Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the media during the National Federation of Republican Assemblies at Rocketown in Nashville, Tenn., on Aug. 29, 2015. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Harrison McClary

Pope Francis calls on media to end ‘constant focus on bad news’

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis has urged global news outlets to “stem the spiral of fear” caused by coverage of the world’s tragedies and scandals.

"I am convinced that we have to break the vicious circle of anxiety and stem the spiral of fear resulting from a constant focus on ‘bad news,’” the pope said in a message Tuesday (Jan. 24).

“This has nothing to do with spreading misinformation that would ignore the tragedy of human suffering, nor is it about a naive optimism blind to the scandal of evil.”

In a powerfully worded message, the pope said he wanted to encourage media professionals to engage in “constructive forms of communication that reject prejudice” and help create a world of “realism and trust.”

The pope’s message came days after President Trump launched a bitter attack on news media over its reporting on the size of his inauguration crowd.

In his message, Francis said he was concerned about the focus on “bad news” that included “wars, terrorism, scandals and all sorts of human failure” by a media industry that thinks good news doesn’t sell and where the “tragedy of human suffering and the mystery of evil” easily become entertainment.

“I ask everyone to offer the people of our time storylines that are at heart ‘good news,’” the pontiff said.

In December, the pope said scandal-mongering media that focused only on muckraking  or that spread fake news risked becoming like those who have a fascination with excrement.

He told the Belgian Catholic weekly Tertio that spreading disinformation was "probably the greatest damage that the media can do" and using communications for this rather than to educate the public amounted to a sin.

In May, the pope will mark World Communications Day. The theme this year is: "Fear not, for I am with you: communicating hope and trust in our time.”

(Josephine McKenna is RNS' Vatican correspondent)


  1. I haven’t agreed with this pope on ANYTHING, but he has a point here. There’s a first for everything I guess….

  2. Sorry Pope. People want to hear about good news, directly from their friends, and family. Not from the news. We don’t want to hear about other people’s “good” news on the News.

  3. “Stop focusing on bad news” is code for “get the spotlight off our pedophile priests”.

  4. But, but….that is what they do!

    I’d rather have the truth…straight up….not shaken or stirred.

  5. The truth is only the truth when it is believed to be true.

  6. Pope means please stop investigating Podesta, child rapist priests, Clinton Connection, fake votes, and all those WWII nazi connections and the involvement of “his” church. Pope knows its all related and its going to be the end of his reign.

  7. Fake news and Yellow Journalism has gotten so bad that even the Pope is sick of the corporate media .

  8. Politicians need to stick to politics, not religion. Commoners believe religion, wise men don’t, politicians find it useful.

  9. News is nothing but gossip. What does the Bible (not the pope) say about gossip?

  10. This pope is really out of it. How about telling the media to stop making up fake news for political purposes? We don’t care if it’s bad news, good news or no news as long as it’s the unembellished truth.

  11. Most of the news we see and read, including FOX, is fake news. Even our history books are mostly fictional,written by those who would have liked for it to have been that way.

  12. Who is he trying to kid? Goddam pedophile Jesuit communist. Go away.

  13. Brilliant…sorta like Soviet Union or South American regimes. Real smart this guy.

  14. He is a Jesuit imbued with “Liberation Theology” aka Marxism.

  15. Too bad this Pope, like the in the tank for Hillary media, has no credibility. Worse Pope ever.

  16. That’s right. The Vatican is a money laundry for organized crime.

  17. You again? Lol, last time I ran into you we were at Breitbart. ?

  18. He should worry more about altar boys being raped by his priests.

  19. The left only listens to the Pope when he says things they agree with

  20. HEY Presstitudes,…the Marxist infused pope says it ain’t working!! we knew that,he just saw President Trump going over your presstitute biased “reporting” heads,straight to the people! He realized,it ain’t working!!

  21. Probably. Even though “Jesus” if that’s what you mean by “christ” is a myth.

  22. The roman catholic church is Evil to its core. Research for your self. It’s the One World Religion the globalists want to go with their one world government.

  23. No you don’t do “what you want.” Atheists follow the law and most social conventions as a matter of course.

  24. Hey There Pope: I don’t like the press negativity either but, could you stop focusing on politics and get back to focusing on Christ? Just a suggestion.

  25. Wow, and who made you Supreme Know-It-All? on religion and matters of faith? Where have you been hiding Oh Supreme One?

  26. “Selective journalism” is the real problem, and has been for a very long time!
    If you only report the good things of those you favor, and the bad of those you dislike, neither may be lies but it’s not “journalism”, it’s PROPAGANDA!

  27. If there was actually any truth it wouldn’t be so bad, but they’re all showing they are paid for advertisements and serve up propaganda which does nothing for free speech and the press should be the primary guard on the meaning of free speech. Time to bring back anti propaganda and equal time laws. This country has a right to know the whole truth, not just a piece of the truth…

  28. After meeting with the muslim Liar and Chief all the Pope can do is talk about globalism. I find his comments to be out of touch with how most of us Americans feel.
    Maybe the next Pope will . . . .

  29. ..bad news for America is good news for ISIS….so where do you draw the line, Mr. Pharisee?

  30. The Vatican owns the media. This is a dog and pony show.

  31. The bible tells the role the pope and the roman catholic church will play in end times and it isn’t pretty.

  32. The first marxist, fake-news Pope, openly demonizing Democracy. Catholics should be very proud. It was only a matter of time until progressives infiltrated the Catholic Church.

  33. What is “evil?” How do you define evil. Who are you to judge what others may believe?

  34. The wise follow Jesus Christ, the non believers are deceived.

  35. You got that backwards. The RCC is the subversive.

  36. He is worried about the world wide epidemic of pedophilla and all it’s masters being exposed….#Pizzagate…”Real News”….Norway Pedo Bust…”Real News”…Franklin Scandal…”Real News”…Boys Town…”Real News”…Billions paid out to victims by Vatican officials…”Real News”…

  37. Franky is bad, yes. Worst? Not even close. Read the biography of Pope Leo X. The history of the popes in places is like that of a rogues gallery of apostasy.

  38. In the best case, this Pope is a one-world socialist first and Catholic second. I am beginning to wonder if his faith is even a factor. When Jesus said, “render unto Caesar …” he meant that our currency is not of this world, has no meaning to this world’s governance, and our participation in the taxation is OK because it is this world’s currency we are giving back to them. Peter could pay the tax because we are apart from this world’s governance. This Pope seems to be all about this world’s governance. He appears to be a part OF this world instead of apart FROM it.

  39. Not on his best day. I’d say more like Belial.

  40. Oh, come one. It does no such thing. The bible is just another man made compilation of old writings and pre-scientific superstitions and non-history.

  41. Not the first time, probably won’t be the last, unfortunately.

  42. There must be more news regarding the priesthood looming.

  43. It was Napoleon Bonaparte who said that “history is a lie agreed to”. Of course, he said that while in exile and in a state of spiritual “pissoirment”. Kind of like the Hillarrhoid and her wacked out followers.

  44. He’s a Jesuit for crying out loud! He’s a Marxist who cannot keep from blabbering Marxist ideals.

  45. But since it’s just a business, who cares? Let the buyer beware.

  46. Remember the Franklin Scandal and search for video named “Conspiracy of Silence.”

  47. Phucque off, pope. I want the news. However good or bad it may be.

  48. If that is your defense, pinto, you need to be able to say it real real fast. You see, there is no writ of certiorari at the great white throne. Oh, and good luck with that.

  49. The mainstream media is on the verge of complete annihilation.
    Folks are really on to their BS now.

  50. The “Holy Bible,” the world’s most prolific “fake news.”

  51. He needs to stay out of politics. He really has no idea what he is talking about.

  52. Wazmo, that is Franky’s problem. He is sticking to both religion and politics and not teaching about Jesus. C’est grande difference.

  53. Jesus Christ is not a ‘construct’. The Roman Catholic church, that’s a construct.

  54. I don’t need a defense and I don’t believe your religious fantasies.

  55. Joe, you did not say it as eloquently as George Costanza: “Remember, Jerry, it is not a lie if you believe it.”

  56. Moral relativists don’t believe in evil.

  57. Now, a liberal progressive is the “representative of God on Earth”. Every time faith trumps reality, society suffers. If extra-terrestrials do exist, just imagine trying to explain to them the concept of religion. How does one describe the belief in an imaginary “God”. An invisible supreme being given credit for everything good, while avoiding any responsibility for anything bad. No reasonable person could ever make that argument with a straight face. We would immediately be considered an un-inteligent species.

  58. Says the one who has obviously studied it intensely.

  59. PROOF that the “Pope” is liar and is FALLIBLE.

    One of the lies that Catholics tell the world is the LIE OF PAPAL INFALLIBILITY, in things concerning the church and scripture.

    The POPE was “explaining” why the devil hates us and decided to demonstrate his complete biblical ILLITERACY!
    “Envy could be the devil’s motive, he said, pointing to how Psalm 8 tells us ‘You have made man superior to the angels.’ And that angel of great intelligence could not bear this humiliation; that a lower creature was made superior to him; and he tries to destroy it.”

    Pay attention to what he said and MOST IMPORTANTLY, TO THE REASONING BEHIND IT. See the “reasoning” that the devil is JEALOUS that MAN HAS BEEN CREATED SUPERIOR TO HIM, followed the popes INCORRECT reading of scripture,! This wasn’t a “misstatement” since it had a CHAIN OF “LOGIC” behind it. The bible says man was made SUPERIOR TO THE ANGELS therefore this is why Satan is “jealous”. ONLY THE BIBLE DOESN’T SAY THAT MAN WAS MADE “SUPERIOR” TO THE ANGLES, IT SAYS THE OPPOSITE.

    PSALM 8
    4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
    5 For thou hast made him a LITTLE LOWER than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.
    6 Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:
    7 All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field;
    8 The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.
    9 O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!
    THERE IS YOUR POPE doing what you said he could not do, FAILING with his understanding of SCRIPTURE no less. Now we’ll see what the PEOPLE REALLY WERE TOLD TO DO AND RECEIVE in the BIBLE, I would encourage you to find a church that will help you do THAT. Pro Tip: It won’t be Catholic or any of the false churches that have descended from this “corrupt tree”, Matthew 7:17-18.

    My position is that you need to be saved the same way that the people in the BIBLE were saved. They were told that without being born again they could neither SEE nor ENTER INTO the Kingdom of God, John 3:1-8, they were promised these SIGNS that JESUS CHRIST would provide if they REALLY “believed” in Him, Mark 16:15-20, they were told this Matt 28:19 BUT UNLIKE THE FALSE CHURCH they understood the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost TO BE THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, since they knew, unlike the false church, that neither “Father” “Son” nor “holy Ghost” are NAMES but rather are PRONOUNS which describe a NOUN, the CHRIST.

    Your understanding and even the Popes understanding of this is irrelevant, what needs to be understood is that, THIS WAS THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE APOSTLES AND DISCIPLES UNANIMOUSLY!!!!

    After RECEIVING the HOLY GHOST like this, ACTS 2:1-4, the APOSTLES gave the first sermon under the influence of the Holy Spirit like this, Acts 2:13-36. When their new Holy Ghost preaching had the desired effect, the “pricking of the heart” of the listeners, the Apostles were asked by the people gathered what they (the people) needed to DO in order to be saved. Here IS HOW THE APOSTLES INTERPRETED what JESUS said to them in MATT 28:19.
    Acts 2:37-38King James Version (KJV)
    37 Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?
    38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

    The FALSE CHURCH changed the baptism from Jesus’ NAME to the empty titles approximately 200 years after the death of JOHN on Patmos. The reason that I had to go through all of that is because ONCE I PROVE THAT THE POPE IS A LIAR, I have to show you what the word ACTUALLY says! The pope also in that same article encouraged people to PRAY TO ANGELS a practice SPECIFICALLY DISCOURAGED IN THE BIBLE. From the article……
    “Pope Francis spoke of the ongoing battle between the devil and mankind, encouraging attendees to pray to the angels, who have been charged to defend us.’


    When John was shown the bride of Christ, the church, adorned for her wedding, this happened.
    Revelation 19
    6 And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.
    7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
    8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
    9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.
    10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
    When he was shown the THRONE OF GOD, John again, fell down to worship the Angel, that showed him these things.
    Revelation 22
    8 And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things.
    9 Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God.

    The church whose practices of priest and nuns’ celibacy and not eating meat on Friday, were exposed by the Apostle Paul as those who LEFT the FAITH, heeded the doctrines of DEMONS and who you would be able to RECOGNIZE by the “abstention of meats” AND “forbidding people to marry”, 1 Tim 4:1-4 is the POPES church.

    The church that told you that Christ came to “BRING PEACE ON EARTH”, despite CHRIST SPECIFICALLY TELLING YOU NOT TO THINK THAT HE CAME TO “SEND PEACE TO THE EARTH” Matthew 10:34-39 but quite the OPPOSITE, has lied to you AGAIN.

    The church that ignores the command of Jesus Christ, not to call ANYONE ON EARTH “FATHER” Matt 23:9, and which calls all of its priests FATHER and the pope , “HoLY FATHER”, has lied to you AGAIN about priestly fallibility. Mic dropped.

  60. Poop Francis lives in a fortress that is protected by a huge wall and houses various priceless treasures. Please tell me again why I should listen to what he says?

  61. Upon being elected by the college of St. Louis Cardinals (or some group of cardinals), it was Pope Leo X, a Medici no less, who said “Let’s enjoy this papacy”. And he did.

  62. Tell it to Martin Luther or Queen “Bloody Mary” of England you communist…just shut up.

  63. Unfortunately, it seems bad news gets higher ratings than good news.

  64. Whether perceived by you as good or bad, I pray that God will bring into your life a severe crisis of faith in yourself that will convince you to seriously consider the claims of Jesus Christ upon your life. God bless you.

  65. Back in the day, the Puritans were not cool with freedom of
    religion. Thank god liberalism is the idea that evil deserves a fair chance. The freedom loving Quakers taught the Puritans a lesson by walking up and down the aisles undressed. Mass is at 9 am. If you want to coexist, just call and I’ll give you directions.

    After I stick my tea bags so far up your liberal mash potatoes your mouth stars as the family guy’s chin, we can go to the Church festival and share a Pelosi – a warm Italian dessert stuffed with pork and topped with bacon. Every year there is a Church gun sale.

    Philo, of the Alexandria Israelites, kicked a touchdown
    Buddha by reconciling Greek and Roman philosophy with God. The proverbs game was on the line. What would Caligula do?

    Thanks to the Flavians, one could make the argument that
    Jesus was a Roman creation that did such a good job of dividing the Jews that the Roman empire was very peaceful from 70AD to 180AD. Titus called himself the
    son of God and God was his Ronald Reagan like dad.

    Titus Flavius Josephus wrote the History of the Jewish War
    which matched the first three Gospels.

    Do you nestle by my bar stool?
    Making me so calm within
    Have you touch me with your warmness
    Or have I wet myself again?

    Are you drinkin’ with me Jesus?
    I can’t see you very clear
    If you’re drinkin’ with me Jesus
    Would you buy a friend a beer?

    But does your head pound with the message
    As hung over you do rise?
    Tell me what does heaven look like, Jesus?
    Seen through holy bloodshot eyes

    Or should we take a taxi home Jesus
    But can we simply hoof it from here?
    I know you can walk on the water
    But can you walk on this much beer?

    Are you drinkin’ with me Jesus?
    I can’t see you very clear
    If you’re drinkin’ with me Jesus
    Would you buy a friend a beer?

    Are you drinkin’ with me Jesus?
    I can’t see you very clear
    If you’re drinkin’ with me Jesus
    Would you buy a friend a beer?

    God Damn it Jesus! Buy me a fricking beer!

    Emperor Vespasian is famous for saying “Damn it! I’m
    becoming a God!”.

    Back when God was both good and evil, the evil doers were
    doing so well the Romans round up all the Talmuds. Fast forward 2000 years and we’re sitting on the largest debt and governmental bubble in 6000 years – as good as it get for the first, second, or third coming.

    Jesus Christ, Catholic Churches are spawning Pokemon and Pope Francis likened ISIS to Jesus.

  66. You are totally delusional and have wasted your intellectual talents on a lie.

  67. Like #Pizzagate ..Sorry Lord of Darkness …you Lost

  68. Yes Christ was very similar to chairman Mao …good job

  69. Attention Earth Dwellers: The Pope has a new job & title; “Global News Editor” and is demanding only good news from now on.

  70. The Vatican is where Satan himself is at and NO it’s not the Pope. The Fake Pope is nothing more than the devils puppet. Believe nothing that comes out of Rome. This is NOT opinion but rather a fact.

  71. As a faithful Catholic, faithful to the Words of Christ and the teachings of His Church, may I humbly request that the pope stop fomenting scandal. Start with yourself Francis.

  72. So you are a Commie then …what are you doing on here? There’s no free stuff here.. are you lost?

  73. Then know it all Eucharist Miracles when Proven by science Please explain with science not an off the wall comment

  74. No, you’re a butthurt libprog. There I fixed that for ya.

  75. Yes, you have no moral compass such as mao, stalin etc

  76. Just because you have penned a “new writing” doesn’t make it right or even coherent.

  77. Did the false prophet just speak? Anyone see any demons jumping out like frogs?

  78. There is an old newspaper adage; IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS! (Or lede’s)

    There is a difference between “spin” and/or “cover up” and/or “manipulation” and/or “fake news.” I want facts, not spin, from any side. Sadly, it is very difficult to get straight news in the USA from a media that employs somewhere between 87% – 95% Leftist reporters.

    The MOST troubling revelation from this past election was that the “media,” specifically NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, Fox, the New York Times, the Washington Post, et al, GAVE MILLIONS to the Clinton Foundation! These are SUPPOSED to be sophisticated entities, so HOW could they justify (to their boards, to their employees, to their stockholders, and to the public) how it was the least bit ETHICAL to GIVE MILLIONS to a slush fund for Hillary’s run for president.

    Please, don’t insult me with any lame excuse about it being a “charity” since only 5.7% (of the first TWO BILLION) went to charity and 94.3% was “cool cash” for the Clintons to spend at will (with NO CONTROLLING LEGAL AUTHORITY; Bill’s favorite phrase, you have heard him use it before); they are both attorneys and they set up their foundation so that ONLY THEY are able to know what is going on with the money. Blackmail is their favored collection procedure. It works well with places like Kuwait, and Qatar, and Libya. And, those felons who expected INSTANT pardons as soon as Hillary took office; poor babies.

    So far, they have used the Foundation to (a) pay their minions (slaves/ loyal servants who will do anything for them and remain silent); and for (b) flying First Class or private jet since the Clintons REFUSE to fly coach or even business class; or for (c) diverting MILLIONS to pay for Chelsea’s ridiculous wedding; or for (d) Hillary and Chelsea’s plastic surgery in Switzerland back in 2007, and their recuperation in Italy’s Lake District; or the considerable ongoing expenses for (e) designer wardrobes for mother and daughter, aka “duds for duds,” hair stylists for mother and daughter, aka “frizz mops to fake fashionista,” and custom make-up for mother and daughter aka “mission impossible,” cause it takes a fortune to make those two look presentable; and for (f) multiple multi-million dollar houses (4 so far that we know about plus Chelsea’s 10 million dollar apartment in Manhattan; (she and Marc own the floor under Jennifer Lopez’s floor; only difference is that Jennifer WORKS for her money; the Clintons blackmail to get their cash); only the best for the Arkansas grifters. [We can’t talk about category (g).]

    If a factory worker in Dayton, and a housewife in Minneapolis, and a farmer in Kearney, and a retiree in Phoenix, and a truck driver in Eugene, all KNOW THE TRUTH about the Clinton Foundation, then “cool dudes” from Manhattan MUST know. But, since they invested in Hillary and thought she was a “dead cert” to be elected, they are FURIOUS at having their contributions down the drain with NOTHING to show. Since they elected Obama, and gave their money, and supported Hillary her turn) the Republicans have secured the House, the majority in the Senate, the most governorships and most state houses, and now the White House!

    In fact, the SHAMELESS way that the media COVERED UP ALL OF HILLARY’S disgusting misdeeds, and ignored so many people being blackmailed by Bill, and ignored his “island trips” to 12 year old girls (even if some were as old as 15), they are DESPICABLE for covering that kind of vicious assaults on young girls (the WOMEN SHOULD BE MARCHING ON THE MEDIA BUILDINGS)!! Soros is angry and he is paying over 50 entities to “attack” Trump to make sure he is a one term president. If Trump survives, (he doesn’t have to do a great job; I’ll take mediocre if it’s honest) I will vote for him again. I will NOT give this precious country over to manipulative BILLIONAIRES with a Leftist agenda, like the Soros family.

  79. Don’t worry. You won’t have one on judgment day, now, will you?

  80. Apparently, the pot is calling the kettle black.

  81. You’re the black lesbian but I’m the malcontent? Read Ephesians 511 NASB or NET. Then with regard to yourself, read Romans 1:26-32. Clean yourself up and become presentable before the Lord.

  82. Um yeah. When people make that comment (about FOX) and only include FOX, but don’t include MSNBC and CNN their opinion is invalid after that point.

  83. The Press only listens to the Pope when he attacks religion, capitalism or conservatism.

  84. TL;DR “Please stop pointing out how horrible the mirgrant refugee flood has been.”

  85. Jesus Christ IS God! Some of the people who are posting here should be careful.

  86. I stopped going to Mass after the continuing cover up of the pedophiles in the Church and this fascist Pope confirmed that I made the correct decision

  87. Who exactly is this Mr. Pope and why should I give a shlt what he has to say about anything???

  88. bad news for the pope i guess what with all them lawsuits and investigations. good news for the poor people that got abused. pope better STFU while he is ahead

  89. This pope lost my respect the minute he talked politics.

  90. Okay, I’ll call your challenge Black lesbian chick that looks like that ugly black comedian. Jesuits are followers of Jesus, and that’s the end of it. in other words, most Catholics worship God and the Bible and the Son of God, however Catholics do NOT accept Jesus as a Dictator of Heaven and Earth. And that is exactly what a Jesuit is… a Communist who believes in Jesus Christ as our Saviour.

    Watch the movie “Heaven Help Us”, about kids going to a Jesuit catholic school, and the Sisters and Brothers were ruthless and malevolent.

  91. You just enjoy doing abortions, so call yourself Herr Dr. Mengele.

  92. Yeah, please stop mentioning the Catholic church’s historic tolerance and cover up of their priests molesting and abusing children, an established pervasive pattern of behavior condoned by the top echelon of the church hierarchy.

    What, exactly, is this pope dong to improve the Catholic Church? He appears mostly to be running his mouth about things which really are none of his concern or business.

  93. He doesn’t preach the gospel. He said anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change is worse than terrorists.He also said there are many ways to get to Heaven. He embraces Muslims but slams Jews. His history of the bible seems to cloud his liberal values. He said so much that isn’t biblical I can’t begin to right down.

  94. Roman Catholic Church founded all Christianity in the 400 AD. Before that, it was another pagan religion.

  95. I trust that His Hellishness, Jorge Bergoglio, will remember his own advice about “good news” next time he feels compelled to squall about “climate change” or hiss and snarl over the evils of capitalism.

  96. You correctly and to the point answered Joe Engel’s question. I am thinking that Joe picked Engel for a reason, as in Marx and Engel, the co-authors of The Communist Manifesto. I believe that Joe Engel knows exactly how this pope is a Marxist. He only is baiting.

  97. If he means just report the facts, and stopping spinning the stories as propaganda and attempted social engineering, I agree.

  98. shut up wierdo..I think you have some hair in your teeth.

  99. If he is being honest (questionable, I know) he has a point. Is the talking about NEWS (factual) or OPINION (spin)? It is debilitating to hear a constant barrage of bad news. It is depressing and it desensitizes (if you are a normal person).

    If you are a Leftist, and groove on misery, then constant bad news is a tonic/elixir. For normal people, it saps too much energy. However, do not fall into a trap of watching Fox and Breitbart and thinking that others are getting the same information. Be sure to watch a certain amount of CNN, PBS (vomitrotious, as Muffy would say, and Judy Woodruff is about 90) and NBC to see what else is going on.

  100. The Good News is that Mystery Babylon will surely burn!

  101. Please tell us how you know from his short post what pintorider knows or doesn’t know. You also could spell our in some detail your knowledge of what are Jesuits and what is Liberation Theology. We all might enjoy your efforts to enlighten us ignorant souls.

  102. this pope is nuts.
    better he stick to matters of faith and morals.
    what a nut.

  103. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church in 33 AD (cf. Matthew 16:18-19).

  104. Maybe or maybe not, but he apparently condones Catholic priests sexually molesting little boys.

  105. I’d never considered him (Pope 2) a Marxist, but rather a corporate controlled globalist who was forcefully put in power to deceive the masses into believing that surrendering our bill of rights and constitution to a banker run global dictatorship is a good thing. I’m still waiting for the real pope to step fwd and speak out against global governance, as the bible clearly states
    It will be run by the Anti-Christ.

  106. What he said: “I am convinced that we have to break the vicious circle of anxiety and stem the spiral of fear resulting from a constant focus on ‘bad news,’”

    What he meant: “C’mon guys! Have we forgotten how to be leftists? First, you don’t allow anything you don’t like to get in the news. Second, everything reported must be good news, even if its not true, about the regime. See, in the US, they forgot about that and we got our asses handed to us over there. Huge loss, guys. Huge.Third, think “Pravda”. Amen”

  107. Considering his predilections, he most probably is a proctologist.

  108. Pope- Please focus on the Catholic Church as you were intentionally chosen to do. We can take it from here.

  109. The man Jesus apparently did exist. Whether or not he was the Jewish Messiah, or not, is a matter of faith.

  110. the catholic [universal]—NOT Roman Catholic.

    Even the Pope designates its as “Roman” therefor NOT Universal.

  111. Just a few days ago he was inferring that Trump was like Hitler.
    Just a few days ago he was inferring that Trump was like Hitler.
    Spreading misinformation and fear is pretty much what this Pope has been doing since he moved into the Vatican.

  112. There is MORE historical evidence for the Bible than for any other historical item.

  113. Eucharist miracles proven by science! Really? I was not aware of that objectively happening. Interesting, to say the least. What are some recognized scientific sources where one can read up on this subject? Seriously.

  114. Relativism says one thing can be better than another in terms of circumstances.

    Moral Truth is based on unalterable, universal truths.

    If that is too difficult for you to understand, then you won’t understand that your sarcastic reply to ‘Once…’ puts you in the same shoes you accuse him of.

  115. The Pope’s family left Italy during Mussolini’s reigh. So he is Italian, and most likely influenced by Mussolini’s version of Socialism.

  116. Well, one of the Ten Commands is “not to bear false witness”. This is exactly what a Pope should be saying.

  117. Well he is not wrong, the media needs to stop this negative divisive paranoia and un ending media nonsense.

  118. Catholicism in Belgium is practically dead, just like those Christians in the Middle East that il Papa never mentions nor does anything to help. He should run for a seat in the US Congress, all talk no action. He’d fit right in.

  119. Obviously you have no reading comprehension ability. It’s taken for granted that MSNBC and CNN are fake thus I said “including Fox” speaking of the likes of Kelly, Juan Williams, Geraldo, etc. Thus your reply is totally invalid and stupid.

  120. If the media actually delved into the corruption of the Clintons I’d say they earned their keep but since they are talking heads and one sided, they have designed their own demise. Also, anyone see that the Clinton Global Initiative is being closed – all those pay to play middle east donors don’t want to give to someone with no juice! The end of that is good riddance!

  121. He should do more “pope’ing” and worrying about his OWN scandals instead of whining over TV news.

  122. You are correct! Try to get the EWTN special DVD – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – all about Saul Alinsky and the church. Very revealing and worthwhile – there are priests on there who connect the dots and show how the radicals infested the communities and the church and the (dimwitted) priests who bought it hook, line and sinker.

  123. The Pope is supposed to be the mediator between God and mankind; at least, that is what Catholics think. This story proves that Francis is more political than his predecessors! smh!

  124. When “media” decides to merely report and not propagandize on behalf of one world government Global Bolshevik Criminals, then maybe we’ll start listening to them again. Until then, they have nothing to say that is worth listening to.

  125. I liked it better when the Pope wasn’t a social Justice warrior.

  126. so basically he’s saying “don’t report the news that exposes us evil nwo bastards”

  127. Ah, the ignorance is bliss philosophy. La la la la. I see nothing! Hear nothing! How happy I am. The world may end tomorrow, but I won’t care, because I won’t know. La la la la Happy we shall be living in ignorance.

  128. Stop the gay orgies going on in your seminaries.
    Stop the paedophiles in the priesthood
    Turn Cardinal LAw over to the authorities in Boston who want to prosecute him
    Sell off your billions in art
    Take down the wall around The Vatican
    Empty your banks accounts building shelters for the homeless.
    THEN maayyyybe then we will let you lecture us.

  129. Research it——NOT agreeing means nothing but that you willfully ingnore facts.

  130. It would not surprize me in the least finding out that every time Bubba Clinton flew to Lolita Island that he was accompanied by 3 or 10 priests.

  131. Oh!–checked your profile, talk about FAKE—–hiding your comments like a scared little girl.

  132. Stop reporting on scandal. You know, like what priests are doing on Friday night.

  133. Jesus Christ is a construct. Modeled after the ancient messiahs. Buddha, Krishna, Dionysus, Horus; which is ok…the Jesus Christ figure ties us back to our ancient ancestors. It’s just a shame the figure is taken so literally and not a myth from which to learn

  134. This Pope is focused on the way news is covered? Why not save souls and speak out about Christians that are being slaughtered by ISIS the way Pope John Paul would have done. He and Reagan brought down the Soviets and the Iron Curtain. Millions are now allowed religious freedom because of these icons.

  135. “Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain.”

  136. Does this psycho actually believe his own bullcrap??

    “I ask everyone to offer the people of our time storylines that are at heart ‘good news,’” the pontiff said.

    TRANSLATION: Don’t report the truth, don’t report the facts. Pacify the masses with inanity.

    There is a cute puppy story, firefighter saving a stranded hoot owl, neighbors helping an old lady buy groceries or some such nonsense at the end of every news cast. And they are all the same feel-good filler glop.

  137. The Globalist Dope of a Pope and his open border fantasies are failing at the International level. Nations are waking up to a foreign invasion and they want their borders secured and the trash to be removed and bring back civility to their home countries. The globalist owned media will call this racist and isolationist but we’re done buying their propaganda. America is on it’s way back to greatness!

  138. The internet is liberal media. Books are liberal media. I don’t trust liberal media. I only trust DJT, he tells it like it is. If he were to tweet it, maybe I would believe it. Otherwise, it’s all liberal elite propaganda, put together by some history academic who doesn’t know anything about reality.

  139. As if… Lol, this guy is a hoot! What a self-absorbed, Jesuit. Very typical, ‘collective salvation’, redistribution of wealth with forced “charity” through taxation…
    Leftist, Satanic wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  140. I never believe anything a person who sanctions Open Borders, Gay marriage, muslim refugees, and Global Wa- ‘Climate Change. This is THE pope for this upside down world. Plus he’s a Marxist & an Obama buddy.

  141. So the Pope doesn’t want news about terrorism, and wars? If he was wasn’t so busy with the welcoming Muslims, Global Warming BUT was concerned about ALL Christians being persecuted, maybe I’d be willing to listen! As for Scandals, could the Pope be worried that there is going to be some Vatican News coming out? I’d like to ask the Pope how’s the excommunication coming along for those Catholic Chinese?

  142. The Pope is always critical and should stop. He should really start following in Christs teaching more like he preaches. He has been judgmental when he sees it benefits his political beliefs. He doesn’t have that right. He lives behind a wall and is kept safe with guards but condemns Trump for wanting the same for Americans. It’s NOT right Pope, so stop or tear your wall down and give ALL your riches to the poor! You won’t because your words are hypocritical and you claim to follow our Lord but really you do not.

  143. I remember hearing something strangely similar to this from an old movie… how did it go…?

    OH yeah…..

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”

  144. Stemming the spiral of fear such as comparing Trump to Hitler? or intimating that he’s not a Christian since he believes in protecting borders? Don’t focus on scandal says the scandalous pope.

  145. Also the new movie ‘Silence’ What a sick bunch of F’ers

  146. What in the world is he talking about? Francis grows more irrelevant every day.

  147. Did you just wake up from a 1950’s cryo-freeze? The jesuits have been a thorn in the side of orthodoxy and a danger to souls for decades.

  148. The pope needs to butt out. His church is a mess and doesn’t follow the book he holds dear so he need to clean his own house first.

  149. Now that he mentions it, there does seem to be a steady stream of news that always seems to cast everyone but Marxists in a bad light… know for the last 40 years or so…….I guess he’s a tad slow on the uptake…

  150. What we end is to break the stream of Marxist lunacy spewing from Pope Francis.

  151. The RC Church has a long history of meddling in politics with poor results.

  152. Who cares what the media wants to “report”? No one listens to them anymore.
    Catholics have enough problems to keep this commie busy cleaning his own house and his nose out of everyone else’s business. He is the last person who should be giving other people advice.

  153. I’m a Catholic and he’s right about the pope being a Marxist just like a lot of those people that were marching last Saturday.

  154. The Pope is confusing false reporting and investigative journalism or meaningful reporting. We already know how the Church has benefited in the past from reporting ignoring the “bad news” as it related to the Church. He is probably longing for the glory days! But he is right that it is wrong to disseminate wrong news that instills fear and hatred.

    It is funny to hear a religious person say there is too much focus on bad things when that tactic is the source of their bread and butter!

  155. This coming from an Arab, STFU and go back to your country. You praise a false God who believes everyone is insignificant than your race. When in all actuality were better than you and always will be!!

  156. In a powerfully worded message, the pope said he wanted to encourage media professionals to engage in “constructive forms of communication that reject prejudice” and help create a world of “realism and trust.”

    Regardless of anyone’s including my own opinion of this Pope his message is Spot On this time! The Media’s Bias is now their own undoing, and if we are all to have a working society we must work to raise each other up and not constantly tear each other down.

    If you disagree that’s fine, I just hope you are preparing yourself and your family for what the outcome would be should we fail to do so! Got news for you it isn’t like the movies, it’s more like you are seeing in The Middle East!

  157. It is funny to hear a religious person say there is too much focus on bad things when that tactic is the source of their bread and butter!

    Not a believer I take it! That’s fine, but to instill good in each other is far more difficult then it is to degrade, humiliate and instill hatred!

  158. Just when many believed respect for the Catholic Church, with widespread priestly abuse of young children, had reached its nadir, the fools went and elected a communist Pope!


  159. Dear Pope: Quit, discontinue pushing yourself and your Parish Priests into American politics OR lose your tax exempt status as a 501-c-3-organization.

    Thank you,
    Tom Coyne

  160. If you’re done impressing and puffing up yourself, spend your time more effectively by typing it yourself into Google and perhaps if you really seek the LORD, he will take pity on you and heal you.

  161. The Pope is unhappy about the Trump win? This is a first and highly out of line to not support a pro life President!

  162. 501c3 for religious institutions is unconstitutional. You just “threatened” him because you don’t like what he’s saying. See how that works? Churches are untaxable, not tax-exempt. Johnson got it wrong, using his power to silence his enemies.

  163. Spoken like a true condescending liberal. You are obviously just so much smarter than those of us who dare to hold alternative views, the great unwashed. And based on your ID, you obviously have all the requirements on full display. No surprise, really.

  164. Well, that’s just so not true. As a Christian [not Catholic], it is a WELL-KNOWN fact that the God of Abraham is the God of Love and He loves ALL of mankind, red or yellow, black or white, they are precious in His sight…yes, it’s ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! Which seems to be something you’re not about.

  165. So why are you trolling (and i mean that literally) on a religious news site?

    Sites like these aren’t typically tailored to your type of religion.

  166. I hate lies and the people who intentionally spread them. The pope should be enforcing the ten commandments not making political statements.

  167. Seriously? Have you ever personally been taught by Jesuits?

  168. I completely agree that instilling good in each other is far more difficult than degrading, humiliating and instilling hatred! It is why I avoid religious leaders like the Pope. Unfortunately, they don’t peddle in instilling good in people. I work on the former actions and don’t have time for the latter! Life is too short to hate all the time.

  169. Based upon your comment it is obvious that YOU have no clue what liberation theology is. It is chalk full of marxist tenets.

  170. Why doesn’t he start ending anxiety by handing over all the paedophiles in his evil little organisation to the police in every country around the world rather than sending these priests and nuns on secretly to another parish where they can carry on abusing children?

  171. Gee…how far has he strayed from Catholic teachings? …Gee…how far down is the Catholic attendance?
    Gee…like the Catholic church hasn’t been fractured enough?…..I do not consider the Pope or the Vatican a Godly group….I see them as bankers with dusty old money…nothing more

  172. Read ‘much’ intelligent’ pieces …..Did you fall asleep in school when sentence structure and word usage was taught?
    The word is “many” not much.

  173. READ YOUR BIBLE JERRY ! We Are So Close to the End.. It’s Scary in a way !

  174. Do you have a clue regarding the Jesuits? They are an evil order of the RCC formed to take down the USA and it’s Constitution which they have always hated. Do your research beginning with President Lincoln and Samuel Morse. Their tactics include instigating anarchy in the USA……seems familiar?

  175. A movie for truth? Really? Yes Jesuits are evil.

  176. You should check out this information on youtube presented by a retired Science Professor from South Africa. VERY well researched. Ignatius Loyola was a Satanist.

  177. Can not bite the hand that feeds you which is the money from 501c3 and allowing Sodomites in the Priesthood.

  178. stop looking at priests having sex with little boys

  179. Actually you do what Satan wants you to do when you turn away from God.

    Your Creator God still takes care of your needs such as food, air, sunshine, water etc. Can you make the sun rise and set at it’s precise time around the world? Can you cause it to rain which allows the plants, fruit trees etc to grow? It may be worth you time to study the natural world and ask yourself how it all happened.

  180. “Buddha, Krishna, Dionysus, Horus;” Which one of these sacrificed anything for humanity. You obviously have NEVER studies the Bible and it’s prophecies. It’s quite intellectual. Hope you try it sometime/

  181. One of the RCC deceptions that you have fallen for. Want to explain humanity and religion prior to 400 AD?

  182. Jesus was NOT catholic. That in itself is a blasphemous statement.

  183. Hi Fred – The Institutional Church is toast, but, the Sacramental Church remains the only source of Sacramental Grace. The devil knows that, so don’t be led away from the sacraments by evil priests or an evil pope. Go back to mass, and pray for the priests, and that pope Francis becomes a Catholic. Who knew that we could be more Catholic than the pope, but if you aren’t more Catholic than this pope, you are in big trouble. Don’t let them separate you from the sacraments, Fred.

  184. Someone remind him about casting Stones in Glass Houses…

  185. Hey Pope Lenin …stick to religion . Let the grown ups worry about politics .
    Worst Pope ….EVER !

  186. You must not follow what this pope has said or done while pope, nor the decades before becoming pope. The pope has repeatedly pontificated on his belief in liberation theology and superimposed his own socialist views into the Gospel of Christ. He has actually said that Christ was a socialist, and that’s actually what the Gospel is about, not personal Salvation through Jesus Christ. (Especially his views on tithe). Nor does it seem that you understand that Catholicism/Christianty has been perverted by liberation theology and socialism in South America, where he is from since, at least, the 1950s. Not to mention the pope’s positions on global warming, not having to believe in Christ to be saved, homosexuality isn’t a sin even tho the Bible is very clear on it, etc. Leads to wonder whether you read many intelligent pieces or just trolling for up votes?

  187. Tell the media not to focus on scandal is like telling Kim Kardashian not to look in the mirror. That’s what they live for!

  188. Scandals? Like Priests didling little boys? Those kind of scandals??

  189. It was neither an attack nor bitter. It was justifiable pushback. It was pushback that I have wanted to see for years. The Pope’s business plan for news vendors would not fly. Pretty weird click bait on this religious site.

  190. Agreed!! Hence all the Popes in the post conciliar church not heeding the BVM, as requested at Fatima , to consecrate Russia, along with all the bishops in the world , to Her Immaculate Heart. The Vatican has been crawling with pedophilia communists since Vatican II. And no , Pope John Paul never properly consecrated Russia.

  191. That’s the most upvotes I ever got. I was raised catholic and went to catholic school for twelve years. I know all about.

  192. There is not a single shred of evidence. Interpolations and fake ossuaries need not apply.

  193. The media ignored and censored ALL of Obama’s scandals. They only go after people who they disagree with.

  194. You are pure unadulterated evil and you don’t even realize it.

  195. Coming from one of the biggest fear mongers in the world today this is pretty rich.

    Hello pot, my name is Cyngus X-1…

  196. You know what’s funny? President Obama’s Executive Order about restroom use based on “gender identification” now means I can legally call myself a Black Female Lesbian and the Federal government has to not only accept it but defend any challenges to it.

    Sweet sweet victim identity benefits come a flowin’

  197. I’m reading “Crow Hollow” a historical novel placed in the time frame of about 1700. Quakers and Puritans and Praying Indians oh my…

  198. I’ll keep the pope in my prayers , it’s my Catholic duty, but I pray for the day we will see the likes of a Pope Burke ,Pope Fellay SSPX, or a Pope Sarah. We need these men to right the ship before it sinks, Pope Francis keeps directing it straight toward the iceberg.

  199. Translation: Don’t focus on scandal about to break.

  200. Click on the different links below and you can read what you requested. Also Google Eucharist Miracles then go to youtube and do the same.


    1 Seed of wheat – living
    2. Seed of wheat turned into powder (has DNA components)
    3. Powder of wheat mixed with plain water
    4. dough of wheat made into hosts (victim = Latin meaning)
    5. Hosts BAKED at 350F No living dna nor any organism living at this point (FDA states over 240F all life ceases)
    6. Host and or wine or both after consecration some times suddenly is transformed into human flesh with same DNA. blood type and remains FRESH through the centuries.AND is still LIVING!

  201. But, but, but…that’s how we sell papers and (try to) rig elections!

  202. This is the most dangerous man on earth spiritually, but he will likely introduce something much worse. It is our job to protect liberals from this liar, they love him. We must expose this fraud. This message may sound good, but I’d be willing to bet at it’s heart it is sadistic.

  203. This

    us ([email protected])

    Click on the different links below and you can read what you requested. Also Google Eucharist Miracles then go to youtube and do the same.


    1 Seed of wheat – living
    2. Seed of wheat turned into powder (has DNA components)
    3. Powder of wheat mixed with plain water
    4. dough of wheat made into hosts (victim = Latin meaning)
    5. Hosts BAKED at 350F No living dna nor any organism living at this point (FDA states over 240F all life ceases)
    6. Host and or wine or both after consecration some times suddenly is transformed into human flesh with same DNA. blood type and remains FRESH through the centuries.AND is still LIVING!

  204. I’ve studied it intensely. It’s pre-scientic superstitious thinking.

  205. You’re a Jesuit coadjutor! Are you a child molester too? Or just use them as sacrifices to Lucifer?

  206. Dear Pope: People are naturally attracted to violence and conflict which are constantly portrayed by the media for purposes of enhancing and addicting their audiences.

  207. He’s just using the tactic of attempting to deflect attention away from the church’s own closet full of skeletons.

  208. We know who you are, ….someone who likes to use “christianity”to try to silence those whom you disagree with,all while telling them that you are an “atheist”.It’s called hypocrisy!!! Someone who likes to tell everyone how wrong they are and you as the ” enlightened” one,are the only one who can tell everyone else how they should or should not live their lives. See, I know what you want and who you are! Always remember, judgement is not about you,it’s about the one who does the judging!

  209. Exactly! I graduated from a Catholic High School, and you are spot on!

  210. Just another man of flesh and blood like everyone else. He has no special powers.

  211. The entire papacy is antichrist. It’s always been a counterfeit Church. The real church at Rome took off and hid in Northern Italy when they saw the bishops transform the church into a political money-making power machine combining it with state and blending it with pagan rites. Later the real church was tortured and killed in the inquisition. The Waldensians.

  212. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Yes, we are. Most of prophecy has been fulfilled.

  213. The Pope fails to understand the concept of News. It is to sell advertising to the largest audience, no more no less. Scandal and bad news gets the most views/papers sold. That makes the audience larger and the advertising revenue increase.

  214. Its a progressive thing I think Same way they hate Jews

  215. Jesus is ruler over the universe. That is what is meant by “sitting at God’s right hand.” Further the RCC is a couterfeit church and you are supporting antichrist by money and believing in false doctrine, the doctrine of demons as noted in Timothy. You are worshipping the wrong God, and to top it off, you worship dead humans. Everyone stays in grave till Jesus returns. No going to heaven or a fictitious hell when someone dies. Catholics are poisoned with false teaching as well as Protestants who embrace the same false doctrines. RCC is mother of harlots and Protestant churches are the daughter harlots.

  216. I am speaking as one who used to work directly with a Roman Catholic and I am a protestant. I had been to a creation seminar and I came back to the job and was talking to her about the seminar. She looked at me like I had a third eye. Then she blew me away, she told me those stories in the bible are not true they are just stories. Jonah and the whale. Daniel and the lion’s den. She knew all the stories in the bible from a child and they a re NOT true. Days later after I got thru the shock, I decided to check with other practicing catholics and asked them after engaging them in conversations, it that person believed the entire bible. This was in the early 90’s.

    I have never found a catholic in my life that believed the entire bible. NEVER. The bible to a catholic is full of stores and they will tell you they know they are not true stories.

  217. I recognize your ‘Avatar’. It is that muslim woman, who along with her husband , murdered many people at a Christmas party in San Bernadino Calif. Now why would you have a picture of a muslim killer as your ‘Avatar’? Hmmmm???

  218. Pinto, if I am praying to the doorknobs, then nothing happens. If I am praying to Jesus and He wills it, then you could have your heart changed toward eternal things. Your little “unadulterated” comment has been said by many a person who later came to the cross for forgiveness. May God bless you richly.

  219. I do not know where Leo X is today, but knowing what history says about him I am tempted to recall the man who said that perhaps the most awkward question that will be asked in Hell is, “Pastor, is that you?”

  220. What does that tell you. Doesn’t the Catholic’s have their own Bible. Long time ago catholic people couldn’t even study the bible people they weren’t supposed to own one. When Martin Luther left the church and started the reformation the Pope ordered the Jesuits to go out and kill the Protestants. Just like the Jews in Spain during the inquisition. The Catholic Church doesn’t have a good reputation as for as I’m concerned.

  221. Hummmmm I just read the name, etc. Thanks for waking me to the environment.

  222. Thank you Snake. I went to and perused at some length the links you provided. Interesting sites, but sites of faith, not documented science. The text therein alludes to scientific testing, but does not document that testing in any way considered necessary for scientific papers. Again, the links you provided are to sites of faith, not science.

    While I do not disparage your faith, faith is faith and scientific proof is something very different. Faith requires only sincere belief. Scientific proof requires controlled testing, documented in careful detail, peer reviewed, and repeatable. Without that process, what might be claimed as scientific merely is that, claimed.

    Deep and sincere belief generally may be held in absence of objective proof, which state is a matter of faith.

    The faithful in every religion sees their faith as the true one, and all others as false. Otherwise, they would not be faithful. What can we say if only one of the world’s major religions is the only one true, that all other humans are lost sinners?

    Every religion has a history, most of which is more myth than actual. Religions develop within the context of earlier beliefs and cultures tempered and shaped by current conditions and continue to do so for as long as those religions endure.

    The Catholic Church of today is not the same church as during the Church which established the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. What then was acceptable today would not be tolerated.

    The Church at the Council of Nicea was not the same church as that of the 1400s. And the Church at the first Church council, the Council of Jerusalem is not the same as at Nicea. Political and cultural changes shape religions, at their beginnings and later during their flourishing, and even later as they fade. To survive, or at least flourish, a religion must adapt.

    Faith allows adaptation; science adapts to new information, or else it too will fall into disrepute. At one time, religions generally attributed disease outbreaks to divine retribution. Hippocrates proffered that disease was caused by some kind of imbalance of the four vital humors. Before germ theory, now scientifically proven and accepted by medicine, practitioners at one time had absolute faith in the theory of spontaneous generation. Scientists, such as, Leeuwenhoek, and later, Pasteur and Tyndall, proved through careful controlled, documented, and repeatable experiments that microorganisms existed, and that such organisms caused disease, not humors or spontaneous generation.

    Proper science has no place for faith, but only proof, and it must adapt to new proofs or perish in disrepute. Religion for the most part has only myths (based upon ideas and beliefs formed and carried forward from preliterate societies and cultures), documents written often long after the alleged happenings, by most often unknown writers, often attributed to known persons to establish credibility, and carried forth by hierarchies with vested interests, and followed by supporters based upon faith alone.

    The study of religion is interesting, as it demands the study of the development of humanity, its cultures, beliefs, faiths, history, movements around our world, and much more.

    What I have written above does not mean that I am anti-religion, as religion can be a stabilizing factor in any society. Religion also can be destructive, for sure, as we witness today with Radical Islam. Christianity certainly was destructive during its Inquisition period, and I am certain that the aboriginal inhabitants had some strong feelings about the intentions and conduct of the Church representative accompanying their European conquerors. In their benign forms, both religions offer wonderful structures for ethics, morals, and peaceful conduct by a group of living beings which can be cruel, destructive, and aggressively warlike under certain circumstances.

    I have a deep and abiding faith in the basic principles of Buddhism, but that does not mean I believe literally in its myths, official history, dogma, or official stances staked out by “priests” long removed from the historic Buddha and the simple message he seemingly taught.

    I have no doubt that there was a historic Jesus, but his historicity has been lost in the haze of time and shaped by men into their idea of who and what they needed him to be. The same goes for the Buddha.

    Again, thanks for your response.

  223. Do you know what the word blasphemous means? I didn’t say that Jesus, God in the flesh, was a Catholic. I merely said that Jesus founded the Catholic Church. Jesus Christ referred to the Catholic Church as “my church.” Jesus gave the Catholic Church an authority that He did not give to other Christian denominations.

  224. If you google, Eucharist Miracles they have a photo breakdown. I shall have to send you later on when I return tomorrow places which have conduced the testing and by Whom. I must depart now for a meeting and shall return tomorrow

    Your Brother in Christ


  225. Yu people are so fning arrogant and irrational. There is no Jesus, fool…

  226. Great, this pope is now mandating the reporting of good news! Why isn’t he concentrating on his church spreading the true Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

  227. All you people done gone HOG WILD around here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. No, it’s Jesus and I’m about to come again. Give me some privacy.

  229. You’re not evil, just terrible misguided and delusional. And probably mentally ill.

  230. When you’re done evolving you might want to grow up and leave these childish ideas behind.

  231. The pope is not a perfect human being, but he makes a lot more sense than most of the comments that I have read through.

  232. Brother – I am thrilled to see you doing this work. As your Screen name states “Expose Them” You are doing just that. I quit attending the false construct of “Churchianity” many years ago when God revealed to me the truth about the lies regarding, just to name a few – The “PreTrib Rapture”, The false belief in the “Trinity” and the “end times 7 year tribulation”. It took several years for the scales to drop from my eyes but as they did I began to recognize many many more false doctrines preached by these apostate false churches. Keep up the Good Stuff 🙂

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