, August 17, 2016. Photo credit: Louisiana Environmental Action Network/© Jeffrey Dubinsky/Handout via Reuters

Contaminated floodwaters inundate a neighborhood in Sorrento, Louisiana, August 17, 2016. Photo credit: Louisiana Environmental Action Network/© Jeffrey Dubinsky/Handout via Reuters

(RNS) Comes the news that the Baton Rouge flooding destroyed Tony Perkins’ home and forced the Family Research Council president and his family to escape by canoe to their RV on higher ground.

Perkins revealed this in a special segment of his radio show a couple of days ago, describing the disaster as “a flood of near biblical proportions.”

There are those who have noted some irony here, since when Hurricane Joaquin threatened Washington last year, Perkins declared the storm to be God’s punishment for the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.

That of course recalled the interpretations of Hurricane Katrina by Pat Robertson, John Hagee, and Yehuda Levin, as well as Robertson and Jerry Falwell’s explanation of 9/11, and so on.

These are what’s known in the trade as exercises in theodicy — justifying bad things as demonstrations of God’s goodness, omnipotence, and righteous judgment.

So what’s the judgment on Baton Rouge?

Far be it from me to suggest that it’s God’s punishment for supporting Donald Trump, whom some are calling the Antichrist of American politics. True, Louisiana went for Trump in the March 5 Republican primary, but so did a lot of other states that haven’t been hit by a flood of near biblical proportions.

And the flood doesn’t seem to have differentiated between West Baton Rouge Parish, which voted for Trump, and East Baton Rouge Parish, which voted for Ted Cruz.

On the other hand, after supporting Cruz in the primaries, Perkins declared that he would vote for Trump in the general and urged others to do the same, delivering a speech to that effect at the Republican National Convention. He’s said he thinks Trump’s candidacy could enable America to become “a recipient of [God’s] blessing.”

But I don’t think the Almighty would be so harsh as to punish all of Baton Rouge for that piece of wishful thinking.

Nor, apparently, does Perkins, who in his interview stayed away from any speculation of this sort. The flood, he said, “is a great opportunity for the Church to minister.” The experience has taught him “what is important. Sometimes we get too occupied with the other things of life.”

Another useful lesson might be to keep your mouth shut about divine punishment when disaster strikes.

As Voltaire demonstrated, theodicy is a mug’s game. You’re better off taking the advice of British poet A.E. Housman:

“Malt does more than Milton can

To justify God’s ways to man.”

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Mark Silk is Professor of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College and director of the college's Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life. He is a Contributing Editor of the Religion News Service


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  • Seemingly, some people want to silence any talk about a backslidden America that’s very much in danger of sliding into God’s divine judgment.

    I remember one of the Katrina survivors, an elderly black man, who had just been rescued and was being interviewed on national TV. The man briefly described what happened to him. Then he suddenly, sincerely stated that the Katrina disaster represented “God’s judgment.”

    You never saw a TV interview end so quickly. Switched right back to the news anchor and another story.
    So yeah, some people are demanding that others just “shut up” , to borrow Mark Silk’s words.

    (What about what God said in Jeremiah 18:7-10? What about Ben Franklin and Abe Lincoln’s warnings to America not to “forget God”? Oh, just shut up about such things. Just follow that dim-bulb Voltaire, and all will surely be well. Heh!! )

  • Shorter Tonette.

    When something bad happens to you, it is god’s wrath. I said so.

    When something bad happens to me, it’s God trying to teach me something, like how to make some money out of it.

  • And as a side note, does “a flood of biblical proportions” mean that he concedes that the source of the Noah story was a catastrophic but localized flood rather than the traditional world wide inundation?

  • TONY!!!

    God is giving you a message.

    He is angry at you and brought a flood to destroy your home!

    Take heed and mend your wicked ways!!!!!!!!

    [Either that or you can chalk it up to the Hindu/Buddhist concept of Karma]

  • “Then he suddenly, sincerely stated that the Katrina disaster represented “God’s judgment.”

    Because God was responsible for ensuring the levies were in functional order?
    Because God was responsible for organizing relief and rescue efforts in a timely fashion?
    So I guess it means God was pretty damn lazy that time.

  • Of course it was god’s judgment, because he escaped it. Megalomania is fun! Being god’s BFFF is fun!

  • Alternate Headline: God Outs Perkins

    Somethin’ you’d like to confess to the flock there, Tony…?

  • Oh jeezus, does this mean that Perkins is gay? Nooooooo! Maybe it just means that he is a stupid judge of property. Maybe just a phase. Maybe he attended one of those “conversion” sessions and wasn’t clear on the concept. Whatever, I don’t want to be associated with him, but then, I never did.

  • I really do have profound empathy for all people caught up in a life-shattering natural disaster. But there’s a sardonic little facet in there that finds it amusing that these meteorological catastrophes that are symptoms of climate change are happening in the heartland of climate change deniers.

  • Notice how uncomplicated things are when you leave god out of the picture and attribute these things to natural forces?

  • Weird how this god chap CONSISTENTLY singles out the most hardcore “christian” parts of the country for his special wrath of natural disasters. Floods in the south, tornadoes in bible-thumping Oklahoma and throughout the bible-thumping belt.

    “You homosexuals better straighten up and fly right or I’m gonna flood the bejesus out of North Carolina again.” Is that how it works?

    Superstitious twaddle about the pagan worship of a man-god aside, I feel for these people. It must be absolute misery.

  • Liberal environmentalists have their own theocidy, a secular form of it: Not believing in climate change–or disagreeing on the best methods to combat or alleviate it–makes one morally responsible for the devestation done by a hurricane or extreme weather.

  • floydlee, I’m with you. I expect less judgement from God on people who have never known the Gospel, but when a nation which in the past gladly embraced Christianity (on balance) and was blessed for it, now drifts further and further away from that spiritual anchor, a wrathful response from an offended Deity seems likely; if not today…Someday.

  • How can you be so dumb? Do you really think Man has any control over the Climate Changing. It’s been changing for Millions of years without man. If we had control then we could stop it. Al Gore got rich from preaching it.

  • Lots of sinning in his house…that`s why it got flooded….that’s the fundamentalist logic, right ?

  • Scientific consensus says yes. There is an underwhelming lack of credible scientific research to the contrary.

  • I’ve known the Gospel. Studied the theology of the faith in detail.

    Your wrathful, offended deity is a savage tyrant to whom it is the duty of all good men to resist.

    He’s angry? Let Him come and stamp His little feet like a bitter child, and prove that He is not worth respect, much less worship.

  • It’s far easier to claim those critical of the Gospel are simply ignorant of it, than to accept the possibility they not only may know it, but consciously choose to reject it.

  • You really need to recheck your credible scientific research. It’s been proven the data was false. You’re free to believe however you want. Might want to send some money to Al Gore to help combat Global Warming/Climate

  • The national and international professional scientific research organizations, the overwhelming consensus in the field and peer reviewed work says far more on the subject in a credible manner than an ex politician. All of it has demonstrated the opposite of your claims. As appeals to authority go, their work carries far more weight on the subject than your assertions.

  • God does not send weather events, traffic accidents, illness, etc to punish people.
    We live in a natural world where both bad a good things happen to both the good and bad..”..raining on the just and unjust..”. Very foolish to tie God to all bad things
    Or to validate all good things. No doubt we individually have felt God’s blessings in our lives not because we are good but due to his goodness. There is just a lot we do not understand and humans love to assign blame to everyone and everything to include the Creator.

  • Perkins has been floating (no pun intended) this kind of nonsense for years, in the process all he’s succeeded in doing is turning God into a proverbial bogeyman who’ll “getcha” if you don’t vote the way he wants you to and of course, don’t send in any of that all important stuff called cash.

  • Mark,
    You wicked guy. You had too much fun with this piece! (And I love you for it.)

  • Gee, maybe this is just what happens when you build communities where there should be wetlands instead.

  • Of course some of us older people can remember conservative Evangelicals blaming the biblical flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah on the “unnatural sin of miscegenation.” (The Sodomites were swarthy, you see, while the ‘strange flesh’ of the of the no doubt fair and excessively aryan angels was irresistibly seductive.)

    The also claimed that acceptance of “race mixing” would bring down God’s judgment upon America in short order, like in the days of Noah..

  • Hahahahahaha! Perkins has been a nasty guy most of his adult life, quick to judge and condemn. He likes to claim ownership of god. How does it feel tony?!


  • It seems to me that God has created a “heads I win, tails you lose” relationship with (believing) Man. When something good happens to believers, they thank God for it. When something bad happens, they just seem to think, “God works in mysterious ways, and it is not for us to question him.” Alternatively, one could think that from the beginning of time, events have happened in a dependent manner on previous events, and while we have some control in the decisions we make today, in general, we are subject to cause and effect, not God’s will. Frankly, that’s much easier for me to understand, than the concept of a God who is all powerful, and all loving, but allows so many believers to suffer, and so much hatred to be carried out in his name (be it God, Yahweh or Allah).

  • There is a distinction between simply knowing the Gospel in an intellectual sense based on a limited personal appraisal of its claims and KNOWING the Gospel on an experiential level which, sadly, is a bridge too far for most people. And because they do not KNOW it, they cannot comprehend what they so readily reject.

  • He is a patient, long suffering Deity, who would that all come to repentance, but His patience is not endless in the sense that He will endure scornful disbelieving people eternally. His wrath is reserved for those who are wicked and evil and will not acknowledge it. Both Holiness and Justice require individual accountability before Him. The distinction between believers and unbelievers is that believers accept not only the universal sinfulness of the human race, but also their own specific sinfulness. Unbelievers generally think they are just fine, thank you very much, and need not reflect on their own iniquity because they will neither see or accept it, to their own harm.

  • It would have been more accurate if you had said:

    “The distinction between believers and unbelievers is that believers [are gullible enough to] accept not only the universal sinfulness of the human race, but also their own specific sinfulness, [even when it causes no harm to others]. Unbelievers generally think they are just fine rationally, thank you very much, and need not [only] reflect on their own iniquity [that harms other people] because, [otherwise,] they will neither see or accept it, to their own [the silly rules in the Bible not based on] harm [done, and therefore should be ignored].”

  • Earl, present a credible reference please or else retract your statement “It’s been proven the data was false.”

    What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence…

  • Your god of your storybook looks to be quite the jerk, Russ. F_ck your stu​pid Jesus stories.

  • Scents of Secret Decoder Ring Fallacy there, Eddie. Well, actually, your post reeks of it.

  • Yes, belief tends to color ones view of scripture. It makes people lose objectivity.

    Believers tend to claim a level of authority which is largely based in enthusiasm rather than knowledge. Conflating rejection of such belief with ignorance.

    In my experience, ex believers tend to be more knowledgeable than the zealots. Having usually been zealots themselves in former lives.

  • Please do not refer to me as “Eddie,” I allow very few intimates that privilege and you manifestly are not among them.

  • Your responses are vague, disjointed, lacking in evidence and rarely to the point; in a word, incomprehensible. Not to mention generally uncivil.

  • I’m more than aware of my personal sins. I refuse to believe in a deity that would first make us collectively wicked, as per its own plans, and then punish us for that design decision, especially when that entity’s omniscience renders all moral choice the workings of a clockwork orange.

    He won’t endure my scornful disbelief, you say? He’s more than welcome to bring it, and any friends He has to boot. Only the ones who live and breathe pose any threat, and there is no shame in falling while resisting those sorts of zealots.

  • And how do you account or make amends for those sins, if it is not too impertinent of me to inquire (A sincere philosophical question)? I do so by the genuine expression of regret and proper acts of mitigation, while appealing to God for His forebearance.
    He did not “make” us collectively wicked, that was a function of free will choice on the part of our forebears, which dispenses with your clockwork orange. He foresaw it and proceeded with a plan to mitigate it by making perhaps the greatest sacrifice known to a Parent: the Death of His Own Beloved Son.
    As I have pointed out tirelessly on this site, my zeal does not extend to the point where I endorse, practice, or applaud any form of violence and discrimination against my spiritual opponents. I strive to be generally civil and prefer rational discourse to politicking and advocacy for anything other then the propagation of the Gospel as it is classically understood. For my efforts I am often verbally assaulted with scatological language more appropriate to the gutter and the grammar schoolyard. Because I frame my language precisely I am charged with pomposity.

  • “Free” choice made in the plan of an omniscient being to whom all choices are already made is no more free than the ticking of a clock. Whether the mainspring breaks or does not, whether the gear catches or does not, is all already known and accounted for, just another line in the play. The watchmaker already knows. So don’t try those apologetics with me.

    I owe amends for my sins to those I have wronged, and I owe it to them and myself to be better than I am–to continuously improve. I owe your Mad Blood God of the Desert no such fealty for the sins of a mythological forebear. God does not need to forgive me. I cannot possibly harm It, and if someone as insignificant as I can hurt Its feelings, that’s Its problem, not mine. /Living things/ more on my level I can harm; those I have wronged have the option to forgive me.

    Bear in mind that it’s fellows like you, well-meaning and well-spoken, who helped the scales fall from my eyes. Suggesting that a just being, a loving parent, would be so tyrannical and petty to send good people to eternal damnation for praying the wrong way or picking one arbitrarily true “it’s true because we have a book that says it’s true” story over any other–and don’t give me the apologetics that your God defines what is good and it is good because He defines it thus, either. That is always the excuse of the abuser to the abused, the master to the slave: “I only hurt you for your own good, which I know better than you ever will.”

    People who claim that a just and loving God blesses this nation and spites that one–but one supposes it’s only in character. Let the Canaanites be driven out by the Israelites and annihilated. Let the Gileadites put the Ephramites to the sword as they cannot pronounce “shibboleth.” And from such stories, told by Iron Age societies to simultaneously remember their history and justify their carnage, comes justification for more modern devotions. Deus vult. God will know His own. All the way up to Gott mitt uns.

    It all follows logically, and I reject it. You have your faith and you’re not going to kill anyone over it–outstanding. I have my (far more idiosyncratic but no less arbitrary or fictional) own and I’m not going to be pulling out the knives either. Grumbling tolerance is all that’s required–but the instant you and yours start appealing to the Mad Blood God of the Desert to punish the “wicked” for having the temerity to live their lives in ways that harm no one else, expect me and and those like me to leap up and say “no more.”

    And this will be perceived as persecution even as the quiet invocation of nothing less than the wrath of God Himself is considered righteous and just, for /we/ are the elect and the purified and /they/ are the heathen swine. If mere criticism, if standing up and saying “no, we will /not/ be struck down by someone’s offended God, because the world is a big and dispassionate place and sometimes bad things just happen based on the odds,” if the occasional public browbeating is persecution… well, especially in that latter, we’re just following the good Christian tradition as doing unto others as was done unto us.

  • I was never particularly /zealous/, but yes, at one time, I was a true believer through and through. However, standard orthodoxy conflicted with one very basic truth that I considered a given for a just Creator: “God does not send good people to Hell.”

    That people are so willing to go along with such iniquity–out of superstition, out of fear, out of whatever–angers me deeply. The touchy-feely God of Love types who don’t put much into literal Biblical inerrancy… they’re okay. Mostly harmless. People like these jokers just clucking their tongues (and smacking their lips) for when God’s Gonna Strike You Down… no. Not gonna have that, since that suggests that their God is content with striking people down for wrongthink.

    So, in short… you’re right. At least when it comes to this personal anecdote.

  • And another thing.

    We weren’t blessed by God because of our Christianity. We tore our blessings out of the “red men” who already lived here. We tore it out of the Earth they lacked the industry to exploit. Everything we achieved we can put down to a combination of the minds of men, the hands of men, the greed of men, the crime of men, the glory of men, and the more-than-occasional stroke of dumb luck.

    Those days when God “shed His blessings upon us” were the days when gay men were in the closet (or beaten), women knew their place (or were beaten), blacks knew their place (or were hanged)–let’s not kid ourselves. The good old days never were, not except for a select few of the “right” people.

    I’m glad to see the backs of those days. May we never see them again. We’ve made the world a /better/ place than it was then. With grit and gumption, we’ll make the future even better than today.

  • Be thankful for the bad things in life. They open our eyes to the good things we were not paying attention to before.

  • The $108 Million Science Swindle

    The House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations shed light on more government-sanctioned junk science. Among the things covered in an oversight hearing is a startling revelation concerning the Department of the Interior that gets to the crux of climate skeptics’ dissent over the supposed effects of anthropogenic warming. According to the hearing memorandum:

    “[Office of Inspector General] found that the operator of a mass spectrometer device at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Energy Resources Programs Energy Geochemistry Laboratory in Lakewood, Colorado manipulated scientific results and data between 2008 and 2014. Committee staff later learned from the OIG that the individual was the second employee to do so, and that data manipulation in the lab began in the late 1990’s. Test results from the lab are used in the Energy Resource Program’s coal and water quality assessments. The OIG noted in its report transmittal letter that the full extent of the impacts of this manipulated data are not yet known, but that they will be serious and far ranging. According to the OIG audit, projects potentially affected by the falsified data between FY08 and FY16 had received $108 million in funding. USGS permanently closed the lab in February 2016 and the scientist in question resigned in the course of the investigation.”
    Rep. Bruce Westerman said, “It’s astounding that we spend $108 million on manipulated research and then the far-reaching effects that that would have. We know how research multiplies and affects different parts of our society and our economy and … if you’re working off of flawed data it definitely could be in a bad way.”

    What is it ecofascists are constantly crowing? Something about how the science of “climate change” is settled? It’s especially easy to make that argument — which is scientifically flawed in any case — when the evidence is rigged. And climate alarmists have been caught again doing just that. Last week’s hearing only affirms an inconvenient truth: In government, science is far likelier to be manipulated than it is truthful.

  • There is true science and there is the CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMISTS & THEIR JUNK SCIENCE.

  • You are profoundly ignorant concerning what God tells us in the Scriptures about Himself. Ever study it??

    The empty jar always makes the most noise.

  • YOU WROTE: “Frankly, that’s much easier for me to understand, than the concept of a God who is all powerful, and all loving but allows so many believers to suffer…. ”

    ~~~~~~ I would not want a God that I can easily understand …. that would put me at His level !! I want an Almighty God I can trust and rely upon to do what is best for me and lead me safely to heaven.

    Isaiah 55:8-9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways My ways”, declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways
    and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

    As far as God’s will for my life and my daily journey: I know that I can trust Him to make everything work for my spiritual welfare … and trust always needs to grow.

    Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

  • Sounds like YOUR logic. If the crime was sinning, then we ALL deserve to be flooded…no exceptions!

  • And that’s the beauty of religious belief, isn’t it, that you can create just the God you want. I’m happy for you that you are happy.

  • Get back to me when the majority of peer reviewed research papers on climate science point towards global warming denial. Until then, there is no reason to accept such declarations. The experts in the field have weighed in on the subject. Their opinions are far more compelling than your own.

  • yup. He said there ain’t any, although he sees tragic events as opportunity for generosity of heart and the healing such generosity brings.

  • Would you please specify with respect to this particular thread’s issues at hand, Tony Perkins, theodicy, floods, deaths resulting from the floods, not to mention any possible lingering diseases or risks of additional ones, (such as the likelihood of Zika-carrying mosquitos heading towards the Gulf) and all sorts of economic maladies to pay for afterwards? C’mon … whose shoulders are you going to lay some guilt trip on as if that act alone, or at least primarily, will somehow melt God’s heart to help the healing faster? BTW, does anybody seriously think God’s heart isn’t already melted somewhat from all He’s seen that’s happened in Louisiana recently? But He’s also seen much misery caused elsewhere, lots of it man-created. And is God or nature to be blamed for all the economic hardships so many victims of this flood have suffered from and still through its lasting after effects?
    Sometimes we are the agents of our own misfortunes and not through deliberate acts of sin or a lack of repentance for these sins. (How does one know he or she sinned in some cases unless it’s pointed out, and in that case, why should children and elderly people and pets and live stock suffer because of what “those who had the capacity do stop or at least mitigate” ahead of time but didn’t for some reason, have to be further burdened with even the thoughts put into their heads by slick preachers and other teachers of their respective faiths, that we all have to share some blame for what we brought upon ourselves. Hey, I could, and now in fact I will ask, do you think for a moment that these same preachers and their theological enablers will take any responsibility for the psychological damage they’ve inflicted on the already suffering victims of floods and other natural disasters or physical scourges? You want to lay some guilt on a five year old just by saying, “Well, we’re all sinners in the eyes of an angry God” and “We all have some share to carry. Gotta take the good with the bad kiddo(s).”….and other psychobabble lies like this? Talk about theological idiocy. I know “theodicy” isn’t a combination of “theology” and “idiocy.” But given the horrible spiritual, mental and residual social effects of stigmatization resulting from blaming so many people for things they did not do or using the metaphor of an “angry God Who hah in His righteous anger, sought to punish us all as a lesson,” no way.

  • Katie, I wonder if Russ ever paid any attention to MT25, or grasped the meaning behind Jesus seven final words on the Cross. (John) Pharisees and Puritans, we never seem to shake those unforgiving characters. Do we? What sad lives they must live. Well, I’ve known more than my share of them and they are a sad emotionally and psychologically saddened bunch of small thinking people. Shake ’em like Jesus told His apostles to do after they had doors slammed in their faces before He sent them on their first mission without His physical presence. See, when we have His spiritual presence within us, we need not be so small in so many other areas, including how we view in toto God’s loving plans for all of us. He loves all His children, regardless of faiths, genders, races, orientations, nationalities, languages. All of us. After all, just before His Son, the Second Person in the Trinity, died for us on the Cross, he forgave us all. And after what Jesus took on Good Friday for us, plus all the painful recjections, ridiculing, and all sorts of maladies and even plots to kill Him from His birth in Bethlehem to when He revealed Himself in His home town synagogue. Oh, but we get a few know it alls who like Torquemada, the Cromwellites, who in God’s name committed genocidal warfare in Ireland against Catholics and in New England, against the Wampanoag Tribes … thought they and their limited knowledge of all they thought they had to know would provide all the answers we need.

  • A Google search quickly showed your cut and paste came from a wingnut source which I will not include here. What else is new.

    But I will leave you with a link from NASA which has several sublinks to the actual professional expert opinions in the fields and various science academies.

    You can choose to look at them or you can waste your time. The great thing about expert opinions on a scientific subject is you can rely on them in a credible manner.

  • Yeah, well it is an opinion piece. Here’s my opinion. I do think that America is under God’s judgement. I just do not think that God’s judgement is showing up in the form of floods or hurricanes so much, although the it could be a component, as as being given over to depravity is.

  • Well, while I disagree with your assessment, I respect your right to your own perspective as it seems best to you. I still think you miss the mark on the question of free will, but I’m prepared to leave it at that.

  • In the respect you describe, that makes Americans no different than any other people, tribe, or nation in the history of the race. Do I argue that America’s history is perfect or unflawed even under the influence of the precepts of the Gospel? Absolutely not. Even within the context of the bible, the relative number of genuine believers who apply the Gospel precepts soundly are but few. My own record is spotty at best. But, I’ve seen enough evidence to convince me that the Gospel is the only effective spiritual philosophy extant. The flaws lie in us, not the Gospel. As to your hopes for a better more progressive future, I have grave doubts.

  • “that makes Americans no different than any other people, tribe, or nation in the history of the race”

    Congratulations, that’s the entire point. People is people, no matter their ideologies. Good for you that your ideology is the only one that’s convinced you. Other people are convinced by other ones. That’s how opinions work.

  • I am absolutely certain that the assessment is mutual and based on the mutually exclusive terms we take to be axiomatic. Grudging tolerance is all I ask, because it’s all your ideology’s going to get from me.

  • Earl? Why haven’t you responded to these nice people? It seems you’re just telling lies. Please come back and educate us all!

  • It’s just that one doesn’t automatically link God’s judgment to natural or man made disasters.

  • Isn’t it interesting that tens-of-thousands of some of the brightest scientists, from virtually every country, and from every ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic background, have concluded, after millions of experiments and billions of data points, that global warming is real and probably caused by humans. Yet, you believe that all of these bright and hard working people are somehow involved in the most elaborate and well coordinated criminal conspiracy involving tens-of-thousands of people and the fabrication of millions of pages of test results and reports, the truth of which is all easily verifiable. Most rational people would see a problem with this. To you, it all makes perfect sense.

  • If you and those other nice people are stupid enough to believe Al Gore and the Government paid scientists there is no point in responding. It used to be Global Warming, but now it is Climate Change. At least that covers anything that happens.

  • I hope you realize that for every comment by “experts” concerning “global warming”, there is a comment by “experts” that refute this drivel.

    Most people realize GW is a political sham fabricated by the socialists to create panic designed to give them more CONTROL. Nothing new here.

  • None of which either pass muster methodologically nor represent the consensus of professional research in the field. Get back to me when you figure out what scientific peer review means.

  • Theodicy is for those believers whose idea of god is suitable only for a child six years old. Their own bible says it rains on the just and unjust alike [words I recall to that effect]. Whether that is a blessing or curse depends on whether there is a drought or a flood. But then, as the poet/singer Patti Smith wrote “..The storm that rends harm also makes fertile..”

  • You are adorable. Next thing you’ll be tossing out the good old “If global warming is real, how come it’s so darned cold?” har har. Throwing Al Gore into the mix might work with the knuckle draggers you hang with. But it just shows your simple mind to everyone else.

  • Not true Claus, you present ZERO evidence from reputable sources, Spuddie however does produce such proof. You obviously know little about the Scientific method, you seem to base your opinions on personal agenda and emotion.

  • Yeah, he’s got you by a country mile Earl. The thing about under educated people is that they just don’t know just how much they actually don’t know!

  • RE. “scientific peer review”.

    This is a futile discussion.
    For every bit of junk science that comes up, there is a rebuttal of pure science. Everyone knows that ! That is because there are too many unknowns. No one can produce evidence that certain phenomenon has been occurring regularly in times before records that have been rectified naturally or we would not be here to discuss it.

    Be aware of the likely possibility that we may be devoting ourselves to serve as useful fools for the unscrupulous politicians who are promoting “junk science” to delude those who strive to protect the environment and then exploit their heartfelt energies that only end up serving these weasels applying their insidious political goals of government/civic control.

  • TO: Spuddie………

    Just like a close-minded liberal to call anyone a “wingnut” who does not agree with them.
    On election night, leftist elites were shocked to learn that a large swath of the country doesn’t think like they do. After all, these self-appointed intellectual rulers deem themselves the sole purveyors of sound political reasoning. Turns out political thought isn’t the only thing the Left wants to dictate. No, these folks also think they hold the trademark on Science™.

  • Attacking me will not make you any less of a dishonest, paranoid wingnut. It helps when the people I argue with play so fast and loose with facts, are prone to hysterics and have a morally repugnant agenda. You are about a year late for me to care about this discussion.