Pope Francis holds a candle as he arrives to lead the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord Mass in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican on Feb. 2, 2017. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi

In a new video, Pope Francis urges compassion for refugees, people on the margins

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis called for greater compassion for refugees and marginalized people less than a week after President Trump ordered a temporary immigration ban from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

In a video of the pontiff’s prayer intentions for February, the pope does not specifically refer to the president or his policies but emphasizes his concern about large numbers of people who he says are being marginalized and forgotten on the fringes of society.

“Don’t abandon them,” the pope says in the video, which features men and women comforting a homeless man on the street.

“Pray with me for all those who are afflicted, especially the poor, refugees and marginalized, so they may be welcomed and find comfort in our communities.”

The pope’s video was released Thursday (Feb. 2), a day after one of the Vatican’s most senior officials voiced “concern” about Trump’s executive order to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and impose a travel ban on nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The pope's monthly video is titled  "Welcome the Needy," and Francis speaks in his native Spanish.

“We live in cities that build skyscrapers and shopping centers and strike big real estate deals,” the pope says in the video. “But they abandon a part of themselves on the margins, on the outskirts. As a result, huge sections of the population are excluded and marginalized: without a job, without options, with no way out.”

The Holy See’s deputy secretary of state, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, told a Catholic TV channel on Wednesday there was concern at the Vatican: 
"We are builders of bridges, far less of walls, and all Christians should emphatically reaffirm this message,” he said.

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, Francis sent the incoming president a telegram urging him not to forget the poor and those in need. The pope created headlines last year when he said anyone thinking about building walls instead of bridges was “not a Christian.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said in a statement earlier this week that Trump’s immigration ban had “generated fear and untold anxiety among refugees, immigrants, and others throughout the faith community in the United States.”

(Josephine McKenna is RNS' Vatican correspondent)


  1. the church has been co-opted by globalist corporate interests.

    laudato si for instance is enemy subversion against the Nation of Ireland, and the West in general.

    the church is becoming the enemy of the common-good of the Nation.

    It is the mutual common-interest which is the community nexus in regards to life, liberty, and private property. [The end of the institution, maintenance, and administration of government, is to secure the existence of the body politic, to protect it, and to furnish the individuals who compose it with the power of enjoying in safety and tranquility their natural rights, and the blessings of life.]

    It is this very ‘common-interest’ for example that is now being assailed by the vatican as ‘selfish’; even re-writing Jesus own Words to say ‘love your neighbor more than yourself’

    this is a crucifiction of the Scripture. Same as ‘rewriting’ the beattitudes into the image of george soros united nations agendas.

    this is being done to facilitate further perpetration of the islamic invasion program.

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    The point to be made, is that the blind ignorance of so many catholics in the church [those who do not know the Faith]; this is being exploited. And they are in effect being turned into communist agitators; calling for millions to storm into Europe under the black flag of islam. Nothing could be more insane; and they deserve to be repudiated and ridiculed. These are apostates and enemies of the state.

    This is not the ‘reproach of Christ’.

  2. The stench of apostasy has prevailed to overwhelm the Church?[whats left of it] in the space of 3 short years.

    You shephards will give an account for serving the devil;….the vicar of george soros.

    Consider well where you have stood, and where you are standing.

    God will restore order to HIS Church, and, when He does, do you want to find yourself standing with the mob holding your bag of silver?

  3. It is high time to arrest and prosecute by due process of law, every last subversive clergy-member who has stood to preach the sedition of globalism.

  4. bergoglio needs to be arrested, given a full trial by due process of law, judged and sentenced to be hung next to the traitor merkel in the berlin square [the site of the christmas massacre].

    if a man dumps a bag of snakes in your house; when you and your family are bit by the snake, do you blame the snake?

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  5. Pope Francis has only contempt for children abused by clerics.
    In December, Fr. Nicola Corradi was arrested in Argentina for sexually abusing hearing-impaired children. Corradi’s Italian victims had informed Pope Francis, but he did nothing to stop Corradi. Pope Francis removed bishops Miranda and Wesolowski for sexually abusing children without notifying the public or civil authorities. Miranda is still a free man as was Wesolowski for the next 14 months. Pope Francis promoted the prelates Pell, Errazuriz and Barros even though each had a history of protecting pedophiles. Pope Francis obstructed two UN committees on protecting children.

    The Holy See’s Secretary of State Pietro Parolin stated the Vatican would “collaborate” with Trump on “religious freedom.”
    “When Cardinal Timothy Dolan was asked for a response to Trump’s executive order, just a little more than a week after he sanctified his inauguration with his presence, Dolan gave the ultimate politician’s response that he hadn’t had time to review it yet, but at ‘first blush, is causes us some apprehension.'” http://religiondispatches.org
    “Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark said he has seen encouragement on pro-life matters, but cause for concern when it comes to refugees. ‘I think the fact that the vice president and other White House officials addressed the March for Life last week was very encouraging, and I think it’s a good boost,’ the cardinal told CNA in a sit-down interview Jan. 31. Noting that the massive pro-life march is often ignored by the media, he said ‘this was I think a great gift to the people, the attention that the administration gave.’”

  6. The pope has the whole world in his concerns while Trump’s only concern is Trump.

  7. If god had no problem wth pope Borgia, pope plus, and 1000 years of documented child molestation, I doubt he willl be all that concerned about his cHurch. I certainly doubt that he shares right wing fears of George Soros, because everyone knows that georgesoros spelled backwards is lucifer.

  8. Nope, it’s the reproach of an obvious right winger, tainted by the poison of the far right,

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