Christian Broadcasting Network chief political correspondent David Brody, right, interviews President Trump at the White House. Photo courtesy of Mark Bautista/CBN News

Trump interview throws spotlight on Christian broadcaster

WASHINGTON (RNS) When they got the get — the third one-on-one interview with President Trump — staffers at CBN News took a moment for high-fives to celebrate.

But then the journalists for the usually little-noticed Christian Broadcasting Network went to work to capitalize on the newfound access they’d received from the Trump administration.

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“To be on par, if you will, with ABC and Fox News with Sean Hannity, it really gave me a sense that it was a new day in D.C.,” said chief political correspondent David Brody of his 17-minute interview with Trump. “He had said all along that it was time to change the way his administration dealt with the media. And I think he was making good on that promise by having CBN News be a major part of the media equation.”

David Brody, chief political correspondent for CBN News, at his office’s studio in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 1, 2017. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

David Brody, chief political correspondent for CBN News, at his office’s studio in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 1, 2017. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

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Brody, 51, a Reform Jew-turned-evangelical Christian, said his team was particularly proud that the new president had made news speaking into their cameras. Trump discussed his views on prioritizing persecuted Christians, called much of the media “the opposition party” and spoke of how he needs God more than ever after entering the White House.

The news staffers at the conservative Christian network known more for sharing the gospel than for breaking news scrambled to get video clips to major networks. Trump’s words to them were quoted across national and international media, in as many as 5,300 outlets, CBN said. A network news release said the program drew 3.4 million video views plus “more than 700,000 views through President Trump’s social media share alone.”

By contrast, 700,000 daily viewers on average watch “The 700 Club” on cable, affiliate and syndicated outlets.

Sitting under the bright lights of CBN News’ Washington studio days after he had been in the interviewer’s chair, Brody said his pitch for a one-on-one with Trump wasn’t a hard sell. He just pointed to the audience he serves through news programming rooted in CBN’s flagship “700 Club” show, based at Virginia Beach, Va., headquarters.

“That’s been my pitch — that we are an audience made up of ‘deplorables’ who call themselves proudly deplorable and these are the folks that got Donald Trump elected president of the United States,” he said, echoing the term Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used in her campaign about Trump supporters. “If he’s really serious about cutting through the clutter of the mainstream media, then he needs to be looking to talk directly to our type of audience.”

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Brody, who hosts and writes CBN’s “The Brody File,” believes his track record of nine previous interviews on the campaign trail helped the Trump camp know he could be “trusted as a journalist,” one who also had interviewed then-candidate Barack Obama four times.

The president tweeted after the interview: “I will be interviewed by @TheBrodyFile on @CBNNews tonight at 11pm. Enjoy!”

In addition to the interview, White House press secretary Sean Spicer has called on CBN correspondents three times within two weeks of briefings.

CBN News White House Correspondent Jennifer Wishon, right, interviews David Saperstein when he was Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom. Photo courtesy of Mark Bautista/CBN News

CBN News White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon, right, interviews David Saperstein when he was ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. Photo courtesy of Mark Bautista/CBN News

 This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

“Compare that to the Obama administration, which I covered most of his time at the White House,” said Jennifer Wishon, CBN News White House correspondent. “It was few and far in between.”

Though her seat remains in the middle of the back row of the briefing room, Wishon met Trump in the Blue Room before his Jan. 27 interview with Brody began. She said the president gave himself credit for the new access.

“I said, ‘Mr. President, ‘I’m Jennifer Wishon. I’m the White House correspondent for CBN News,” recalled Wishon, 37, a Southern Baptist. “He said, ‘I know. You got one of the first questions in that briefing.’ And I said, ‘Yes, sir. I appreciated that.’ He said, ‘That was me. That was because of me.’”

While CBN News may be thanking Trump now, Michael Cromartie of the Ethics and Public Policy Center said, “At some point somebody might say, ‘When are you going to ask him a hard question?’ because he’s given them such attention and notoriety now.”

Brody said he’s already asked “substantive questions,” including some in the interview that aired on a CBN News special. He queried Trump about whether the president thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group and if he will move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump did not directly answer either question.

This kind of access and prominence has long been a dream of CBN founder Pat Robertson, said University of Colorado scholar Stewart Hoover.

“Even from the earliest days of CBN and the earliest days of 'The 700 Club’ production, Pat Robertson very much wanted his network and his programming to be seen to compete with, to be part of the media landscape,” said Hoover, director of the Center for Media, Religion and Culture in Boulder.

Robertson, a 1988 Republican presidential candidate and founder of the Christian Coalition in the 1980s, is known for making provocative statements — and sometimes backtracking on them – against gays, yoga and God's hand in natural disasters. But, at age 86, he continues to have a presence on "The 700 Club," providing commentary and introduction to the news reports on most days. Gordon Robertson, his son and CBN’s CEO, serves as host on other days.

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One of the most prominent members of the religious broadcasting industry, CBN is unusual in having a news operation along with testimonies, Bible teaching and humanitarian work. It is viewed on Freeform, the former Family Channel once owned by CBN, and on syndicates, affiliates and online.

Robertson and other leaders ensured that the hourlong “700 Club” — named for the 700 people who pledged $10 month to keep the early ministry afloat — would maintain a time slot on the channel no matter who owned it. The show continues to air on Freeform three times a day.

The Eternal Word Television Network, a global Catholic network founded in 1981, is another religious broadcaster with a news operation. It has had a weekly news program for 20 years and has featured a nightly news show since 2014, said spokeswoman Michelle Johnson.

National Religious Broadcasters President Jerry Johnson said he is encouraged to see the inclusion of Christian media in the first weeks of the Trump administration.

“It is obvious the old mainstream media missed something in this last election cycle,” said Johnson, whose organization has included CBN’s membership since 1968. “CBN and other Christian outlets help complete the picture.”

Social media watchers as well as mainstream journalists are taking note of the news outlet, which featured the Trump interview, the inauguration and a recent interview with evangelist Franklin Graham on Facebook Live and its website. Its Facebook likes have grown by more than 50 percent in the last year, topping 677,000 as of Tuesday (Feb. 7).

The office of CBN News in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 1, 2017. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

The office of CBN News in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 1, 2017. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

 This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

CBN, the first Christian television network in the U.S., was founded by Robertson in 1960 when he arrived in Portsmouth, Va., with $70 to his name. Robertson interviewed then-Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter in 1976, and CBN’s news operation grew after President Reagan took office in 1981. It became known as CBN News a year later. Its journalists have had White House credentials since the 1980s, and its staff of about 80 full-time people works in Washington, Jerusalem and the Virginia Beach headquarters.

The Washington studio is in the back of a small office on a busy street in the nation’s capital. Like other broadcast operations, the office includes a green room, a makeup room and a control room. A slight hint that it might be different from others is an introductory DVD to the Museum of the Bible, set to open in Washington later this year, that was left on a desk.

Journalists who work in the office with bright white walls, red columns and a TV set to CNN say their biblical worldview is evident at the close of the daily editorial meetings they conduct via video conference.

“We have a Christian newsroom, we’re a nonprofit and we can hire Christians, and we, in many respects, are overt about that,” said news director Rob Allman, 55 and an evangelical. “So we pray during meetings, we pray before big stories.”

But he said they draw a line: “We do not sit there and say, 'President Trump, can we pray before this interview?'”

Brody said he opts to pray privately for political leaders “in my own spare time.”

But, as he makes plans to ramp up new programming for his network that has been noticed "much more than we could have ever hoped for,” he considers results that relate to journalism as well as Jesus.

“If there are more eyeballs on the news program, then the hope, the prayer, is that there’ll be more clicks and eyeballs on maybe a few other things on our websites that have to do with Jesus,” Brody said. “And if news is a conduit to that, great.”


  1. “CBN, the first Christian television network in the U.S., was founded by Robertson in 1960 when he arrived in Portsmouth, Va., with $70 to his name.”

    And as the son of the Senator from Virginia, A. Willis Robertson (a proud signer of the ‘Southern Manifesto, by the way), he had an extensive and valuable Rolodex full of business, family friends and political contacts.

  2. It’s a match made in heaven. Trump has been known to pay for sex and Christian Conservatives have shown themselves to be opportunistic whores.

  3. I enjoy watching YouTube clips from Robertson’s 700 Club. Some of his remarks are unbelievable and often hilarious.

  4. Yay CBN! I never thought to look for you on Facebook but you have a new follower. Congrats on the new access no matter how much bitterness it causes in some circles.

  5. And of course, the liberal trolls are here in force. You know you’re right above the target when you are taking the most flack. Keep complaining libs! He’s gonna be around for 8 long years! -A Deplorable

  6. but, but, “A tv set to cnn” why? are they fans of fiction?

  7. There are so many that know God is using his best tools now to reverse the mess we are in and the slavery that the United States is now suffering.

    I believe that Mr. Trump knows the Lord and that he is going to be directed by God to carry out God’s will with this nation.

    CBN … I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you have risen from the mire and will be helping us to stand again. God bless you, God bless Donald J. Trump, his family and crew … and God bless America! May those who do not yet understand, begin to listen to the drum.

  8. That’s awesome. Glad that he is giving CBN an interview after long 8 years of obama war against Christian

  9. Boy, o boy the religious right thinks it’s on top of the world now… masters of the universe!… so close to the levers of money and power and most importantly, the means of ushering in the second coming of their warrior god! O the sorrow they’ll bring upon themselves in their pursuit of these false gods… O the shock when they encounter the real Jesus Christ!

  10. Liberal trolls? The entire Bible cries out against your idolatry and whoredom… and btw I’m a church-going, family-raising, job-holding follower of Jesus Christ who didn’t vote for Hillary. Liberal trolls are the least of your worries….

  11. Hey! I heard that there are lively discussions among conservatives on Breitbart and Reddit. Maybe you should try those sites.

  12. Yeah, you guys are hypocrites who betray any hint of religious values in exchange for access to power.

    For all the bullshit you guys sling about public morals, and all the nonsense about what other people do in their bedrooms, you throw your support behind a serial adulterer, liar, cheat and bigot. Willing to forego everything you claim to believe in so you can have a little bit of political power.

    Well you got the guy you wanted. Now you can STFU about morals, values and godly governance of our nation. We all know that was all just show. You obviously didn’t care about that.

  13. There IS no war on Christians in the US. Believing that you are persecuted for saying Merry Christmas is ridiculous. All of your big name leaders are pure hypocrites and have no place to judge anything or anyone in this country, after supporting the man who treats women like trash, grabs them by their privates, raped a 13 year old, lies endlessly without compunction, & stole the election by treasonous collusion with our enemy.

    Imposing your beliefs on others through the government is something you need to seriously think about. The Babylonians wanted a one world theocratic government too, and guess what happened to them! God does not approve of such governments. That this (illegitimate) administration promotes racism & isolation from other countries, & aggressively works to oppress the poor, the sick, the old, the hungry and the very young, I can only surmise that it and you represent not Christ, but rather the Anti-Christ.

  14. Thanks Ms. Adelle M. Banks for such great reporting. Keep up the good work and God bless!

  15. Get your mind out of the corporate media trap. You are being lied to by half truths and dramatic fabrications.

  16. Trump has been known? You can’t be taken serious if you use statements you can’t validate. Try using action research next time to be sure of what you state. If you can’t say what you mean, you can’t mean what you say.

  17. It’s so wonderful to see a Christian Broadcasting Company included in the Media. God has been so good to us. We have been praying and talking to The Lord. There has been a lot of repentance for the national sins-not in certain quarters, of course, but among Believers. We are not going to be silent while other communities run us down and create laws directly intended to harm Christians and Believers in Father God, Lord Jesus and Lord Holy Spirit. I have watched over the course of 42 years and the church has been mostly quiet. That hasn’t worked out well. The children of satan have such a loud voice in our country. They claim not to be religious as they work day and night forwarding the interests of their Spiritual Father, satan. They press forward slaughtering babies and putting forth doctrines of the devil that say we can’t be Christians in Public or in Government or in Schools. They work day and night formenting their evil, the most of which we have seen the last 8 years under the satanic Obama. It is very kind of President Trump to recognize us and that we are here being persecuted in this country as well as around the world. It is time for us to push back and stand up. satan has made great gains over the last 50 years, but we are still here. Our God’s Not Dead, He is Surely Alive and he’s Living on the Inside, Roaring like a Lion. Speak, Heavenly Father. Reign, Lord Jesus, Our King. Go forth, Spirit of the Lord. The fight is right here at home. We come, Father.

  18. Jesus is not a false God. We are obviously on his side. Just like the millions who have been slayed and slaughtered for the Love of Jesus Christ. To this day thousands more give their life freely for His cause; truly he taught us to love one another and in His name all opressiom shall cease.

  19. satan’s children are out in force doing what they do day and night. We are here, the Sons and Daughters of the Living God. They will not silence us. We know their desire for us and how they wish to silence us for good. They will bring hell to the surface of the earth. Let the demons mock, Drew. They are already Judged and the place of their torment has already been prepared. They will be tormented day and night in the sight of the Holy Angels of Our Lord and Our God. Right now, they think they are on top, but we’ve read the book. It only appears like they have gained. They will always lose in the end. Their father, satan is defeated by Our Savior God. Keep your head up.

  20. If you are a Christian stop attacking other Christians. You are not their judge. Jesus requires unity especially at a time of persecution. It could be your head that rolls just like our brothers and sisters being persecuted to this day. This is not a time to point the finger at brothers and sisters weaknesses or short comings. We have a President who is asking for prayer from Christian leaders publicly. After 8 years of a Christian apologist who turned his back on Christian martyers in the ME and destroyed Christian values.

  21. Christian War? There may not be a literal war, but there is persecution of Christian thinkers and ideas. Like Starbucks wouldn’t put Merry Xmas on top of drinks. Some people called the Xmas Tree a Holiday tree. Bakers have to make cakes even for events they don’t support or agree with – persecution of Christians.

    Patriotic War? There are places that can’t fly the American Flag in case it hurts other cultures.

    Human war? You can’t say Caitlyn Jenner is mentally ill or has some problems to work out, because its ‘mean’, ‘cruel’ and bigoted. Even though he admits he always struggled to feel like a man and had to prove himself…

    WAR – There is a war against common sense, patriotism AND sometimes Christian values.
    Sensible thought and solutions are undermined and rooted out

    Racism – is saying a race is bad because of something false. Discernment is recognising a whole country follows a certain belief that is damaging to other countries and people, should that belief be brought to those other countries.

  22. On behalf of the ever-growing number of “nones” in America, I want to thank people such as you for clearly illustrating the insanity of Christianity, and thereby helping our numbers grow even more rapidly.

  23. It’s not that shocking given how much CBN has peddled in bigotry and fake news for decades.

  24. “after supporting the man who treats women like trash, grabs them by their privates, raped a 13 year old, lies endlessly without compunction, & stole the election by treasonous collusion with our enemy”
    …, and predictably accuses his detractors of the wrongs he himself is doing, defines lies as truths and vicious expressions of hatred as virtuous “un-PC honesty”, trumps reality with his own self-indulgent fictions, exhorts his “fans” to hostility if not violence, caters to extremists and markets their crazy if not cruel ideas as “wisdom”, slaps down his critics even as he claps for himself every time he walks onstage, coldly otherizes and hotly disparages underprivileged individuals and groups, merrily manhandles civil rights, uses purpose-designed outrageous comments to distract from his even more outrageous acts, openly and actively prostitutes his governmental powers just to make money for himself, brazenly exports work and imports workers even as he claims to advocate “American jobs for American workers”, reneges on his contracts and refuses to pay for services rendered (even the agreed-upon travel expenses of the little girls who traveled all the way to two of his campaign rallies just to sing for him),…

  25. Thanks again for helping to illustrate the insanity of Christianity. You are helping the “nones” feel even more confident that we arrived at the correct conclusion.

  26. You are going to defend Donald Trump’s moral fiber and character?

    LMAO! Good luck doing that with a straight face and without having to hold your nose.

    Aren’t you a special snowflake who can’t deal with a little snide humor.
    Get over yourself.

  27. Always get my news from CBN. Tired of watching Hollywood Lefty Media looking to divide America rather than embracing their new president.

  28. Most of what you said is just outright fiction. In virtually all cases where Christians in this country claim to be oppressed, there are outright lies and exaggerations in the facts.

    Oh no, Christians have lost the ability to use religion as an excuse for bigotry! Get the fainting couch!

    You may have to acknowledge and show a bare minimum of civility to people who do not share your religious beliefs! Oh the horror!

    Your bigotry and desire to maliciously attack others isn’t being given the color of law, how do you survive such oppression?

    Christians are not being persecuted, they are seeing undue privilege disappearing. The ability to act obnoxiously to others with impunity is going away.

  29. Leave Breitbart, WND and Daily Wire out of this!

    We have an administration which coined a new phrase for being full of crap. (Alternative facts) That tells you something.

  30. If you think you are being persecuted as a Christian in the US, you are delusional or dishonest.

  31. Christ is the foundation of America and still has the majority. Judgement has been delayed due to the prayers of the righteous. It rains on the good as well as the bad. Be thankful for the reprieve and be prepared to meet your maker. God is blessing America!!

  32. Show me where Jesus is mentioned in the constitution? This nation is not for Christians only. It is for all beliefs or none at all. When you demand a Christian nation, you are calling for the destruction of all things America stands for.

  33. “grow”? Hear Hillary saying that to you, Richard Rush? “A whole lotta good that did for me. I still lost! Thanks for nones-thing! Get it?”

    She’s referring to:

    “Groups that traditionally backed Democratic candidates, including religious ‘nones,’ Hispanic Catholics and Jews, were firmly in Hillary Clinton’s corner. … Like Hispanic Catholics, religious ‘nones’ and Jews were strong Clinton supporters. Indeed, nearly seven-in-ten religious ‘nones’ voted for Clinton, as did 71% of Jews. … In addition, religious ‘nones’ accounted for 15% of all voters, a modest 3-point increase since 2012.” (Pew Research Center, NOVEMBER 9, 2016)

  34. We have in God we Trust on our money and the Bible is our best seller in America. If you read and search for God like our forefathers did you would understand the constitution was given similarly as scriptures were given to men.

  35. Considering that CBN and Pat Robertson are leading proponents of turning America into a religious theocracy and replacing the Constitution with Biblical rule, that they have “most favored nation” status from Trump and his administration should scare the bejesus out of us.

  36. I don’t know where you have been the last couple of years – so let me catch you up. First of all, I’m a Veteran so I do know what’s going on as far as Christianity in the military and the VA hospitals. While Obama was President, Chaplains were NOT allowed to say “God Bless You” to the grieving family when a Veteran passed away and was being buried in VA Cemeteries. That’s a fact Jack! Employees were not allowed to say it either nor were they allowed to say “Merry Christmas”. It’s not only at the VA but many department stores, grocery stores, and other businesses did NOT allow their employees to say “Merry Christmas” – I know because I shop at Christmas and some would whisper it to me when I would say “Merry Christmas” to them. They were only allowed to say “Happy Holidays”.

    Let me explain something to you. God puts who HE wants in power, whether we like it or not. It is Biblical and Scriptural. He has His reasons for putting who He wants in power and yes, He will put bad people in power as well as good ones. Go look that up in your Bible. It’s very plain and explainable in there. Nobody is imposing any beliefs on anyone through the government or otherwise because if someone doesn’t want to hear the word of God they don’t listen do they? We have learned this from the Democrats, the Liberals, the women who marched with their vagina costumes and Women’s Lib Movement. They have emphatically denounced God at every turn, so your statement is moot.

    You are wrong on your unfounded surmise that we do not represent Christ
    because we support Trump and your unfounded surmise that Trump is the
    anti-Christ is not only blasphemous but totally out of line and there’s
    no truth or proof to what you are spewing.

    President Trump is NOT a racist. He has many people including women in high positions both in his administration and his various businesses. Kellyanne Conway is the first WOMAN campaign manager to win an election! What is she? She’s certainly not a man!

    What countries are we isolated from? NONE! President Trump has said and proven that his administration is willing to work with any country. He believes in peace, not violence, which he has proven over an over. It is the angry leftist Dems, Libs, and Women’s Libbers who are enticing all the violence in this country. Just look at all the damage they have done with their protesting and marches. They are a disgrace to our country and a disgrace to our President. Let’s not forget that our past president Obama and Hillary who have encouraged these protests and marches just as Obama got on TV and encouraged ILLEGALS to vote. He told them nobody would check up on them. Well, guess what, Trump is checking up on them and has found many millions who have voted ILLEGALLY.

    How does Trump work to oppress the poor? SHOW ME HOW. He gives to many organizations, he has taken care of many sick people, poor people, old and young people. You choose NOT to read and learn about him. You just want to harp on what the fake news networks have told you. You haven’t bothered to research for yourself to prove what you say. You just say what a thousand other ignorant people say without backing it up. You are wrong because Trump has done good things for people for years and it’s all over the internet the things he has done for others long before he was a candidate for POTUS. You and those like you would much rather dwell on his wrongs instead of looking at his rights.

    I have no idea where you have been, but apparently you cannot read for comprehension either or LISTEN to what is being said on a video. At NO time did President Trump grab any females body parts WITHOUT PERMISSION!!! Go back and LISTEN to the video. He said “they LET me”…..I emphasize “LET ME” ….they “LET ME” do it because I am a celebrity…..that means “CONSENT” – they WANTED him to do it because he was a celebrity. Was it nice? NO! Should he have done it? NO, of course not. He apologized for it. He ADMITTED he should not have done that and to top it off, they had to go back 20 plus years to get that piece of crap on Trump!! He was NOT, I repeat, NOT running for President at the time. I suppose you are sinless, so thank you for casting that stone. I guess you and a million other people would like to crucify him too.

    The rape case was thrown out of court. It was bogus as was many other law suits that arose during Trump’s campaign. It was PROVEN that Hillary and Soros bought and paid for many of these women to file bogus lawsuits. Not only that, but Soros has paid protestors, it has been proven. He paid these women to march against his inauguration and to march for Pro-Choice abortions, which is what the march was really about. These women like murdering their unborn babies.

    Trump won the election fair and square and there is no proof that Putin had anything to do with Trumps side of the election. Hillary’s part with Putin is another story, why don’t you Google that?

    When will you learn to think for yourself instead of listening to other ignorant people? When will you learn to give this man a chance? We gave Obama 8 years to destroy this country and he did a real good job of it. We didn’t march or protest his Presidency. What gives people the right to protest our new President? They should be out looking for work or caring for the elderly, the disabled, the special needs people. They should be doing all the things they accuse us of not doing. The hypocrites are the ones who are like you who would rather sit back on their recliner and judge our President instead of supporting him and our country. What have you done to help this country? Tell me that!!!

  37. Prove to me about the idolatry and whoredom? What do you mean exactly? Why don’t you tell me about the men Jesus picked to be His disciples???? They weren’t good men when they met Jesus, but He sure made wonderful men out of them after they met Him and began to follow Him. Liberal trolls are what is going to cause this country to go to war, not our President. They are out there making trouble every single day. They are violent and vulgar and those are the kind of people who start wars because they have no self-respect and they do not respect other people. Yes, we are living in the end times, there’s no doubt about it, but Trump can hopefully delay what is coming if people will give him a chance instead of downing him all the time. He’s done more for this country than the last 5 presidents combined and that was before he was sworn in. God puts who He wants in power and as a Christian you should know that, so if you really are a Christian, I think you need to back the one God put in power and do your best to support him and stop putting him down. He has prayer every day. He is putting God back in the White House and in our government. and churches are being allowed now to discuss politics without retribution. Trump signed an executive order overturning the Johnson Amendment. This is good for our country. Learn to appreciate him and keep on remembering what happened the last 8 years with Obama. He destroyed this country as best he could and Trump is doing all he can to put our pieces back together. Pray for our President and support him. That is the Christian thing to do and if you find him failing, tell him. Put it on his official page, Donald J. Trump. Many people are doing so and some are finding out where they are wrong too. Some are legitimate gripes. Do something besides be critical of the man.

  38. Whose side are you on? You don’t sound like a follower of Jesus to me. You are full of hate because our President is rich and is in power too. He is doing all he can to straighten this nation out. You should be supporting him instead of finding fault. We do not look at Trump as a God in any way, shape or form. We do believe he loves the Lord and is doing the best he can. Power and money just happen to be gifts from God to this man and I say that because Trump isn’t taking a salary for being President…..did you know that? Did you know he funded his own campaign with his own money so he didn’t have to adhere to what his donors wanted from him. The Bible says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It doesn’t say having money is the root of all evil. Trump has done many wonderful things with his money. This campaign was one of them. Stop being jealous and envious and support our President and our country. I don’t care whether you like Trump or not, support his Presidency, his office and what it represents instead of supporting the man. I’m a Christian and I fully expect to see the real Jesus when I die and go to Heaven. I already KNOW Him as my Lord and personal Savior. I have a REAL relationship with Him. Many believe in Jesus, even Satan believes in Him, but you have to KNOW Him if you’re going to make it to Heaven, and FYI, God is the one who puts who He wants in power. As I said in an earlier comment, it is scriptural and biblical. Look it up. So, support who God put in power!! That’s the right thing to do.

  39. Really? Show that to me. I haven’t been shown any of that. You don’t have a clue do you?

  40. So it isn’t mentioned at all. No Jesus, no specific mention of Christianity, no references to the Bible. There is nothing besides a possessive desire to appropriate the nation on behalf of your faith.

    Our forefathers ran the spectrum of devout believers to open hostility to religion. Whatever generalizations you can make about how or if they searched for God are going to be wrong.

  41. Humor is obviously not a trait seen in Evangelical Christians and Trump supporters. Especially off color humor where they are the butt of the joke. Such special snowflakes.

    If it makes you feel any better there is ample evidence here of Christian Conservatives being opportunistic whores. 🙂

  42. No I’m not humorous when it comes to someone’s character of which you apparently have none. I do not like off color humor especially and last I checked, it’s the leftist libs like you who are the snowflakes. HA! You still have not proven the “opportunistic whores” statement you made, but I’ll not hold that against you that you can’t prove it. I consider the source where that is concerned. After all, how many people would believe anything a leftist lib would say in a vagina costume or one holding up vulgar poster signs in a pro-abortion laced protest. Seriously….you guys really need to get a life and actually help someone who is sick or disabled or have special needs. You need to do what you accused Trump of doing and do better, maybe even get a job and be someone who contributes something good to this nation instead of faut finding all the time.

  43. The Declaration of Independence refers to God and History reveals the common thread and the prayer of our founding fathers. To deny it, is your choice. Most all presidents have taken the oath of office with their hand upon the Bible.

  44. God Bless You Linda, your strength in your post gives truth and honesty!!!

  45. Get the emesis bowl, everyone with a conscience is going to be sick. This lying, sexual assaulter, serial adulterer is playing right into the hands of those who claim to decry that behavior in others. Sick-making in the extreme. Utterly disgusting.

  46. Felonies on live TV? What the hell are you talking about?

    As for threats against the president and uncivil attitudes towards him, we went through 8 years of that from your crowd. Now you cry foul? Who the hell are you trying to kid here?

    Calling political protest and dissent terrorism is disgusting fascist bullshit. We live in a goddamned democracy. Its our right to call our president whatever names we want. Especially one who has shown so little regard for his fellow Americans and the system we live under. GFY

  47. Still no mention of Jesus. The use of the word God was so general that to ascribe it to Christianity is grossly dishonest. The only thing you have is a personal opinion that they might have shared beliefs as you. But nothing about our system is christian. You are just tryingbto tramp stamp our nation.

  48. As for opportunistic whores, you guys are enthusiastically throwing your support to a serial adulterer, cheat, liar and overall miscreant because you expect access to power. All that bullshit about caring about morals and values of politicians you support was just for show. It was never about values, it was about imposing on others. Grabbing power to attack others.

    As a veteran, you are the biggest whore of bunch here. For the last 17 years Republicans have been slashing VA benefits and freezing military salaries. You are willing to be bent over by them in exchange for the opportunity to attack the rights of others. So malicious in your disregard to the lives of others you are willing to support people who outright undermine your personal interests.

    Your support of Trump in previous posts show you are willing to accept and repeat the most ridiculous lies if it means you get people to further your anti democratic agenda. Seriously you are either an ignorant dupe or just a bald faced liar if you think you can defend Trumps character with a straight face.

  49. God was mentioned to acknowledge the supreme authority into what was being instructed and promoted. You think it’s arbitrary but it is far more important then your blasphemous speaking of the facts you don’t wish to infringe upon your life. Having someone master over you is your biggest fear. He already knows you inside and out. This country is based on God fearing men and women that sought out His will and God blessed America. God sent His son, Jesus to make that connection. Many are called but few are chosen.

  50. You imputed Christianity to the words where reference does not exist. Looking for something out of a desire to see it, rather than because evidence exists.

    If the founders wanted to declare the US a Christian nation, they had ample opportunity to do so and they flatly rejected any specific requests and language which would say it.

    “your blasphemous speaking of the facts ”

    Yep, being honest is clearly not a virtue in your version of Christianity. You rankle at being told you are wrong and demonstrating facts to support it. Christians are among the most bald faced liars I know.

    You would rather lie and engage in fantasy than deal with reality. Worse still you are enough of an arrogant SOB to expect everyone else to follow along with your dishonest nonsense.

    I will pray that you eventually find the wisdom, intelligence and honesty you lack here. Bless your heart.

  51. Vagina costumes? Are you talking about the pink hats? If there was anyone in an actual vagina costume your Fuhrer would have been right there grabbing them!

  52. You hide behind words to defend your faithless life of God. Calling God’s children liars and whores only shows your lack of wisdom. Fools have said in their heart there is no God. I’m not living a fantasy or making up facts. Read more books on our US History and broaden your horizons. You are being played by the evil one of this world. I pray you open your heart and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will reveal himself to you. Just making it clear the one true God I serve. Who do you pray to?

  53. When you start out lying, there’s really no reason to listen to anymore of your diatribe. I know this may shock you, but there are members of the military, as well as veterans, who are not Christians. There are plenty of servicemembers that don’t even put any religious affiliation down. I tracked down your “God Bless You” claim to unattributed hearsay listed in a Renew America blog post. Even if it has some basis in fact, the fact that your faith is in the sales business should not prevent either the DoD or the VA from enforcing rules that recognize that not everyone is a Christian, nor are their families. Practice your own religion all you want. Don’t impose it on the rest of us.

  54. In God (not Jesus) We Trust went on our currency almost 200 years after the Constitution. At best the document is signed “in the Year of Our Lord.”

  55. Nice article, maybe a little fluffy. Organizations whose names get put up on the front of the building do not have “small offices.” Also, a little pushback on Brody’s claim about the “deplorables” would be nice. That group includes people photoshopping yellow “Jude” stars onto Brody’s fellow Jews, photoshopping them in ovens, and targeting them for violence. What a terrible thing to be proud of.

  56. “At some point somebody might say, ‘When are you going to ask him a hard question?’ because he’s given them such attention and notoriety now.”

    Gee, when was the doting liberal press ever asked something like that about their dealings with Barak Obama?! Bill O’Reilly was the only one to pull that off, during the Super Bowl a couple years ago! (Oh–I forgot! Bill’s not a doting liberal!)

    I believe that CBN is among those “forgotten Americans” who Trump promised would be forgotten no more during his campaign.

  57. So much insecurity, so much preening. So much ego.

    Your are mostly upset that someone has the nerve to have a different view than yourself. You are upset that facts do not conform to the fictional congratulatory narrative you have spun concerning our history. You are upset that I am dealing with the subject with a level of honesty you neither are used to nor welcome.

    Oh well. That is the breaks, snowflake.

  58. No I have never been an Obama supporter. He’s a Muslim. I’m a Christian. I do not agree with any of his policies whatsoever.

  59. Not a Muslim but ok. More to the point, did God place him in charge?

  60. Joy and security comes from above. You try to say I’m upset with you when I find it fascinating to hear you criticize something you have no understanding of. You talk yourself into a corner and blame others for where you stand. My God was merciful to me and he’ll continue to be for those who seek him.

  61. Nobody is imposing my faith or anyone else’s faith on anyone. I am a Veteran. I know not everyone is a Christian, but it is NORMAL for a Christian Chaplain to say “God Bless You” to people, especially to a dead Veteran’s family, and FYI, if the Veteran’s family were not “religious” they would not be having a Chaplain presiding over their loved one’s funeral would they; therefore they wouldn’t be in the predicament of having to hear a Chaplain say “God Bless You”. They would be using someone else. I haven’t lied about anything. I was there when it happened so I know what I’m talking about. What is wrong with you??? Why do you hate Christians? We haven’t done anything to you and we certainly would never do anything to you on purpose and we do not force or impose our religion on anyone. That’s impossible. You can’t force anyone to do anything or listen if they don’t want to, especially if they are an atheist such as yourself, so you know I’m telling you the truth about that. Take your hate elsewhere. At a funeral or church service where people are gathered, saying God Bless You is a normal thing for just about everyone to say. What do you want people to do, denounce God in His own house?? Do you want people to denounce God when they are committing a body to the ground to God? You don’t get to do that and you don’t get to tell us Christians when we can or cannot say something and I’m sick of you demonic atheists trying to tell us when we can and cannot talk to our God and ask Him to bless people. YOU stop IMPOSING your atheist convictions on we Christians!!! It goes both ways you know.

  62. Nobody is demanding a Christian nation, we just want to be included. Obama and those who follow him want Christians to be a thing of the past, but that’s not going to happen. Make room for everyone, not just a chosen few. God is in the constitution and if you knew anything at all, you’d know that Jesus is God’s Son who is God.

  63. I am not an atheist, nor do I hate Christians or anyone else. DoD and VA chaplains are there to serve everyone and that’s why they may be asked to serve at a funeral of someone without religious affiliation or with an affiliation different from the chaplain’s. Not saying “God Bless You” does not constitute denouncing God.

  64. You don’t know what you are talking about because you don’t know God or what God/Jesus even means in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Jesus and God is one and the same. Try to understand that. Why do you atheists insist that the exact word has to be incorporated into our constitution to try to imply that God is not a part of our nation or our Constitution or our Declaration of Independence. God is very much a part of those two documents. Jesus is God. Actually so is the Bible….it is the inspired word of God. So deal with it. God is there, Jesus is there and so is the Bible.

  65. There is no mention of Jesus in the Declaration of Independence. That is your invention here. The Constitutional convention had proposals to declare the United States to be a Christian nation and they were soundly rejected in favor of religious freedom for all faiths.

    “Jesus and God is one and the same.”

    In your faith, but not plenty of others who would use the same term. You are just naturally assuming it is referring to Christianity, because you are Christian. Not because the words say as much.

    “Why do you atheists insist that the exact word has to be incorporated
    into our constitution to try to imply that God is not a part of our
    nation or our Constitution or our Declaration of Independence.”

    Because lying Christian Dominionists like to pretend the reference to God there means their sole sectarian religious beliefs are favored by our government or should be. “God” here refers to any religious belief, not just that of Christians. The only reference to Christianity seen in any of the documents in question are the ones you are assuming to be there. You can say it addresses Christianity, but not ever claim it exclusively does so.

    “Actually so is the Bible….it is the inspired word of God. So deal with it.”

    That is your belief and you are welcome to it. But there is no reason why anyone else has to care or accept it as such. The big problem many Christians of a certain stripe have is the massive self-righteous ego of assuming their beliefs are the only ones which deserve respect or acknowledgment. If you can’t deal with the notion that people will not share the same beliefs, you have a big problem with democracy and civil liberties in general.

  66. “Nobody is demanding a Christian nation, we just want to be included.”

    You have a political majority, direct access to political power and set the tenor for discussions on various cultural topics. You are quite well represented. Overrepresented in some areas.

    Christians have already been included for some time. The problem comes from acknowledging that there are other people and other beliefs in this nation as well. Giving up any form of undue privilege is seen as oppression. But to those actually oppressed, it means equality and fairness.

    The problem is not lack of representation or inclusion, its the quixotic notion that they are the only voice which needs to be heard.

    “God is in the constitution and if you knew anything at all, you’d know that Jesus is God’s Son who is God.”

    Show me the section in the text. Wherever you find God or Jesus in our Constitution it is in your heart, not on the page. You can claim such things personally, but nobody else has to.

  67. Bless your heart. I will pray for you. May God grant you the wisdom you so lack presently.

  68. Hillary is gone.

    You still have to deal with the radioactive turd you guys elected to the White House.

    The enthusiastic support Christians are giving to a serial adulterer, cheat, fraud, and sexual assaulter puts to rest any notion that they actually care about values or morals. Added to that the usual self-righteous hysteria over the “Oppression” of not being able to act obnoxious to others or having your bigotry given color of law and you have a group who do not deserve to be taken seriously by any sane individual.

  69. “Gee, when was the doting liberal press ever asked something like that about their dealings with Barak Obama?!”

    If it makes you feel better, the press isn’t treating Trump any differently. Where they should be openly calling out the stream “alternative facts” coming out of the White House, they are being overly credulous. They did so during the election as well.

    Btw Trump still uses an unsecured phone for his daily Tweets and general communications.

    “I believe that CBN is among those “forgotten Americans” who Trump promised would be forgotten no more during his campaign.”

    In what way are Evangelical Christians “forgotten”? They are overrepresented in politics, have billions of dollars available for political lobbying and control the tenor of most domestic subjects here.

  70. My heart is blessed, I’ll pray for your salvation cause you are not fooling anyone. Shalom, since you are lacking peace.

  71. Take time and thank God for all the blessings He has given America!

  72. Gee, you seem not to understand how the doting, liberal press operates.
    1.To repeat using simpler words for you: Barak Obama received nothing but those marshmallow questions from the doting, liberal press. They are hyper critical of Trump because they hate him, plus they’ve gotten off their butts to research anything legitimate in what he says, that they think will reflect badly on him.
    2. Evangelicals weren’t exactly forgotten by this doting, liberal press. They were presented as ignorant Neanderthals during the presidential campaign. The sense in which they were forgotten has to do with the way they were marginalized, and even the legitimacy of their mission–even their existence, was questioned. Trump promised that they wouldn’t be forgotten any longer, but rather, that they’ll receive their share of positive attention and a fair shake by his administration.

  73. It’s important for all United States citizens to pay attention to all news sources. I know that’s why I’m here. I don’t find Pat Roberston to be particularly honest or a man of character, so I like to pay attention to why the President of the United States feels it’s important to broadcast on CBN so often.

  74. Being a condescending SOB does not make your posts any more intelligent or well informed. You have some truly goofy ideas about how the press works.

    1. The press went rather easy on Donald Trump as well. Moreso than they should have. Obama was rather unremarkable from a personal life standpoint. So they only really had his professional work to generate stories. Donald Trump was a walking scandal rag before he entered politics. So there is far more to work of of for a 24 hour news cycle. “If it bleeds, it leads” is still the mantra of the press. Politics mean nothing compared to a story that piques interest.

    2. The press still doesn’t make much of an effort to call out his obvious and constant public untruths. The main problem Trump has now is he can’t rely on the same tactics which got him publicity in the election. Which was to say something stupid or offensive and watch the 24 hour news cycle repeat it ad nauseum. Now he has to work in the public eye.

    3. His choice of liasons with the press don’t help. Sean Spicer and Kellyann Conway are miscreants who only see the press as the forum for the “alternative facts” they are given by the White House. Bannon has open contempt for a free press. Guess what? It goes in both directions.

    “It’s not every day that a U.S. president calls journalists “among the most dishonest human beings on earth” or that his chief strategist dubs the media “the opposition party.””
    -Reuters 1/31/17

    4. Evangelicals present themselves as ignorant neanderthals in public. It is not the press which makes them look bad, its their actions! They make lying into a religious virtue as seen in Dominionist and Creationist positions they frequently endorse. They are the people seeking to destroy the education system in order to serve their narrow sectarian interests. Neanderthal is a light term to use. Cretins would be more descriptive.

  75. Again, where are you getting this nonsense from? Repeating a bullshit assertion does not make it true. What are you specifically referring to? Do you have something which comes from an actual news source? Of course you don’t. You would have provided something by now if you did.

    I can tell you one thing, if you can’t handle criticism and untoward insults of our current president, maybe you should consider how you acted for the previous 8 years. Stop being such a snowflake.

    In the first 2 weeks the Angry Cheeto has already gotten the nation up in arms over an obvious and malicious violation of the Constitution and federal statutes. His attempt to strong arm the federal courts has been largely laughable.

  76. Nope. The stories don’t pan out.

    “if you beat up or spray pepper spray in the face of people who don’t agree with you in the process of your demonstration”

    And this typifies all dissent from the government at the moment?

    Oh I get it. Everyone who is against Trump, is collectively guilty for acts of a few DECRIED BY PROTEST ORGANIZERS. Riiight.

    So then you will take responsibility for Trump and his supporters for the constant bomb and death threats the neo-nazi right wing (which now has White House Access) has been giving to Jewish Community Centers and mosques for the last few months. Of course not.

    See how that nonsense works?

  77. Collective guilt on behalf of everyone who opposes the president and his policies? That smacks a lot of fascist nonsense. Dismiss any form of dissent by likening it to isolated extreme examples.

    The reality is that violent protests are the exception, not the norm. Your dishonest rhetoric tarring all “leftists” with such accusations doesn’t comport with what is actually happening.

    “I did not argue that ALL dissent is characterized by what I described”

    That is precisely what you did and was the entire point of your examples here. You are trying to spin your own badly chosen words and poorly considered position.

    “”Constant” bomb and death threats is wildly exaggerating”

    No more than “constant felonies on live TV”. The difference is I did not start the argument comparing all people of a certain political affiliation with them. That was all you. Yes, I get it you are a hypocrite. When it is actions from people you sympathize with it is an isolated incident or exaggeration. If it is from people you don’t, they are all collectively responsible for single bad acts.

    “And if you think antisemitic persecution is only from the right, you are terribly ignorant of history and current reality.”

    Who is robocalling bomb threats now? It ain’t far left intellectuals.

  78. Trump did not sign an executive order overturning the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment is still in place, not that it was ever seriously enforced in the first place.

    The problem with conservatives is that you hear a fact and then filter it through all your weird mental processes until it becomes an alternative fact which you then incessantly repeat as if it were true.

    And if God puts who he wants in power then why don’t you respect God’s previous choice of Barrack Obama? Sounds to me like you insult God when you say Obama did a poor job.

  79. Did you know that the Affordable Care Act can help people receive affordable mental health care? Maybe some people should look into it before it gets repealed.

  80. CBN founder Pat Robertson agreed with Jerry Falwell that the U.S. deserved 9/11. He is, as an objective fact, pro-terrorist. If Donald Trump seriously opposes terrorism committed by Muslim extremists, why is he allying himself with a man who agrees with the 9/11 terrorists?

    Things that make you go, “Hmmm…”

  81. The leftists you are talking about also rioted during Obama’s presidency. They are the ones who helped the Occupy movement implode. They are anarchists and they smash windows regardless of who is President.

    The actual anti-Trump protesters (as opposed to anti-government opportunists) are peaceful, just as your Tea Party protesters were peaceful. The only difference is that the anti-Trump protests are, of course, exponentially bigger than those teeny little Tea Parties.

  82. “Some people called the Xmas Tree a Holiday tree.”

    So what? Why do Christians oppose freedom of speech?

  83. Oh, for the love of all bible babble! That which spews from your fingertips is pure bull-cocky-poo!

    Demons, judging, torment, satan…Oh my!

    Listen here, Wabbit-woman. You’ve got the God virus bad! You need to be healed of your brain cell destroying affliction! Come back! Come back to reality!

    You need to do some research on how and when the concept of “Satan” became popular in the history of Christian religion. It ain’t exactly what gets preached from the pulpits.
    Ya need to do a little research on your own and look into the history of Christianity, gods, bible, and religions. Google is your friend.

    Ya need to start backin up some of that rabble-babble bible rhetoric with some factual proof if you’re gonna get anyone to believe a word you spew, I mean type.

  84. notim_pressed For a dispassionate, solid look at the issue of Christian ‘persecution’, try the new-ish book by George Yancey: “Hostile Environment”. I got my copy on-line; maybe a library near you will have it to loan.

  85. What freedom of speech? You can call it what YOU like, no probs. But when people complain at the Xmas tree and demand the latter it’s silly. Something ‘religiously-connected’ is not compulsory, but people shouldn’t demand it’s removed as offensive, when it’s national tradition.

    ‘Great god pan’, that’s an interesting name, a little ironic. Apart from the Heavenly Father, there is no OTHER god. And one’s we claim to be god’s always fall and so do their worshippers.

  86. What “war”?
    Last time I checked, the law still permits Christians and any other religion to worship in their homes and churches.
    Has your church been shut down by the government?
    Have the anti-religion police invaded your home? NO!
    Has ANYONE been arrested, convicted and punished for their religious beliefs? NO

    The Christian culture has permeated so many nooks an crannies of our nation and gotten away with it for centuries. It’s been “taboo” for centuries, to even talk bad about any religion.
    Now, people are FINALLY ignoring the taboo and speaking out and that is “war”?
    No, it’s not a war.
    It’s common sense, logic, and rationality that is finally owning their voices.

  87. Sad isn’t it how the deaf don’t want to hear and the blind don’t want to see. The Bible says that some will love their sin more than anything else, especially in the end days. They’ll love sin so much so, that DESPITE God’s warnings, and mercy offered to them, they choose to refuse Him. It says they will carry on their destructive ways, not caring that it’s to their peril or other’s peril. But regardless, like all of us, they will be judged and sadly, found wanting.

    I pray for them to wake up and get right with God before that day and before it’s too late.

  88. Because Trump promised the Church something in return for their campaign contributions

  89. Makaden, The numbers don’t add up: the numbers of rioters I see is usually greater the number of people convicted, by a large factor. I don’t live in Ferguson but I do live in an American city with protests.

  90. Usually it’s up to the family and if people at the funeral are offended too bad. It’s what the family of the person believe and want to represent them. I think Linda is talking about when it’s ‘not permitted’ and regulated with no consideration for the family’s needs.

  91. This was the context of David Brody’s 17-minute interview with Trump, which pretty much puffed up the rise of CBN News ever since:

    It was Trump’s very nice thank-you for Pat Robertson and CBN News’ rescue when “Trump has fallen behind in the polls, partly because of his troubles with women voters. In their extensive, wide-ranging interview, Trump addressed that issue, speaking about his respect for women and how he has elevated many women to top positions in his business.” (“Pat Robertson’s Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump”, CBN News, 10-24-2016)

    Pat Robertson and CBN News helped Republic nominee Donald Trump, and now POTUS Trump helps CBN News, which, let’s face it, makes everybody jealous in this media industry. Including, dare I say? Religion News Service!

  92. Your topics, in your order:
    1. How can we help?
    2. Anecdotes are rarely helpful, but this one may be. My wife & I are friends with an Oakland (next big city south of Berkley) ex-cop who tells us that the biggest problem he experienced on the force was lack of support from Command Staff. Now that’s a complaint I could do something about, if I lived within 1500 miles of either city these days!
    3. My Google of “milo” turned up only a reference to that speaker with the hard-to-spell last name. (It can also mean either of 3 cities or a type of grain sorghum given to cows.)

  93. Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution by using the bible as a guide. They fasted and prayed during the time they put it together! America would be much better off with biblical rule than secular rule. Just look what has happened in the last 8 years we are way more divided than we have been for a long time. Keep God first, let President Trump do his job and America has a chance once again at being the beacon of light in a dark world 😀

  94. I believe God put Obama in power to bring us to our knees. The pattern in the bible shows when the people are wicked God would give them a wicked ruler or king. Then the people would turn back to God when things got really bad and He would give them a good ruler or king, that is where we are. Christians went out by the 1000’s and prayed together, the Christian community began to take a stand and push back. Trump became our President by what seemed like a miracle, That was “God Almighty” at work! Now, we finally have another chance to be a Light to the rest of the world. Lets take advantage of this time and use it wisely 😀

  95. That is how the Demonrats roll, President Trump is his own person and he rolls differently. Watch and see, he won’t disapoint you unless you are a globalist…

  96. Have you done that yet? If so how is it? Working?

  97. We’re here to. Drew makes good sense, not only as a conservative but as a Christian too. Your welcome Spuddie to hang out and hear some truth for a while. It’s good for the soul.

  98. I look at what is now, and what will be. The past is shaded. It’s hard to see with the ears. I see you words that you have seen with your ears, and there shaded. The good thing about the shaded part of life, it can be erased by the word of God.

  99. Your name says alot. We are at war. Some of the things the former President did could be thought of as giving aid and comfort to the Islamic terrorists we are at war with. It’s a confusing war because the ones trying to kill us and anyone that stands in there way, including there own people claim it there religion. Actually it’s an ideology or there way of life. That’s what makes it so wrong. There way says join our gang and do things our way or we kill you. The President for the past 8 years, is part of the gang.

  100. Good for you . Your name is very fitting. Thanks for the input. I was starting to think it was just God and me here.

  101. And it looks like he is trying to keep those promises. I say trying because he and his cronies have seriously underestimated the power of our Judicial branch and the good people who will keep taking the Executive branch to court to fight his attempts to usurp our Constitution.

  102. That’s the same thing that Islamists are saying. Sharia law = biblical rule. You really need to read the Constitution.

  103. Really? You are kidding me here. Frankly I really question your judgment as to what makes sense or counts as honesty. But thanks for the offer. 🙂

  104. Funny thing is none of the candidates for president who ran under the notion of serving the Christian fundamentalist community could garner enough votes in the primary to even pose a challenge to a candidate who has consistently taken their values and wipes his posterior with them.

    Yet here you guys are. Supporting a serial adulterer, admitted sexual predator, fraud, deadbeat and liar. Yep, if Trump is the God chosen president, then its not a message Christian fundamentalists should be comfortable with. God has demonstrated that the Christian “values voter” is truly craven and self-absorbed. Willing to forego their alleged principles in order to gain access to political power.

  105. “Some of the things the former President did could be thought of as
    giving aid and comfort to the Islamic terrorists we are at war with.”

    Our current president has done more in a week to aid ISIS and their propaganda than anything you can reference with the prior one.


    And no, Christians in the US are not even close to a group under attack. They are just whiny that their bigotries and feelings of privilege aren’t given color of law. As they shouldn’t be since we have something called freedom of religion.

  106. No, she is repeating a false story on a disreputable source. Something which is endemic to every nonsense complaint on “the war on Christianity” fundies claim goes on in the US.

  107. Yep, collective blame nonsense. We understand each other fine. Obviously quoting your own words seems to give you pause. How dare I use your statements verbatim!


  108. William DrummSr., You wrote:
    “There way says join our gang and do things our way or we kill you. The President for the past 8 years, is part of the gang.”

    First off, it’s “their” not “there”. It detracts from your credibility to use the wrong spelling of a word.

    The subject of your first post was about a war that Obama has against Christianity, not any other religion.

    I think you are deflecting the conversation from your original post by now saying he’s aiding Islamic terrorists. Is that the war you think is going on?

    I’m lost here as to the point you are trying to make. Please back up your points with facts and proof.

  109. Mr. Drumm,

    If you would study the ancient history of religions, you will find that mankind has made up 1,000’s of gods to worship over the course of time. Gods are man-made. Your god is the “right” one? Other religions would say their god is the “right” one. Another religion says their god is the “right” one. And so on…

    If you would study the ancient history of Christianity, you will find horrific and barbaric behavior and atrocities committed against other people in the name of Christianity.

    As long as people choose fairy-tales to believe in, there will always be religion against religion, people against other people… false gods, false religions, and false beliefs.

  110. Yeah I know I was poorly being sarcastic. It’s more than contributions, the evangelical vote put him in office, and they’ll vote again, and the cabinet is full of evangelical fundamentalist ideology. The 45th President of the United States is speaking to the captive audience of Pat Robertson, who built his empire on falsehoods and exploitation of ignorance. A repeal of the Johnson Amendment, as POTUS45 repeats often, would allow more informal fallacy into the populace of the United States. A very sad state of affairs indeed.

  111. Your statement lacks conviction. POTUS45 has rolled with the belief that the Earth is 6,000 years old, as evidenced by his cabinet choices and VPOTUS45.

    This means he is using a fundamentalist idealogy to exploit the ignorance of the people that voted for him, and is not his own person, having adopted their idealogy to persuade them whilst his own character faults in his personal life inarguably demonstrate he is a person with little character. Included in this are his deferments from the United States Military…4 student deferments and 1 medical deferment for a heel spur.

    He exhibits traits of a narcissistic personality disorder as evidenced by his constant lying. He tells the truth and he lies often, no sane logical person can defend this any longer.

    Saying the earth is 6,000 years old is a logical fallacy, and precedes any logical argument presented.

    Empirical evidence tells us the earth’s age is 4.54 × 109 years ± 1%. A person discredits their intelligence when saying other wise.

    Put another way: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    “If the 2017 Secretary of Energy believes the Earth is 6,000 years old and rejects evolution, does oil exist?”

  112. Wha’s up, Sapp?

    You blessed us with your belief as the following:
    “I believe that Mr. Trump knows the Lord and that he is going to be directed by God to carry out God’s will with this nation.”

    Let me bless you with my belief:
    I believe anyone who says “Two Corinthians” doesn’t know beans about any God; much less “God’s will with this nation” !!!!

    Why do you put such faith into a conman and bully?
    You must not be a “real” Christian, because if you were, you would recognize him as a bigger than life Satan-in-the Flesh!

    As a life long pew-sitter and bible-thumper (until recently), I guarantee you Trump doesn’t know a parable, from a sermon on the mount, to casting the first stones.

    He’s a populist conman. A cheat. A bully. A liar.
    Please, I BEG of you, purdy please, purdy please, purdy please!
    Fact check his tweets. Fact check everytime he opens his pie-hole.
    Use Google. Research.
    Use that beautiful brain you think your God has given you!
    You know if you use your brain to fact-check and research stuff to make sure they are ture, you actually get smarter.

  113. You are exactly right!!! EXACTLY!!! The thing I kind of disagree about is I always said God put Bill Clinton into bring us to our knees and He put Obama in there to make us lie prone to Him because nobody learned from Clinton so God made sure we learned from Obama, but yes, absolutely yes, you are 100% correct. When God puts someone good on power and people turn on him, like they are doing President Trump, He will destroy us, especially if we do not support Israel who is God’s chosen people like it or not. Some say that the Jews aren’t Christians and they are right, they do not believe Jesus is the Messiah but that doesn’t matter. God chose them and we must support them. It’s time we find out how many Christians we have because if they don’t start coming out of the wood work soon, God is going to allow one of those tiny nations to nuke us and that’s a fact, Jack.

  114. We serve a forgiving God. God has forgiven President Trump just as He has forgiven you, if you asked Him to. Why do people want to hang on to someone’s past………do people throw your past up to you? That’s what most people do not understand about Christians. When we are saved, our slate is wiped clean and God doesn’t remember our sins from our past anymore and why people don’t want to accept that is beyond me. We are saved by God’s grace. He forgives us of every bad thing we ever did, or will ever do. With that said, however, it does not give us license to continue to sin, after we are forgiven we are to strive to be Holy as Jesus is and it is an every day struggle for most of us. Being a Christian means when we fall, God is there to help us get back up, wipe our selves off and start all over. People who aren’t Christians keep falling and have no one to pick them up.That’s the difference between those of us who are Christians and those who aren’t. I don’t know why people say they don’t go to church because they aren’t hypocrites and they won’t profess to be Christians. I guess somehow they believe they are more honest than Christians and God likes that better for some reason, but the fact is, if they don’t seek forgiveness they are going to Hell. I think some people think if they don’t profess to be a Christian then somehow they are exempt from going to Hell because they are honest and not hypocrites and nothing could be further from the truth. They aren’t excused, their sins count against them and they will go to Hell. A lot of people don’t believe President Trump is a Christian either because of his past indiscretions and that’s not true. He is a Christian, he was forgiven. He has prayer in the White House every day. What Trump did in the past is in the past. People need to get that through their heads. I’m grateful to God that He has forgiven me.

  115. motivationmovesme . Z: “Jesus requires unity”

    How do you know what he requires? Did he e-mail you? Text you?
    Did he telepathically invade your mind with his words?

    Is there a scripture that says, ” I, Jesus, require unity, especially in times of persecution.”??? Really?

    Ya just can’t make up crap about Jesus. He wouldn’t like it. He told me so.

    We have a President who has worked hard to try to portray himself as a “Christian”, but yet said, “Two Corinthians”. That’s a red-flag, bull-sheet alert, if I’ve ever seen one and demonstrates how un-authentic of a “Christian” he is.

    I was born and raised in church and I’ve never met a bible-believing, god-fearing Christian who didn’t know how to say the correct pronunciation of 2 Corinthians.

    Dead give-away. He’s a conman. You’ve been conned.

  116. You don’t understand the concept of the 6,000 years of earth. Before God brought life to earth, it was void, meaning nothing was here, no sky, no water, no vegetation, nothing, but earth was still here for millions or billions of years. When God decided to “build” on the earth, it took 7 days. In Biblical terms, one day of God’s time in Heaven is equal to 1000 years on earth. He took 6 days to give earth life and on the 7th day He rested. So this is where people get confused. Nobody is arguing that the earth hasn’t been here for millions or billions of years, it just didn’t have any life on it til God made it. God could do the same for any planet if He chooses to. He could take Jupiter and make it to where people could live on it if He wanted to.

  117. Nope, Sharia Law and Biblical Law is entirely different. I think you need to read Sharia Law. It’s perfectly ok for a man to marry a little girl and have sex with her and she’s 8 or 9 years old and some are younger depending on how the parents set up the marriage. They think it’s fine to have a goat as a sex partner or a dog. They think it’s ok to kill their wife if she’s done anything displeasing to a man. They believe if we do not adhere to the Islam faith, then it’s right that we get our heads cut off. It goes on and on and no, it’s nothing anywhere equal to the Bible. Don’t say that, it’s blasphemy! Besides that, they worship Muhammad and he’s a dead god. Why would they worship a dead god. He can’t do squat for him. Our God does miracles every day. He’s done some for me and for my family. I want to worship a living God, not some dead man.

  118. Yes, there were people in that march in vagina costumes. It was sickening. Google it, you’ll see them.

  119. When/if a family requests a Chaplain they KNOW he is a servant of God and they KNOW he is going to put God into the service…..and yes, if you asked me or told me not to say “God bless you”, then you are definitely asking me to denounce God. You are asking me to put God behind me, whenever He is and always has been ahead of me and above me. He is the head of my home, my church, and my faith and to ask me to not recognize Him by not saying God Bless YOU is denouncing Him. I am asking my Heavenly Father in Heaven to bless you. I want Him to have favor on you. It’s like you saying my Earthly Father can’t attend a church service with me because you don’t want him there. It doesn’t work that way. When you ask for a Chaplain, be assured God’s going with him wherever he goes, whether it’s in a church or a cemetery or a church picnic or a regular picnic. A Chaplain is a Chaplain 24/7 not just during church services.

  120. What disreputable source are you talking about? The Bible? Surely you jest! The Bible is the most reputable source of truth there is on this earth. Go back into your atheist hole and wait for Satan to come after you. I’m sure he will know where to find you.

  121. Sally, it’s too late for them because God has turned them over to a reprobate mind as He said He would in His last days. He said He would give them the sin they want and if you look around they have all the sin they can handle and they are still mad because some of us won’t join them and we won’t cave in to their agenda and we who love the Lord and knows what He does for us won’t ever cave into them.

  122. Linda Gail Torture-Symbol,

    You wrote: “We serve a forgiving God. God has forgiven President Trump…”

    First off, and this is just my opinion, you “serve” a figment of your imagination that doesn’t exist and believe me, I can relate. I was in your shoes for 50 years.
    You can want and say that God exists, but in reality, our real reality, there is no factual evidence or proof that your God exists…it’s only in your mind because you WANT to believe it no matter if it’s true or not.

    Second, when I was a “Christian”, I was always taught that forgiveness comes the moment one repents. As far as I can tell, Trump has never asked publicly for forgiveness, nor has he seemed remorseful for anything he has hatefully or maliciously said or done. What does he do? He denies. He continues to lie. He puts the blame on others. And that’s “Christian”?

    God is “supposed” to be love. I see more compassion, love, and kindness in my dog, than I do Trump.

    Third, If you are going to talk about “Christian” stuff, I suggest you do some research on the history of gods and religions. Start with researching the history of the concept of “hell”. It’s really interesting.
    Then go on to research the history of Christianity. Have you ever heard of First Council of Nicaea? Or any of the other councils that determined what would be official doctrines of “Christianity” or the first official church, the Catholic church?

    Fourth, I’m sorry that when you fall, you believe a magical and invisible something will pick you up. I pick myself up and so do you. The difference is, I own it, and you give your picking up power to someone else, an imaginary friend, when it’s you that did it all along.
    But hey! If that’s what you need to do…

    Fifth, You think because he says he has a prayer everyday that makes him a Christian? Man! If I start praying a prayer everyday will you think that I’m a Christian, too? SMH

    Please come back to reality. You have the god-virus and it has clouded the common sense you were born with.

    Just a few things that inquiring Christian minds should research…

  123. Leenda,

    Oh my lordee. You wrote:
    “You don’t understand the concept of the 6,000 years of earth”

    Which means: “Let me tell you what I’ve been taught (brainwashed) to believe regarding those scriptures.”

    You’ve been doubly-blessed with the wickedness of religious brain-washing! It has been wisely said that religion is the opium of the masses and you are the poster-child for that statement.
    Your bible-babble is evidence of the effects of uneducated preacher rhetoric on the masses. Shame on the preachers who deceive their congregations with such dribble!
    The psychological religion bubble has captured you! You are the bubble’s prisoner! I’m scared for you!

  124. Prove to me your god is alive. Can you touch him? Does he text you?
    Does he have a Facebook page?

  125. Oh for Heaven’s sake, you keep getting worse and worse! I hate to bust your atheist bubble – no Christian I know are bigots nor do they attack anyone for any reason. That’s a misconception you all have. You don’t want us to live in peace and harmony because you are all so full of hate and cannot stand or understand our happiness and why we are willing to back a man who wants to do good for this country, unlike Hillary who wants to do everything bad for this country. You just don’t know when to quit! None of what Sally said is fiction. Not a bit of it. Everything she said is true. You just wish it wasn’t so you could have more to harp about. Prove to me all these outright lies and exaggerations…show me. You haven’t proven squat to me yet I’ve asked you to prove. You can’t. How do you figure we are bigots? We hate no one. We don’t want to chop anybody’s heads off and our men don’t want to marry 9 year olds and have a goat for a sex partner. Seriously, let me let you in on a secret….we cannot make anyone accept our religion that doesn’t want to. We can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do and on top of that, God can’t either! Are you surprised at that? God can talk to them and try to get them to come to Him and be a part of Him and His kingdom but if someone doesn’t want to do that, He does not and cannot force them any more than we can. You want to know what He does if they don’t want to accept Him? Nothing. He gives them over to a reprobate mind and lets them do what they want to do. So that’s how it really is. Stop blaming us and stop blaming God because you SAY we want to push our religion on to others. It’s impossible. We can’t – if you reject us, that’s it, there’s no changing it, it’s done. At least that’s how I am about my faith. If you don’t want it, fine, I”m not going to push it on you. I’ve never done that. Please understand that your accusation of me or other Christians wanting to attack others is a figment of your imagination because I just told you why….we can’t make anyone do what they don’t want to do so why would we attack them? All those things you said are things you have dreamed up in your head. Nobody is asking you to come to the Lord are we? If we were what you say we are, we’d be doing our best to get you to an altar of prayer, but you don’t see us begging you to do anything of the sort, so try some other way to spew your venom.

  126. Faith – HOPING something is true or real even though there isn’t any factual proof or evidence. Kinda like believing in Santa Claus as a kid.

  127. You are Legion. Your demons are obvious. You try to tell us we don’t see or know what we do. HA! We know. You don’t. You don’t know our God and will never and it eats at you every day. Every time one of us tries to show you the truth or disagrees with your lies you attack us from every angle. Why are you on here? You know you will not budge a true Christian. You are wasting your time when it could be better spent elsewhere. No one is listening to you and your venom from your forked tongue. You slither and hiss from behind that mask that is your avatar. You know God doesn’t care what you do with yourself. He has tried with you and you want no part of Him and you don’t want anyone else to want Him either. He is mine but will not ever be yours. He belongs to those that truly want Him. He has rejected you and you don’t like it and that’s why you are finding fault with all of us who love Him and want to be in Heaven with Him. You are Legion. You know you cannot go there.

  128. Wow, Linda, your god sounds like quite the vindictive a-hole. No thanks. You can keep your god myth to yourself. I won’t worship such a racist jerk as the god you just presented would be.

  129. Yo, Linda, your Jesus is also long dead, and rotted away. And a real god wouldn’t have needed to have his son put up on sticks to begin with, to “save” anything. Your god isn’t real either. You are just a deluded nutcase.

  130. That is some grade A religious egomaniacial ranting there. 🙂

  131. What you claim, your opinion of yourself and your views and reality are some very different things.

    That was a very nice rant.

  132. Take your meds. You are not even bothering to respond to what is being said here anymore.

  133. Either that is some huge delusion on your part or you think everyone else is just gullible enough to believe that nonsense. All you guys have demonstrated is what was pretty well known by now, but few stayed openly. The pretension of Christians like yourself to care about morals and values in the political sphere has always been complete and utter bullshit. It’s always been about access to power and seeking power over others.

    Keep telling yourself you are supporting someone of any moral fiber and character. Some day you may believe it yourself. Nobody else does.

  134. I’ll take your word for it because I’m at work and don’t want to google “vagina costumes.” Nevertheless I don’t think I’d find it sickening.

  135. Yes, I know about all those things you mentioned. I’m sorry you didn’t have that experience with God that happens when you get saved. There is something that happens at the moment you get saved. You remember it. You feel a change in your body and in your mind that you cannot explain. For 50 years you never once felt the inner peace and love that God has for us. I’m sorry you didn’t. I did. I had a life changing experience. Trump doesn’t have to go on TV or anywhere else and ask publically for forgiveness, that’s the misconception people have. He only has to ask God. What his personal relationship with God is none of your business or mine. How many people do you know that has done that? His actions speak louder than any public confession. He has prayer daily in the WH. He is surrounded by pastors every day. Obama never publically announced any forgiveness for anything he’s done and he made sure we knew he was a Muslim. I am in reality. Don’t you worry about me. My question for you is, why are you on a Christian thread talking about unChristian things????? Do you really believe you are going to change a Christians mind and make them turn away from God? It ain’t happening….or are you still searching for God and that one TRUE relationship you can have with Him? I believe the latter, because if you really believed that God was a fairy tale you would not be on this thread. You are still searching for Him my friend, and I hope you find Him. I hope He searches you out and touches your heart because God does love you whether you like it or not. Please consider coming home to Him.

  136. The logical fallacy you used in defence of a logical fallacy bolsters my argument. Checkmate.

  137. You are using something known as a strawman argument. A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man”.

  138. You are using something called a straw man argument. A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man”.

  139. Christians know why God chooses who He does. If you spent as much time reading the Bible and asking God for wisdom and guidance while doing so, you would totally understand it. Do you realize what a fool you look like to those of us who know the truth? You think you are downing us Christians, and I guess you are in your own way, but we know you are foolish for doing it. Every sentence you write can be explained in the Holy Bible. Unfortunately you do not understand how God works and why He works the way He does. If you did, you wouldn’t be writing such insanity.

  140. So are you just delusional as to the moral fiber of the president you are making excuses for or are you so desperate for someone to give you a measure of political power you will back anyone who pretends to care?

    My guess is the latter. But that is because I think you are smarter than your posts suggest. Actual values never really meant anything to conservative christians. It was always for show. Something to beat others around the head about, but never meant to be applied to your own actions.

    Well now the pretense is over. Everyone knows what kind of craven, dishonest and malicious people Christians like yourself really are. Now nobody ever has to pretend you guys have anything of value to say on the subject of morals.

  141. It’s ok that you think what I believe and what others like me believe is utter BS. We KNOW it isn’t. We aren’t spewing hate like you. You don’t understand us and why we accept things you can’t seem to. You wallow in your sin and wonder why Trump can get by with it and you can’t so you just hate everybody over it. God forgave our President and he doesn’t have to public with it. Sorry, he doesn’t, accept it and go on. I do believe in myself and it is because of God that I can. I no longer have to come on threads like this to find God cause He is here already. The ONLY power we Christians are searching for or wanting is the power that God gives us to rebuke Satan in His Son, Jesus’ name. We know there is power in His name. We know that we can overcome any sin in this life as long as we have Jesus….something you don’t have. You hate it because we have the faith of a mustard seed and know we can move mountains and you can’t move anything. You hate us because we have forgiven President Trump for all his sin and we will forgive yours too, so will God. Please don’t shut God out of your life. I would rather live my life believing and KNOWING I have a relationship with God and die and go to Heaven, than to be like you and die and not get to go to Heaven……all for trying to prove He doesn’t exist. You are paying a very high price to buy your ticket to Hell. I hope you reconsider. At least I have hope that one day I will be with my Lord and Savior. You have no hope. NONE. Think about that.

  142. My God is not racist. What a crazy statement. He made you and me and He made all the races. You are being silly. It’s a shame you don’t want to really know the truth and know what it is really like to serve the Lord. I pray you will want to someday know God and realize He is not racist. He makes perfect sense. If you would pray and ask God for wisdom and guidance so you can read the Bible and know the truth, you would take back what you said.

  143. Spuddle, you are the dishonest one. You are trying to make us Christians believe there is no God and we have no recourse, but we do. You are the delusional one. Satan has you wrapped so tight around his horns that you won’t ever get cut loose unless you open your heart up a little bit. All you atheists are alike, you down God and hate Him, yet here you are on a Christian thread trying to convince us that God doesn’t exist. Do you realize how foolish that is? How stupid? How asinine? Actually, it’s funny that you come into God’s territory trying to steal His children. Why are you trying to kidnap us? You aren’t going to win one soul for Satan here. Has Satan made you delve into Holy waters to try to pass a test for him or something? You came to the wrong place.

  144. Choice 3: delusional AND dishonest

    “You are trying to make us Christians believe…”

    I am not trying to make you believe anything. I am simply asking you to be honest and play nice with others. Obviously both are very very difficult for some people to do.

  145. When Trump said that he had just gotten saved. He didn’t know much about the Bible but I can assure you he knows plenty now. I’ve watched him grow in the Lord this past year and a half and if you ever listen to his speeches, he will say he needs God to help him. He knows what it means now to have God in his life. You heard that one sentence and crucified the man. What if someone did that to you? SO you went to church – hmmmmmmm and all you learned was you know Trump said Two Corinthians….sad. What is even sadder is that you don’t know that yes, God does speak to us every day, if we listen. You didn’t learn that in church? Yes, Jesus requires unity……here’s you some proof.

    Ephesians 4:3 — “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

    1 Corinthians 1:10 — “I appeal to you, brothers and
    sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree
    with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among
    you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.”

    John 17:23 — “I in them and you in me — so that they
    may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you
    sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”

    Ephesians 4:11-13 — “So Christ himself gave the
    apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to
    equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be
    built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of
    the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the
    fullness of Christ.”

    Colossians 3:13-14 — “Bear with each other and
    forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone.
    Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love,
    which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

    Romans 12:16 — “Live in harmony with one another. Do
    not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.
    Do not be conceited.”

    Psalm 133:1 — “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

    Ephesians 2:14 — “For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.”

    1 Peter 3:8 — “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”

    Now who’s the conman?

  146. Bunnygirl, you are exactly right. All these atheists on here are tormented in their souls. They cannot fathom how we hold fast to our living God. They hate us because they want God but cannot have Him because they have mocked Him for so long and they have convinced themselves that He does not exist. How do they sleep at night? Aren’t they afraid they might wake up in Hell? The torment they feel here on earth is nothing compared to what they will feel in Hell.

  147. I don’t hate you guys at all. Its pity. Watching you guys lie to yourselves and everyone else to rationalize the expedient and self serving choices you make. Seeing whatever moral authority you would preen and boast about evaporating before your very eyes.

    Have fun pretending the Cheeto in Chief isn’t the kind of immoral scum you guys would denounce if he had a (D) next to his name.

  148. How would you know that? Have you used it for that purpose already? We don’t need a mental reality check. We know what the truth is. Stop trying to convince God’s children that He isn’t real. He is. He’s more real than anything you’ve ever known. I’m sorry you can’t understand that.

  149. Why don’t you go there? They would smather you to smitherenes……..ha ha ha…you come here to pick on “lowly Christians” – put your big boy pants on and go there yourself. I’m sure they would pick you to pieces. That’s why you are here instead of on Breitbart and Reddit. They have your number…….you can’t win on there.

  150. We question your sanity…..and you are not one to talk about judgment. You are judging us as though we have done something wrong, we haven’t – it’s you!

  151. Those people chose the wrong God. When you have a personal relationship with the one true living God you will understand the difference.

  152. Please don’t be scared for me. Be scared for yourself. I’m not brain-washed….but I do believe Satan has brain-washed you

  153. “Why don’t you go there?”

    A lack of desire to watch gorillas mating. If I wanted that I would go on National Geographic’s website.

    If you feel threatened or picked on by my comments, you are just an overly sensitive snowflake who just can’t deal with opinions besides yourself. Isn’t that the kind of thing people say over there? 🙂

  154. YES, I can touch my God and He can touch me. Can you see the wind? Can you feel the wind? You can’t see it, but you can feel it. It’s the same with God. We can’t see Him, but we can feel Him. You must not have ever been in a church where the power of God touches people. He is real. But you wouldn’t understand that. You aren’t making sense. Does your entire family text or have a Facebook page?? Aren’t they alive? When my parents were alive, they weren’t on FB and they didn’t text….didn’t make them dead did it?

  155. You are a sad man. I feel sorry for you. No, sir, my Jesus is alive, more alive than you will ever be. I understand it is difficult for people to understand why God allowed His son to die on the cross and rise up the 3rd day, so I will try to simplify it for you. This world was so wicked in the beginning and people would bring animal sacrifices to God to atone for their sins, but they kept sinning, that’s why we had the flood in Noah’s day. That’s why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, because of their wickedness. They weren’t going to ever change. So God made Jesus the ultimate sacrifice so that those of us who believe in Him wouldn’t ever have to worry again about having a sacrifice pleasing to God to atone for our sins. Jesus did it for us. All we have to do is believe He did it. I do believe it, even science believes it. Only Satanists and atheists don’t believe it. It’s really sad too. They don’t know what they are missing.

  156. Linda: You wrote: “we can feel Him”

    I was Pentecostal at one point. I know, first hand, how charismatic preachers and music influence emotional responses that are erroneously attributed to “God”.

    Your “religious experience” and religious thoughts induce chemical reactions in your brain that elicit emotional reactions that you attribute to a “God”.
    What you feel are basic human emotions that are created in your brain by chemicals, in response to your experience and thoughts. It’s not “God”. It’s just human emotion. That is the truth and it is a fact.

    In charismatic churches, you are taught and CHOOSE to label those human emotional responses to religion or a “God”.

    There is no factual evidence that links human-emotion to any “God”.

  157. There is no Satan. Research the history of the concept of “hell”. You have been taught to believe certain things without question or research.
    It’s gullibility and willful blindness to factual truth. Do you still believe in Santa Claus, too? He doesn’t exist even though children will tell you with unwavering conviction that he does.
    The same goes for gods.
    Wake up from your religious delusion. That is what it is. A willful delusion that you want to believe.

  158. I am a Pentecostal. You know better than what you have written here. Go see what science really says about this. I don’t know what happened to you to make you turn away from God and church, but it happens a lot, the “church” hurt me many times, but God never has hurt me. I never turned from God because of it. God has given me and my family many miracles, true miracles and I don’t care who believes me. I lived them. I know. I studied harder and prayed more and God showed me He is bigger than any church or the people in it. I learned that my relationship with God is between me and God, no one else, no preacher, no laymen and no building. I am happier than I have ever been. I miss church, I don’t miss the politics of it.

  159. Oh my gyawd! They chose the “wrong God” ???? What part of “men have been creating 1,000’s of gods since the beginning of time” won’t you understand?

    The Israelites combined all the “gods” into one god and named him Yahweh.

    From Quora:

    Historically ancient people had these motives to create a religion:

    The need to explain the natural world and the belief that the natural course of events could be changed or controlled by praying or making sacrifices to a supernatural being, since they had no control over that which they could not understand.

    This was, for example, the reason why the ancient Japanese people created the moon goddess Izanami, after they noticed that the moon had something to do with the movement of the tides.

    The sun brought light and life. Lightning caused fires and killed people. Volcanoes suddenly erupted, killing people and causing damage. Beautiful colorful rainbows appeared in the sky after rain. How do ancient people explain all of this? Different gods were created to explain these natural phenomena and rituals were established for worship and sacrifice to these Gods to gain the God’s “favor”.

    The wish to have an afterlife. This led to the concept of “heaven” of the Abrahamic God and reincarnation of Hindus and Buddhists.

    The Roman Catholic Church, in order to create fear in believers and in order to control believers, perpetuated the myth of “hell”. It added “hell” as a “scare” tactic to control the masses, promoting eternal punishment for those who would not believe what they wanted them to believe.

    The hell myths were taken from pagan mythology. But even the ancient historians knew the hell myth was a fabrication created to keep the people in line. Polybius, the ancient Greek historian, called the myth “contrived”:

    He wrote: “Since the multitude is ever fickle, full of lawless desires, irrational passions and violence, there is no other way to keep them in order but by the fear and terror of the invisible world; on which account our ancestors seem to me to have acted judiciously, when they contrived to bring into the popular belief these notions of the gods, and of the infernal regions.”

    Polybius’ statements sound very much like the rationale the church had for adopting the hell myth and using it to keep parishioners in line.

    The famous ancient historian, Seneca, termed the hell myths a “fable”:

    Those things which make the infernal regions terrible, the darkness, the prison, the river of flaming fire, the judgment seat, etc., are all a fable, with which the poets amuse themselves, and by them agitate us with vain terrors.”

    Sextus Empiricus called them “poetic fables of hell.”

    Cicero spoke of them as “silly absurdities and fables” (ineptiis ac fabulis).

    Strabo, the ancient geographer, described the same justification for “the punishments the gods are said to inflict on offenders,” calling the creations “superstitions”:

    The multitude are restrained from vice, by the punishments the gods are said to inflict upon offenders, and by those terrors and threatenings which certain dreadful words and monstrous forms imprint upon their minds.
    For it is impossible to govern the crowd of women, and all the common rabble, by philosophical reasoning, and lead them to piety, holiness and virtue—but this must be done by superstition, or the fear of the gods, by means of fables and wonders; for the thunder, the aegis, the trident, the torches (of the Furies), the dragons, etc., are all fables, as is also all the ancient theology. These things the legislators used as scarecrows to terrify the childish multitude.

    These fables and myths were taken up eagerly by the church to convert the unbelievers and keep the believers in line, even though the pagan writers themselves thought them to be ridiculous.

  160. Now who’s the conman? Trump is. Where has Trump professed, publicly, that he was saved?
    If, in fact, he has actually professed that, (which I highly doubt) I bet it was recently to gain the Christian vote.
    When he said “Two Corinthians” he had just gotten saved? So you are giving him an excuse based on ignorance?
    The man is a CONMAN. He will say and do whatever it takes to get what HE wants.

  161. Threatened? Your comments don’t threaten me in the least. You have made a complete fool of yourself on a Christian site. Don’t you get it??? You are on this site that is blessed by God and you and those like you are trashing God on His site!!! How crazy is that? We are reading the comments you minions of Satan are writing and we are shaking our heads because you are the ones who don’t know any better. I’ve already lived your life, don’t you see that? I didn’t like it. Still don’t like it. Do you honestly believe you are writing things I don’t know about? You are the fool if you do. So what do you want from this site if you don’t want to go to Breitbart and Reddit?? You want someone to validate what you say? Only another atheist would do that on this site. Let’s get serious. For over 2 days I’ve read your comments over and over and I always come up with the same answer…..which is, “what’s your point”? You comment in riddles and confusion as Satan’s minions always do. You demand proof and when you get it you reject it so again, what’s the point? You keep rattling on about this and that, but you offer no solutions….so what’s your point? From where I am, all I see is that you are here on God’s site to try to tell us our God is dead, but you have no proof of that. You can’t back up or prove anything you’ve commented on. That’s what the truth is and you belittle anyone who challenges your challenge. You have said, go study this or that, or some other drivel you come up with, none of it making any sense. You cannot comment in normal sentences, you mix it with confusion, strife and hate. It tears you to the core that we Christians are a happy lot and we don’t give in to your ignorance of what a true living God is and you cannot budge us from our faith and the truth is you wish you had this kind of faith. You have faith in nothing, therefore you are nothing and will never be nothing. I KNOW this, I know I am nothing without God in my life. I say that because I can love unconditionally because I know Him. I have compassion because of Him. I have sympathy because of Him. All you want to do is tell everybody how stupid, dumb and ignorant they are and tell them what to do. You believe you are above a Christian or anyone else who disagrees with you. You are the big bad man who rules us all aren’t you?? Yeah, right! When was the last time you helped someone? Have you ever helped a Veteran or a disabled person or do you mock them too? Do you have a wife and children who love you unconditionally or do you treat them as objects to serve you to your beck and call? Do you love them unconditionally? Are you compassionate to those who are ill? I have not seen you comment one sympathetic thing. All I’ve seen from you is negativity. You have not posted one positive sentence on here. In 2 days, you have not given anyone a positive comment. What does that say about you? It says you are a negative, bitter person who hates the world and wants everyone else to hate it to. You hate God when He has done nothing to you but love you and try to teach you right from wrong and to love those who have sinned as He has loved you in your sin. This is you and you are the one who is deathly afraid to go to the Breitbart and Reddit sites because it is true, they would run you off with that pointed tail of yours stuck so far up your butt that you couldn’t wait to get away from them. That is truth and you know it. You are no match for them and certainly no match for God.

  162. I’m so glad to know you have never sinned….by all means cast that stone! Like it or not God has forgiven our President. You need to look at the positive things that are coming to this nation instead of running this man into the ground. He’s done nothing to you has he? What’s he done to you personally? NOTHING… why attack someone who has done nothing to you?

  163. With all that you have said here, let me give you a bigger “fable that isn’t a fable” – Trump was not supposed to win this election. Had it been anyone else they would never have made it. He beat out 17 people in his own party. He beat out all the Democrats, Independents and other people from other parties. Who has ever done that? He’s over come every negative accusation that people have thrown at him. He has been through Hell these last 18-19 months and come out on top every time. Even now when he makes statements that everybody laughs at, he comes out to be telling the truth every time even if it takes months. He has taken everything that everyone has thrown at him and he has taken it well considering and he has come out on top EVERY time. Had it been me I’d have walked away with my billions and let the US hang itself. He didn’t do that. He’s hung in there. He has overcome more than anyone should ever have to endure and guess what, he’s still our President. He’s done more than the last 5 presidents combined. Now you think about this…..and tell me there’s no God. HAHA HA HAAA! Trump is here, he is our President and he made it and he didn’t make it by himself. Proof God is alive and well. He gave us Trump like it or not.

  164. I’m glad you are so perfect and have no flaws. I don’t care what people say about our new President. He’s doing his job. You might not like how he is doing it, but we do and that’s what matters. He’s going to clean up American and get rid of those who cause trouble, thieve and kill. Like it or not, it’s going to happen.

  165. Yes, there is, he’s all around you. Look at what drugs have done to people. It’s turned them into zombies. That’s Satan. Look at all these women who want to kill their unborn babies and they feel justified when that baby has nothing to do with them. They are not part of a woman’s body. That’s Satan. Look at all the sexual perverts, the pedophiles, the deviates, that’s Satan. Look at all the rapists, the murderers….those hat beat people, cuss people, and prostitute themselves out for the sake of money. That’s Satan. Don’t tell me there is no Satan. I’ve just shown you there is.

  166. I like it and it’s going to come to pass. Deal with it.

  167. Do you really believe what you just wrote then? You are proving God’s existence for me. Thank you!! Everything you just wrote proves He is real. Those religious experiences is exactly what connects us to God. Science has proven that. In what other way could those chemical reactions happen?? They couldn’t!!! You don’t get it do you? It’s those exact chemical reactions produced by God and Him alone that give us our experience and He keeps giving us those chemical reactions all the time. Why wouldn’t you want that? You just proved there is a God when you told about the chemical reactions in our brain. I’m on no drug to produce these chemicals. Without God that experience wouldn’t happen, but with God they do. Of course it’s in response to our emotions and experiences!! What’s wrong with you? You can’t have these responses any other way. It is so like Satan to try to mess with God’s children then come out with the real truth just like this. Thank you Satan for affirming what we Christians already know.

  168. But he didn’t grab anyone that didn’t want it. Listen to the video. They LET him do it because he’s a celebrity……LET LET LET LET…..they CONSENTED to it. Yes, it was wrong, but he didn’t grab anybody that didn’t want it. He did apologize for it, drop it, it’s old news.

  169. You’ve lost your mind. Obviously you are not a Veteran or you’d know better. It makes me mad that I signed my name on the dotted line to protect ingrates like you. People have died to give you the right to spread your negativity and lies to the populace. You have no morals or values in you whatsoever. You find fault with good people and want to wallow in the mud with those who love all that is nasty. Stay there if you choose, but don’t try to take us with you.

  170. It may be fiction to you, but it isn’t to us who know the truth. Stop with your own lies and exaggerations. You are getting nowhere with us Christians. What part of that don’t you understand. On the other hand, we are enjoying watching you grovel and try to prove us wrong. Nobody is a bigot who is a Christian and we aren’t maliciously attacking anyone, not even you. but like I said, we are enjoying watching you try to make others believe your nonsense and that’s what it is, complete nonsense. You have nothing to base your own accusations on other than your own tormented mind and it is tormented or you wouldn’t be spreading your own lies like you are. We are being persecuted. Obama said we were no longer a Christian nation. That is persecution. He has deliberately wiped Christianity out of the US with one sweep but that’s ok it’s back in the White House now and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  171. And your claims of your opinions is more valid than mine? How so?

  172. Hmmmmm, you still got presents didn’t you? You still do don’t you????? Santa must be alive. lol lol lol

  173. We don’t oppose freedom of speech. We oppose those who lace it with profanity and perversion and that has to do with self-respect and respect for others, not the freedom of speech. People can get the same message across using the freedom of speech without all the colorful perversion and profanity.

  174. Instead of demanding that others prove this or that to you, why don’t you prove it to yourself? Why should we have to prove to you what we already know is truth. You are the one who is questioning it so the burden of proof is on you to disprove it.

  175. You support a person and a party which doesn’t give a damn about veterans. One which has told them for the last 16 years to drop dead with cuts to VA benefits, frozen military salaries, cut pensions and the formerly vaunted benefits of active service. You are the one who defames and insults the people who fought for the country. So don’t get all high and mighty on me.

    You may be a veteran, but you certainly don’t really give a damn about them. You are more concerned with a fictional story about a chaplain and having your sect’s posterior kissed in ceremony than about their needs and lives.

    Btw don’t ever talk to me about your alleged morals or values. You don’t have any. You are more than willing to whore your support out to a person who clearly doesn’t give a damn about such things in exchange for selfish sectarian malicious goals. So much so that you will harm your fellow veterans to do it. Just a self-righteous ego.

  176. It is mentioned, the Constitution is full of God. You just refuse to accept it. That’s your problem not ours. You refuse everything and anything to do with God. So, the burden of proof is on you. Prove us wrong.

  177. When have you stopped being a liar for the Cheeto in Chief? You sound like every apologist for a rapist. “They were asking for it…” You are really of low character.

    At this point I am not sure if you are being a whore for Trump or a groupie. The difference is one bends themselves over in exchange for some clear benefit to themselves. The other bends themselves over out of adoration and a lame desire to be used by someone powerful.

  178. Those were your words, not mine.

    I got an idea, I heard Trump University has classes that can help enrich your life and your wallet. If you like the guy so much, why don’t you enroll.

  179. Uh NO…God does not refer to any religious belief. God does NOT mean Muhammad, God does not mean Buddha – God does not mean the “Masters” and God does not mean anyone or anything other than HIMSELF. All other gods are dead, our God is alive. Our God made all there is in this world and the next. So understand, God only refers to the one true living God. This is the God that our Constitution was based on and every other thing where His name is on something. I don’t care whether anyone else accepts God or not. They have their right to reject Him and that’s fine with any Christian I know, but don’t condemn us because we want His name on everything and we want Him be the head of all. I don’t understand why you have a problem with it. You say He is non-existent, so how does a non-existent being bother you so much. You know if someone says they want to put a tooth fairy photograph and some icons of her in the White House, I don’t have a problem with it. Everyone knows better, so let it be. That’s how I feel people should feel about God. He isn’t hurting you or anyone else. If you believe you know better, then what’s the problem? The problem is you want to cram it down our throats that it isn’t so. We don’t cram it down your throat that it isn’t and if more of us than more of you, wants to have His name plastered all over the world, then that’s too bad. We win, that’s how we operate. We vote, majority wins. You lose.

  180. Oh get over yourself. You aren’t the first one to have a different view than we Christians and we’ve dealt with more that’s worse than you at trying to discredit God. Glrybe2god is no snowflake, but you sir, are definitely Satan’s minion and God knows you better than you know yourself. Again. we shake our heads at your attempt to take God from us and “educate” us on falsities that we believe. Sorry, didn’t work, won’t work. Give it up.

  181. Good Lord! Don’t you dare pray to Satan for us!

  182. It was very sincere. You’re just too stupid to know it. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out paragraph to pray for your salvation and lack of peace.


    There are seven fundamental tenets.

    1. One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.

    2. The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.

    3. One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.

    4. The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to
    offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another
    is to forgo your own.

    5. Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the
    world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our

    6. People are fallible. If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused.

    7. Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in
    action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should
    always prevail over the written or spoken word

  184. I don’t have to show you squat. The burden of proof is on you and Satan has been around for a very long time working to take us Christians out of commission. He has yet to get it done but it doesn’t keep him from trying. God will always take care of His children. You show us that Jesus or God is not in the Constitution if it’s so important to you. The burden of proof is on you. We are happy with our belief. It is you who has the problem minion.

  185. “God does NOT mean Muhammad, God does not mean Buddha – God does not mean
    the “Masters” and God does not mean anyone or anything other than

    You say this because you are Christian, obnoxious and have no regard for beliefs other than your own. There is no reason to take such statements as actual facts. If the founders wanted to refer to Jesus or Christianity in the Constitution or any official documents organizing our government, they had the opportunity to do so and chose not to.

  186. That is your belief and opinion. Where you stumble is the ridiculous notion that everyone else has to accept it as a fact. The text says nothing of the sort. It is all in your head.

  187. You are too funny! You just cannot handle the fact that Trump (good) won over Hillary (bad)…….Get over it, he won, God will be bigger and better in this nation than He has ever been. This battle belongs to God and God always wins even if it means destroying this nation and if people like you keep on and manage somehow to find a way to overturn us, you will lose in the long run. You always have.

  188. If you are going to lay claim that our nation and government is founded or based on your specific religious faith, then you have to demonstrate it. Otherwise you are trying to appropriate something that does not belong to just you, but for everyone else as well. Even people who do not believe as you do.

  189. I am not lying like a cheap rug about basic facts. That has been all you.

  190. You are the most delusional person on this earth that you are so blind that you have not seen the destruction of what has happened during this election and during this women’s march and all these terrorist attacks. That is BS nonsense? You are the snowflake. Laugh at our President now, but he will overcome, he has so far.

  191. I can’t help it if actual facts don’t mesh with your paranoia and desire to feel extra special.

    I will pray for you. Divine guidance seems necessary in your case.

  192. Oh you love the attention. Like you would have people responding to your rants at Breitbart? Of course not. They would just put you on ignore or block you and continue their conversations.

    Its been fun. But its getting a bit stale. I will pray for you. Bless your heart.

  193. Bless your heart. May God settle your restless fevered mind and grant you the peace you seek.

  194. Linda wrote: “They hate us”
    There’s no hate. Why do you say that? That’s untrue to say that.
    There’s disagreement, but that doesn’t mean there is hate. Let’s be truthful, dear Christian one.

    ” atheists on here are tormented in their souls”
    Nope. No torment here.

    “Aren’t they afraid they might wake up in Hell?”
    No, because fear of a non-existent place is ludicrous.
    Hell does not exist.
    Please read up on where and why the concept of “Hell” began. Expand your knowledge by reading history.
    Why do you allow yourself to be scared into believing?
    That is a power-play tactic used by ancient leaders to control the masses. It’s like saying, “You better believe this or else all these bad things will happen”. It’s playing on your fears. Good grief!

    You know what I do see on this page is…those that choose to hold onto the delusion of a make-believe god and those who do not or no longer subscribe to the delusion.

    Some of us have been there, done that. It’s like this.
    When you “believe”, you are in this like…religious bubble of belief. It makes you feel good to believe there is something outside of yourself that takes care of you and loves you.
    This bubble completely surrounds your reality and anything like facts, rationality, reality cannot permeate that bubble, because you don’t want to forfeit the false comfort and false security that your belief gives you. It’s not based on anything that is real, though.

    There are those of us who have moved out of that self-created bubble of belief. We stand on the outside of the bubble, looking in, thinking, “Wow! I can’t believe I stayed in that bubble of delusion for so long.”

    You are in the bubble. You cannot and will not understand.
    I’ve been in the bubble and one day came to the decision that if I was going to continue to stay in that bubble, I wanted to know for sure that this bubble of belief was based on facts and evidence and not on anyone else telling me what was “true”.

    I mean, if God is really real, there should be boatloads of scientific evidence and facts that back that up. I started researching everything I had been taught from childhood regarding religion, to see where the doctrines, scriptures, the concept of gods and beliefs came from, the history of human beliefs in gods.

    You can stay in your bubble of narrow-mindedness and false delusion. It is really scary to realize that in reality, you are all you’ve got. But, I value my personal integrity for real truth and real honesty more than I value the false indoctrination of religion.

    But hate? No, there’s no hate. I still value kindness, compassion, truth, wisdom, and love…all the qualities that make up a good human-being. Those qualities are human-being characteristics that can be grown from just being a human…no god required.

  195. So human emotions = are from God? Show me the scientific proof that emotions are from a God.
    And which God? Zeus, Thor, Krishna, etc? How do you know which is the “right” god?

    I get emotional and moved when I hear music.
    I get emotional when I fall and hurt myself. That’s God?
    I get emotional when I lose a loved one. That’s God?
    No, they are human responses. You say they are produced by God, but show me your scientific proof. I would LOVE to see it!

  196. No what you have shown me is something called a “causation fallacy” or the “fallacy of the single cause or “causal reductionism”. This fallacy is a deception in which the individual making the contention, joins two occasions that happen consecutively and accepts that one made the other.

    There is no proof that Satan caused anything those things. You would rather believe in a non-existent “bad guy” as the cause, instead of the many other real reasons behind those events. Don’t you see how cray-cray that is? I guess not.

  197. What you just wrote is called a “false attribution” fallacy. You attribute Trump’s win to a god. That is illogical. There is no proof to demonstrate the existence of a God and no proof to demonstrate Trump’s win was influenced by any supernatural entity.

    You are spinning fairy tales, Linda. It’s false and deceitful.
    Your ego lies to you and you believe the untrue things in your mind.

  198. Nope. Linda, your Jesus died and rotted away thousands of years ago, and never was a divine being. Furthermore, all the key aspects of your Christian tales were stolen from prior god myths, even details such as the supposed virgin birth. Your whole Jesus sacrifice story is also utter nonsense, because an all-powerful deity would be able to do his saving job with no such sacrifice required, and also, sacrifice by such a purportedly all-powerful being is meaningless

    So there you have it. Your entire Christian religion is founded on a silly and obviously false foundational story, and you were foolish enough to fall for it. What a pity, and what a waste of your life. Get over your foolish delusion while you still have some years left.

  199. No, Linda. Christianity is intrinsically bigoted and racist. See “chosen people”, and then look into your nasty Christian sky monster “god”‘s killing of entire races, according to your own holy book.

  200. No, Linda. Trump’s actions obviously affect all of us, and your “God” doesn’t exist, so it can’t forgive anything.

  201. No, Linda. The bible is a largely fictional, entirely man-made hodge-podge of absurd and self-contradictory stories, about a very vicious, murderous, and racist “god”. That definitively makes the bible disreputable.

  202. No, Linda. the family members don’t “know” that, and actually, they can’t.

    Look, your sky fairy “God” obviously doesn’t exist, and your entire Christian storyline is just a hodgepodge of myths stolen from earlier superstitions. It’s foundational plotline is also rubbish.

  203. No, Linda, the problem is your own again here, in that your supposedly omnipotent god can’t quickly dispatch your “satan”. Curiously, your supposedly loving god is actually, according to your own bible, a much more prolific and vicious killer than satan. Your entire belief set is pure horror fiction, nothing more. Get over it and get with the modern world already.

  204. It’s not likely it will pass, but I will deal with it if it comes, certainly. I believe first in Separation of Church and State. It’s honestly the only way to go, even for Christians. Remember, if the Johnson Amendment is repealed, any Mosque or Temple or Scientology Church can also get unlimited funding and preach for candidates from the pulpit. Separation of Church and State is all inclusive.

  205. I have many flaws. I agree the President is trying to do his job. Evidence clearly suggests he lies often, and that’s not healthy. Most politicians lie. This POTUS does it several times per week, on Twitter. Big difference there. He’s not too bright. Had he acted more rationally with his travel ban, it would have made a big difference. He rushed into it and threw the USA into a frenzy. Not smart. He needs to read more about world events, sociology, history, anthropology, philosophy, political science and yes, even religion. Nobody wants extremeist fundamentalists in this country, of any religion. This version of Christianity in the White House is fundamentalist by definition. It’s unhealthy towards the common goal of humanity, of which is to have a peaceful humanity, of which the USA is the best shot at bringing that to the world. I will not be frequenting this message thread any longer. The truth will win, it always has. My posts should be considered pro-humanity and pro-American. I do not believe fundamentalism fighting fundamentalism is the way to solve the world’s problems. Have a nice day, I mean it, but definitely read about the history of neanderthal/homo sapiens and the cultures and religions they spawned, even if you believe them to be false. Once you do, you may realize history repeats itself and that science is self correcting. We see all of that everyday. This is nothing new what’s going on, it’s happened before.

  206. Linda wrote: “Trump doesn’t have to go on TV or anywhere else and ask publically for forgiveness, that’s the misconception people have. He only has to ask God.”

    WRONG! Check this verse out:

    Matthew 5:23-24 “So if you are standing before the altar in the Temple, offering a sacrifice to God, and suddenly remember that a friend has something against you, 24 leave your sacrifice there beside the altar and go and APOLOGIZE AND BE RECONCILED TO HIM, and then come and offer your sacrifice to God.

    The New York Times just published a list of 307 people, places, and things that Trump has insulted. Let’s create a short and fast list of the people Trump would be required to make amends to, but hasn’t:

    Bill de Blasio – MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY
    “the worst mayor in the United States”“disgrace”“worst mayor in the United States”“inept”“probably the worst Mayor in the history of #NYC”

    “Really sad”“choked like a dog”“a mixed up man who doesn’t have a clue. No wonder he lost!”“Failed”“the man who ‘choked’ and let us all down”“Failed presidential candidate”“let us all down in the last presidential race”“a total joke, and everyone knows it!”“a disaster candidate who had no guts and choked”

    “Really sad”“looks more like a gym rat than a U.S. Senator”“how the hell did he ever get elected?”“totally ineffective”

    Carly Fiorina – former Hewlett-Packard CEO
    “Look at that face!” “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?

    Sen. John McCain – “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you. He’s a war hero because he was captured, OK? And I believe — perhaps he’s a war hero. But right now, he’s said some very bad things about a lot of people,”

    Only cray-cray people think this kind of rhetoric is ok. It’s ignorant, undignified, unprofessional and disrespectful.

    I won’t be holding my breath waiting for him to make amends because he is a “Christian”.

    He’s such a big weanie! Anyone can throw insults, but it takes decency, respect and honor to admit you were in the wrong. And those things are as foreign to Trump as The Massacre of Bowling Green.

  207. You are too blinded to even see reality. Truth hurts but when you embrace the present your eyes will see the gift.

  208. If you believe what you wrote why are you on this Christian thread. If God and Hell doesn’t exist why are you trying so hard to keep at it??? All you atheists/anti-God people are just here to aggravate Christians believing you are superior to us. Get this through your heads, you aren’t going to convert anyone. Nobody is gonna give up God for your drivel. The only reason any of you who denounce God that is on here is to troll to see if you managed to crush a soul that belonged to God. You don’t care about anyone, not even yourselves. You are all jealous of Donald Trump that’s a fact. He made it and you all can’t take it. Guess what he’s gonna be around for 8 years like it or not. Not a one of you atheists/agnostics/anti-God people have yet to answer my question – why are you on this thread. What is it you want? You obviously don’t want God and you sure don’t want to listen to what any of us say, so why are you here? I’m not about to go on an atheist/agnostic/anti-God blog or thread or anything remotely connected to it. I’m smart enough not to drivel with demonic forces. I don’t associate with those who are like you guys are. I also and not going to go on any thread/blog or anywhere else that talks about and praises Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat or Liberal. I want no part of them. So, for all your efforts, I do not understand why you don’t feel this way about God or Trump. You know you aren’t going to get us to turn from God or Trump, so what’s your deal??? I guess you are gluttons for punishment because anything you have come back at me at, I’ve only laughed at you because you are so stupid. Don’t you know I’ve already been down your road. I didn’t like it. I came home to God. You have nothing to come home to.NOTHING. You don’t even have anything to look forward to after you die. The way you all look at it, when you’re dead you’re dead and when you die, you die….the end. NOT so for us. You can say we are in our own little fantasy world all you want to, but we know better. Children, you need to go along now, the party is over, you lose, God and Trump has won again. Buh-bye!

  209. I’m already successful I don’t need Trump University. If I was a young woman, I’d consider it. My life is very enriched, thank you very much. You still have not answered my question.

  210. “Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution by using the bible as a guide. They fasted and prayed during the time they put it together!” That is a lie… You lie. Many of them were Deists… they studied the writings of Locke, Voltaire, et al when writing the Constitution. They did not read the Bible and fast and pray while making it. Why do you guys have this desperate need to believe lies to prop up your ideas? Why not stand on just reality; which may even support some of your ideas! But no – you have to embellish your ideals with patent, provable untruth.

  211. Apparently there are more fundamentalist Christian voters than people like you and we do want that in the White House and we got it and we are going to keep it. Trump is brighter than Obama and Hillary combined. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he is healthy. Can’t say that about Obama and Hillary. You underestimate our President. He is surrounded by the best there is. You know it too. All of you know it. We are getting rid of these women’s libbers and feminists who are brainwashing our kids. Out with the far left wingers……they’ve been in power too long. Take us back to the ’50’s President Trump, a time of innocence when people respected the law and drugs were for fools. Out with common core and teach our children the right way to do math and the right way to live. Teach them to get a job and get off welfare. Put the freeloaders to work. All the freebies will be gone. Arrest all drug cartels and put the illegals back into the country they came from. We have homeless people Veterans who need the help first, we also have legal refugees and legal immigrants to take care of, and we should not give to the illegal aliens. Take us back to a time when we could leave our doors and windows unlocked without fear and if by chance someone was stupid enough to break in, they would pay for it with their life. Keep the cursing and perversion off TV and in the movies. Keep pedophiles in prison along with the other perverts and don’t let them out. Let our children be children to learn to laugh and play again on school grounds without fear of a shooter. Put an armed guard or two at every school and in every public place. Teach our children right from wrong. Teach our daughters it’s wrong to kill their unborn child. If all this is what you have a problem with, then I’m sorry y’all……there’s too many of us that are sick of the way things are in this nation and we want our nation the way it was back then. And, we are going to get it.

  212. Keep telling yourself that. You know better, but keep telling yourself that anyway.

  213. Yes, there is proof, but you won’t accept it. Most everyone else does, but you’d rather not believe it. So, you live in your bubble and I’ll live in mine. I still don’t know why you are on this thread if you don’t believe in God or Hell or Satan. Do you know how cray-cray that is? It’s like you talking to a brick wall that doesn’t exist.

  214. Yeah you are right, but one day those churches will be a thing of the past. They will be declared unChristian and will be shut down. Remember Trump is for Christians, not anyone else. There will be criteria to be met and those churches won’t be able to meet them. There will be laws as to what constitutes a church and those churches won’t qualify

  215. And where do you think emotions come from?? Who made you? Who made emotions? GOD did. You didn’t drum up your own emotions.

  216. Amen and amen again… they have committed whoredom in the most public way. And someday God’s going to yank your skirts over your faces and expose your whoredom like He did to Israel…
    Jeremiah 13:26-27 “So I Myself have also stripped your skirts off over your face That your shame may be seen.
    27“As for your adulteries and your lustful neighings,
    The lewdness of your prostitution
    On the hills in the field,
    I have seen your abominations.
    Woe to you, O Jerusalem!
    How long will you remain unclean?”

  217. All those people came at Trump first. He retaliated. There’s nothing wrong with that. Those people aren’t ones you can reason with. Everyone isn’t reasonable. Trump has done nothing wrong. Stop twisting what the Bible says. You don’t know what you are talking about. Unbelievers never understand scripture because it isn’t meant for them to. If you understood what you are spewing, you wouldn’t spew it like you do. Listen, Trump proves himself every day as he is trying to bring America back to what it once was. His actions are speaking louder than his words. He’s getting things done and it’s obvious it isn’t to your liking but it is to ours. Trump was right about everything he said about every one of those people you listed.

  218. And you are a pedophile. Are you listed as a sex offender. Your avatar fools no one. You are the monster that has kids eating out of your hands. You are a sick man.

  219. What’s wrong with you? You must not like losing? Did someone forget to give you a trophy for showing up when you were a kid? God chooses people to do what He needs done. It doesn’t have anything to do with being a racist. If you are good at a certain job or your employer senses you would be good at a certain job, it would make sense for him to choose you to do the job. But, if he picked someone else, then he’d be a racist or a bigot or whatever you want to call him. You don’t understand why God chooses the ones He does, but He does like the underdog doesn’t He. You need to try to figure out why He does the things He does without you putting that label on Him. He’s not a racist, He made the races.

  220. If you aren’t trying to make us believe your spiddle then why are you here?

  221. You know there is proof. What you did was you listened to Satan and didn’t sit your information side by side to see which one was right. You allowed yourself to convince yourself (with Satan’s help) that what you knew to be true growing up isn’t anymore. Well, it is true, it’s been scientifically proven true, every bit of it. And you know what, you can say it all you want, but in your heart you know it’s the truth. You KNOW God is real. You just can’t handle it. But you do know it!

  222. No, Linda. As I have clearly demonstrated to you with reference, your awful myth book known as the bible is explicitly racist, condemning whole peoples for the actions of smaller populations. Your god made nothing, and does not exist. Further, as I have explained to you elsewhere, your religion’s founding myth about Jesus is complete nonsense. You are trying to promote a false bill of goods, and frankly, I’m not buying it.

    Seriously, get over your ancient, bigoted superstitions already.

  223. Linda, I won’t speak for other non-Christians here, but I’m personally on this thread because I consider it a public service in the public good to work to dispel harmful, bigoted beliefs such as your horrid Christian ones. Christian myth teaching is harming America because it demands suspension of critical thinking and takes away from education on topics that are essential to our successful future on the planet.

    Get over your idiotic Jesus myths already.

  224. No, it’s you. As explained above, you are the one with the crazy beliefs and harmful delusion, that you are actively working to propagate.

  225. So, I guess you would say that when schizophrenics hear voices in their heads, it’s god.

  226. “Who made you? . . . GOD did”

    I always notice one question that people like you always ignore, unless you are forced to address it: Who made god? And then you change the subject as quickly as possible.

  227. “If you spent as much time reading the Bible and asking God for wisdom
    and guidance while doing so, you would totally understand it.”

    And, if the vast majority of people did that, we would still be living in the Dark Ages.

  228. Lol! No, I eat the kids. I don’t abuse them.

    Based on your prior posts, I thought you were just being a defamatory dbag. Took a minute to figure out what you were doing. You have a sense of humor. Sort of.

    I am hardly a pedo.

    I leave sexual abuse of minors to priests, pastors and president Trump.

  229. Miscarriage is one of the most frequent problems in human pregnancy. Overall miscarriage risk is 17-22%; risk after gestational sac is visible is 12-15%. In the year 2000, 19 million miscarriages took place. It can be successfully argued, using empirical evidence, that intelligent design is the most prolific ender of life humanity has ever had and will ever know.

    There are 400-1500 species of animals in the wild kingdom that exhibit homosexual behavior. Rams (male sheep), have a 10% chance of being born homosexual, and will not mate with females, but will mate with other rams. This is evidence that Noah’s Arc was crewed by butt pirates.

    Linda, please, go read another book.

  230. We are not animals, why are you comparing animals to humans? What’s your point? Animals are not one bit part of the human anatomy. Miscarriages are different than abortions…..a lot different. Not one and the same at all.

  231. Apparently not. More and more people are reading the Bible and understanding that this world cannot keep on the way it is today. People are turning back ot the ways of the Bible and the goodness it teaches us. Before you start bashing about all the bad things that are in there, they are there for a reason and it is not in there for you or anyone else to bash because you cannot interpret what it all means. People who do not know the Lord cannot interpret what the Bible means because they distort and do not understand the messages. The Bible is perfect in it’s teachings but I don’t expect any of you who are atheists to understand it. I saw so many in the women’s march who misinterpreted scripture and it was painful to watch their ignorance.

  232. There was no sense of humor in my comment about you. I meant what I said. Why would pick an avatar like that? Maybe you can fool everyone else, but not me.

  233. WOW I must have hit a nerve. You are boldly reprimanding me. I will stick by my convictions and you stick by yours. I have no problem with that. You can demonstrate references to me all you want. I’ve read them all before. Still isn’t going to convince me there is no God. I still don’t know why you are on a Christian thread either. You wouldn’t be on this thread unless you have serious doubts of your own convictions. I don’t go on an atheist site. I want no part of that. It would seem to me you would want no part of a Christian site if you truly believed what you said. At your moment of death you will not feel this way.

  234. It isn’t working. How many have you converted?

  235. And you believe your explanation is sane? On a Christian site? Nope, nobody’s buying that but you and your atheist buddies.

  236. You don’t know me. You can’t say what I am. Only I can say that. You obviously are not successful or you would not have time to spew your venom. I’m retired and do have time for this. I don’t care whether you believe my success or not. I do not need to prove it to you.

  237. Call it what you want. He’s our President. You all did everything you could to stop him from being POTUS. According to the news he shouldn’t have made it, Hillary should have. The odds were against the man. Divine Intervention is the only answer as to why he’s POTUS. Christians came out in droves to vote for him. Hillary spent millions and millions and millions of dollars and still lost. How do you explain that?

  238. I did not compare animals to humans. Reread the post. I am interested in your explanation for homosexuality in the animal kingdom. I’m not trying to patronize you, I find other people’s worldviews fascinating, so that I may grow personally.

    Miscarriages and abortions share one thing in common, and that is the ending of human life. In that, they are one and the same.

  239. No, Linda. I’ve explained to you in detail elsewhere on this site why I comment here. Read that carefully; the delusions you have are not only religious ones.

    As for my “”moment of death, well, I’ve actually been clinically dead briefly, so I already know that your “moment of death” remark is nonsense, just as your Christian stories are. I will not support your bigoted Christian superstition, ever.

  240. Why are you on the man’s thread then? You know the same man’s thread who said we deserved 9/11? Why are you allying yourself with Pat Robertson? I can assume then you do not you oppose terrorism either since you are on his thread? How are you different? I’m sure there are other threads besides this one that would better serve your agenda. Indeed!!! The things that make you go hmmmmmmmm!!!

  241. Linda, what is it that you take as evidence of what your Christian stories claim? Be as specific as you can, but note that the bible does not count as valid evidence, since that would be circular reasoning.

  242. I personally do not know any schizophrenics, so I cannot say one way or the other, but from what I have read about them, they are usually violent and crazy unless they are on the man made chemicals called medicine, so I am guessing they are listening to Satan and his demons, but I cannot say for sure.

  243. Linda, so far, I actually have not presented an explanation. Rather, I have specifically pointed out the fallacies of your own “explanation”, that being the Christian superstitions. Please retract your remark in that regard.

    Furthermore, note that this site is not fully a “Christian site”; a scan of it indicates that many other religious superstitions, not only Christian ones, are reported on and discussed.

  244. Who made God? God has always been. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is infinite. That is your answer. Now you tell me how everything got here. How did the universe get here? How did cells get here? How did anything get here? You can answer me in long drawn out reasons, but my answer will always be, then how did that get there, then where did that come from, we could do this all day. They burden of proof is on you, not me. I accept the fact that God is infinite and the Alpha and Omega. You have to prove He isn’t.

  245. Then you were just being a hateful biyatch. Here I was thinking you might have a possibility of being a decent human being. My bad.

    What the hell do you have against cheesy 70’s era Godzilla (besides taste and being the weakest incarnation of the character coming out of Toho studios)?

    Sorry I took so much time away from your giving bj’s to republican politicians.

  246. Seriously, where did emotions come from? Where did thinking come from? Where did education start? Who taught who in the beginning? How did a cave man know to kill an animal to eat or which one to eat that wouldn’t harm him? How did he know to plant something? Where did plant food come from? Where did any kind of plant come from? How did seeds get here? What about the moon, sun, stars and all that’s in the universe, how did that happen? The Big Bang Theory? How did the Big Bang theory happen? Do you believe aliens came down and taught us? Who made the aliens?

  247. No, Linda. You are simply continuing to present more falsehoods. You are contradicting yourself in multiple ways in continuing to post, while claiming that you don’t care. There is another fallacy that you have just presented; review how you are claiming that your claimed success is your reason for having time, while my supposed lack of success is my reason for having time. Please retract that obvious falsehood and double standard. You are, frankly, embarrassing yourself.

    Your primary failure is your inability to grasp that you are deluded by an obviously false set of religious beliefs, those being the Christian ones -a horrid, racist set of beliefs as has already been shown to you above.

  248. YOU are the one hurling insults and doing all the name calling. I am positive you do not have a wife and a family. NO way would any woman put up with your nonsense.

  249. If it is true you were clinically dead, I cannot imagine you feeling the way you do. I’m sorry you didn’t have an experience. Have you read Howard Storm’s book? He used to be just like you. I had an experience. I was on the vent for 8 days with sepsis and pneumonia and was supposed to die. God saw fit that I didn’t, just as He has done for you. Yet instead of being grateful for your life, you insist it is nonsense. What I experienced was not nonsense and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything and as a matter of fact that is why I stand firm on my beliefs.

  250. When you learn to play nice, I will play nice. I won’t allow you to run all over me or anyone else on this thread. This is how you leftists are. We are supposed to cow down to you and do what you say but we aren’t allowed our own beliefs because YOU THINK it’s all nonsense. Well for us it isn’t nonsense. You have bullied people this whole thread. And, you are right, you can’t make people do anything, you certainly aren’t making me do anything, but there are gullible people out there who will buy into your craziness because you beat them into submission with your confusion and idiocy. YOU are the one who is delusional and dishonest. Horribly and horridly so.

  251. Linda, it is not valid to take your near-death experience as evidence for your crazy Christian superstitions. Consider then all those people who got pneumonia, but did die. Will you also credit your god with their deaths?

    What you claim about your god having done for you is simply nonsense. The full set of diseases and other suffering that humans face and in many cases die from is plain evidence for the lack of existence of a loving, caring, involved god.

    Get over your obviously false god myths already.

  252. So, Linda, do you think that your god also wanted Obama to be POTUS?

    Claiming TRump’s election as being the result of divine intervention is the height of lunacy and delusion. Presumably your god, according to your thinking, also wanted Putin, Kim Jong Il, and other despots to be leaders.

  253. No, actually, I’m a recognized expert on observing reality. So, what “gift” is it that you claim is to be seen. Be as specific as you can.

  254. The reality to go beyond the physical realm you see with your eyes. Spiritual insight is the given gift. If you need or want further explanation let me know.

  255. You were the one who claimed observability. So, yes, please go ahead and provide explanation, and cite evidence. Again, be as specific as you can. If you cannot, I will expect you to retract your claim.

  256. You claim I was to weak to face reality. The truth is larger than you perceive with the natural eye. Evidence of the supernatural is retained in the spiritual realm and it takes a child like faith to initiate that mind blowing revelation of God and His plans. I welcome you to seek after the unknown. God says believe in Him without see first and by faith you will see Him and believe.

  257. You have no clue about me, hateful or otherwise. I call it like I see it. You hate women and you hate kids. You have no respect about yourself or anyone else. If someone has a different view than you, you spew hate and call me ignorant and stupid or worse a whore. You know nothing about me to call me those names. I pity your poor mother if she’s still living. If not, I’m sure you helped put her there if she saw this side of you. As a mother if my son spoke to a woman like that, he would certainly get a lecture from me, but I raised my son to respect women whether he agrees with them or not. Obviously your mother failed or you didn’t listen.

  258. I believe the way I choose, so do you. I don’t bash you and you have no right or reason to tell me what my faith is or isn’t and whether it’s valid or invalid, especially on this site.

  259. Why don’t you atheists get it that this page is for Christians. It is not for those who do not believe. Why do you continue to bash a Christian thread? Why are you here?? You are not making any sense to anyone except each other. Christians do not comprehend what you say. I don’t know why you can’t figure that out. It doesn’t take much brains to do that you know. Like I said, I’m smart enough not to go on an atheists page. Seems you’d be smart enough to do the same.

  260. You are barking up the wrong tree George. Nobody that is a Christian is buying your rhetoric.

  261. George, the Bible may not count for you as evidence. But it certainly counts for me. There has been numerous scientific discoveries that has backed up Biblical history yet you atheists won’t accept it. I don’t have to give you or anyone else evidence of my beliefs. I don’t ask where you got your beliefs. I accept them as such. I expect you do the same.

  262. I will not retract any remark I have made. It is your opinion that my beliefs are fallacies, not mine. You retract yours that I believe are untrue and invalid.

  263. They are only falsehoods to you and your opinions and those of your atheist friends. Not mine. My beliefs are not false to me. But your beliefs are definitely false.

  264. Linda wrote: “All those people came at Trump first.”

    They didn’t “come at him”. If anything, they may have disagreed with him and they certainly didn’t sink to the level of disrespect and vileness that he did with his remarks.
    Your attempt to constantly twist truth and actual reality to defend your irrational statements and beliefs is very un – “Christian” of you. It is deceitful, illogical, and malevolent. No wonder you like Trump.

    Linda wrote: “He retaliated. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

    Man, for a “Christian”, you DO NOT know your bible! You’re not supposed to “retaliate”, you are supposed to turn the other cheek!
    Matthew 5:39 says,
    “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” You know…when they go low, you go high.

    To be fair, ya can’t turn the other cheek when you are as thin-skinned as he is. Your thin skin might just split in two with a quick motion like that.

    Linda wrote: “You don’t know what you are talking about. Unbelievers never understand scripture because it isn’t meant for them to.”

    I was a “believer” for 50 years, an ordained minister, leader and board member or my church, music leader, etc. I think I know a tad bit about the bible. Let this be a lesson to you. You presume to know things and make judgments on what you “think you” know.
    And you are wrong.

    Linda wrote: “Trump proves himself every day.”

    He proves himself to be unqualified for the job. He lies. You must not be a good “Christian” if you cannot discern a lie from the truth. Here, I’ll give you a few examples:

    “I don’t know Putin, have no deals in Russia, and the haters are going crazy – yet Obama can make a deal with Iran, #1 in terror, no problem!” (Twitter, 02.07.17)

    “I do have a relationship, and I can tell you that he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today.” (Interview, MSNBC, Nov. 2013)

    “I was in Russia, I was in Moscow recently and I spoke, indirectly and directly, with President Putin, who could not have been nicer, and we had a tremendous success.” (National Press Club, May 2014)

    And from from his son, Trump, Jr.:
    “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” (Donald Trump Jr., real estate conference, 2008)

    So, is Trump in bed with Russia? Well, according to what his son said, it looks like it. That’s why we need to see his tax returns. DUH!

    TRUMP: “The murder rate in this country is the highest it’s been in 47 years, right? Did you know that? 47 years.”
    (the murder rate is not the highest) He lies and just makes up stuff that he thinks might sound right, when in fact it’s wrong.

    TRUMP: “As you know I approved two pipelines that were stuck in limbo forever, I don’t even think it was controversial.”

    He lies. In a 17-page memo to campaign supporters and congressional staff, Trump’s transition team wrote about the pipeline and protesters at Standing Rock and said that Trump and his team “respect all Americans’ First Amendment right to peacefully protest, and we hope that local and federal officials continue to give support to local law enforcement so they are able to continue to protect these protesters.” So yes, he lied.

    TRUMP: “Terrorism and terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe have “gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported.”

    The only ones that didn’t make the news were the imaginary ones in Bowling Green and Atlanta.

    I could go on listing the lies and half-truths, bad behavior…but my fingers are getting tired.

    Linda wrote: ” he is trying to bring America back to what it once was”

    Please explain to me, what was the America that we need him to take us back to?
    The America where only white men could vote?
    The America that made blacks sit in the back of the bus?
    The America where women were domestic zombies and had no voice?
    The America when bosses could chase their secretaries around the office and get away with it?
    The America where women couldn’t own property or have a credit card in their own name?
    The America when it was legal to own slaves?
    The America that promotes only one religion and still does?
    The America where women used coat hangers to terminate unwanted pregnancies?
    The America where the stock market crashed because of under-regulation and fraud?

    What America are you referring to? Everyone has their own view on what makes America great.
    It’s kinda like everyone has their own view on what makes a god great.

  265. Giving credit to a non-existent super deity also diminishes the skilled care of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff that worked to save Linda’s life.
    One can PROVE that they are the ones that saved her.
    No one can prove that the ghost-deity saved her. That is the truth, for all the “Christians” out there that can still recognize real truth or care about real truth.

    She’s basically saying, “I believe God saved me, but gee…sorry about your luck that he didn’t save you and you died of pneumonia.”

    Nice of “God” to do things like that.

  266. Uh, Linda,

    you are losing it. OrthoAnabaptist talked about “whordom” and “idolatry”. He didn’t personally call you anything

    Let’s be truthful here. You were wrong. Spuddie had nothing to do with those words.

    You need to apologize to Spuddie. Are you “Chirstian” enough to do that or will you try to irrationally twist out of this, also?

    It’s on you….

  267. No, again, Linda. As usual for your posts, essentially all of what you said is plainly wrong. First, sincere belief is not a choice. It is a state of mind. Second, I have both right and reasons to criticize and to state conclusions about your disgusting religious beliefs, here and elsewhere. Some of my reasons are already presented above, and further, it is very indicative of how flawed and weak your dogma is, that you try to prevent criticism of it as you have just attempted.

    Get over your sick, racist god myths already. You and your bigoted Christian superstitions are a disgrace to humanity.

  268. No, Linda. There is no verifiable scientific evidence whatsoever for the divinity of Jesus, nor for his virgin birth, nor for many of the other zany claims of your racist holy book. At the same time, modern science directly contradicts many of the statements in the bible, and the bible is also not internally consistent; it contradicts itself on many points.

    You’ve made statements here about your beliefs, and those beliefs have awful consequences for society. It is morally unacceptable that you demand that we accept your racist doctrine without debate. Shame on you, and your bigoted Christian cult.

  269. Linda, the one statement you made that is correct is that you do not comprehend what is being said to you.

    And again here, it is indicative how weak your beliefs are, that you are trying to prevent open, critical discussion of them. Shame on you.

  270. No, Linda. Again, the falsehoods of your religious beliefs have been pointed out to you repeatedly in the discussion above, and you have been unable to provide any cogent rebuttals.

  271. What claim are you suggesting? Evidence to what fact? Ithat there is more than meets the eye?

  272. I see, Linda. So you can’t defend your remarks, and they have clearly been shown to be mistaken, but you won’t retract them. That says a lot about you, and it isn’t good. Your attempts to stifle debate here are also on record, and show yet again how weak and flawed your beliefs really are.

  273. Serlio, that’s false about Spuddie, and I’ll prove it now. Spuddie has friends. I’m one of them. Even though to my knowledge he and I have never met in person, I think highly of the courage he shows in standing up for and supporting his opinions, and since he and I share some points of view, I think I can consider him a friend. If he agrees, then you are proven wrong.

    More significantly perhaps, your awful comment about Spuddie is mean and is pure ad hominem. You should be ashamed of it. Please consider retracting it.

  274. Read above, and look at what you have claimed about me and about the supernatural. Since you clearly cannot provide evidence to support those claims, and cannot support them otherwise without demanding confirmation bias, please retract them.

  275. You are the one to claim I was too weak to face reality. I am defending the facts of someone’s state of weakness in spiritual understanding. You are confused. You attempted to criticize another and then twist it to your own demise. You need to read it again. If you are such an expert of observations, observe the written Truth in the Word of God and He will give the evidence you desire. Other than that I have given you the facts of my own reality. All is true. Be content

  276. Windy Lindy wrote: “Satan has you wrapped”

    Uh, no, because Satan doesn’t exist.
    I’ve previously requested that you research the history of where and how the concept of Satan and Hell originated and learn the true history.

    It appears that you would rather adhere to your lack of true intelligence on the subject and confine your understanding to the untrue MYTHS taught by uneducated preachers and churches.

    Why do you value your ignorance so much?
    Why are you afraid of real truth?
    You need to think about that fear that has been ingrained in you.
    Is your fear based on facts, knowledge and real truth?
    You choose to believe and worship fear instead of real knowledge.
    Why does that make sense to you?
    Know this, fear of something that doesn’t exists, is illogical and irrational.

    Let me say that again. Fear of something that doesn’t exist is illogical and irrational.

    Ignorance about one’s religion is inexcusable in this day and age, when knowledge of religious history, myths, and holy books is available right at your finger tips.

    Windy Lindy wrote: “and hate Him”

    Again, you are wrong.
    People who do not believe in fictional deities can not “hate” that which does not exist. That’s like saying we hate dragons. Can’t hate what doesn’t exist.
    What we hate is when people try to force their religious delusions, the god delusion of their imagination into our laws, their religious mental illness into our politics, our schools, and on other people.

    You want to believe your religious mental illness, fine.
    Keep it in your home and your church. That is where relitious mental illness belongs.
    A lot of Christian mental illness resembles Muslim mental illness in that both think their religion is the only “right” one and everything and everyone should revolve around their religion. This delusional religious certitude is scary and unjustified.

    Windy Lindy wrote: “steal His children” “kidnap you?”

    Charlatans use deceitful and untrue words to manipulate and inflame emotion. You are the child of your mom and dad, period. It can be proven because you exist and it can be proven they exist or existed.
    Your deceitful intent is to inflame an illogical emotional connection between a real kinship and a fake, superstitious relationship. You are a fake and your deceitful intent to arouse emotion deems you evil.

    Your ego clutches to untruths and ignorance. Your ego is evil.

    Once again, it is illogical and irrational to claim that you are a “child” of an invisible deity that doesn’t exist.

    I might as well claim that I am a child of one of these “gods”:

    Tir, Ogma, Lugh, Wenchang Wang, Manjushri, Kong Zi, Lao Zi, Lü Dongbin, Bao Zheng, Guan Yu, Neith, Thoth, Sia, Seshat, Serapis,
    Menrva, Apollo, Athena, Coeus, Metis, Prometheus, Ganesha,
    Saraswati, Ganesha, A’as, Fukurokuju, Kuebiko, Omoikane, Tenjin,
    Benzaiten, Nabataean, Enki, Nabu, Nidaba, Bochica, “Týr, Odin,
    Mímir, Sága, Vör, Snotra.

    They were just as real to their believers and worshipers as you think your god is real to you.
    Ancient people “feared” their gods just as much as you fear not believing in a god.
    The thing is… none of them exist.
    Gods are figments of your imagination.

    Let me leave you with this… If someone really loves you, they will never threaten you with punishment, because real love does not create pain. If it did, it wouldn’t be “love”.
    Real love is a love that has no fear, threats, or punishment.
    Your god is not love. Your god does not exist. Your god is not real.

  277. Every comment that your friend has posted, as a review by user profile or even a perusal of this very article comments forum will amply prove, is a nasty ad hominem assalt on earnest people of opinion, some of whom are far more polite than me, admittedly. Your friend is a mean-spirited provocateur, a pesky gnat on a horse’s ass, and I merely swatted him with my tail, horse’s ass that I am. His provocations are not worthy of response, and I applaud the many commenters who simply ignore him, and deprive him of the attention he desperately seeks.

    No, I appreciate your forthright request, GeorgeBoston, truly, but I won’t retract my comments. Ask your friend to play polite, and if he does, he’ll get the same in return.

  278. Serlio, overall here, your comments are far more nasty and more dominantly ad hominem than Spuddie’s. Further, even if that were not the case, two wrongs don’t make a right, so your demeaning “swatting” is out of place and really you should consider retracting it.

    Spuddie’s comments are often right on the mark about important issues. If you find them challenging to deal with, perhaps it is your own position that needs reconsideration.

  279. Linda wrote: “If God and Hell doesn’t exist why are you trying so hard to keep at it???”

    Because you keep writing as if god and hell are real, when they are not real. I will keep challenging you to expand your knowledge and to quit spreading these false and unsubstantiated untruths and lies.

    Linda wrote: “You don’t care about anyone, not even yourselves.”

    Untrue. I care deeply about truth, knowledge, wisdom, honesty, integrity, etc. You sound like a whiny baby having a temper tantrum. How old are you, anyways?

    Linda wrote: “You are all jealous of Donald Trump that’s a fact.”

    I’m jealous of Trump? No, Linda. I’m horrified that he is our president. I’m embarrassed to the core that he represents our great country.

  280. I am in no bubble, rest assured of that. Why do you dislike Trump? Because he’s bringing jobs back here? Because he is against abortions? Because he’s against same-sex marriage? Because he wants to keep ILLEGAL ALIENS out of our country? What?? Why do you dislike someone who wants to bring our military up to speed? How can you dislike that? Donald Trump is compassionate, he is truthful and y’all just don’t want to see it. Why don’t you guys look to see what these Muslims are doing in Sweden? In Canada and even here. You forget there were terrorist attacks here too. There are boatloads of scientific evidence that God is real. You just will not accept. Would you take a doctor’s word? They are fairly smart and logical aren’t they? I think you are researching in the wrong direction. For every one piece of research that convinces you there is no God, no Heaven or no Hell, research that many that are. They are out there. Do you honestly believe I haven’t been where you are?? Sorry, I am not blind and I am not gullible and I don’t live in a bubble. I had the same questions as you at one time. I was just like you. Not anymore. This is what gets me about you all. You think because I know God and because I’m so hard core about Him that I’ve always been this way…….well, it isn’t so. Like I said, I’ve been down your road. I know what’s at the end of it. Maybe this will help you knowing that I was once like you, not to the atheist point, but certainly agnostic at one time. I’ve researched it all. I have. All I can tell you is God is truly real. He has done many miracles in my life and in my family’s life and there are no other explanations for the things that He has done for us. No scientific reasoning to it either. So, that’s how it is with me. My age doesn’t matter. I’m fairly certain I’m probably older than you. I’ll give you a hint how old I am. I’ve been married over 44 years. Now honestly, nobody lives in a bubble that long do they?

  281. I keep writing as though God is real cause He is. And, until you are ever in a situation like I’ve been in, you will figure that out in a hurry.

  282. Those beliefs are only bigoted to you. They really are not bigoted if you know the reasoning behind them. Christian teaching is not harmful if you know anything at all. It is only that way to you because you lack wisdom and guidance and you have never been taught. NO, Jesus is not a myth and I will never get over my convictions any more than you will get over your atheism….well, until you get yourself in a fix you can’t get out of and then you will figure it out.

  283. George, the miracles I have received from God in the last 10 years is evidence enough for me. What God has done in my life and in my body and in my family, there is no other explanation for it, none whatsoever.

  284. It is not contradictory George. It is to you because you don’t comprehend what is in the Bible. It’s always contradictory to those who do not know the Lord, but when you open up your soul to Him – He will reveal it to you. Until you are born again, you are veiled. God will not let an unbeliever understand anything until a person comes to Him and truly, truly desires to know Him. You have to want it. You have to want to be proven wrong….and you aren’t there yet.

  285. My beliefs may be weak to you, but they are not to me. If my beliefs were weak I would allow you to change my mind or at least give in to one or two of your statements. So I would say I’m a very strong minded, strong willed Christian. For 4 days you all have done your best to wear me down and it hasn’t happened and it won’t happen and it’s because I KNOW what God is and I KNOW who He is and I KNOW what He is capable of doing. It’s really very simple. Just think about this. If I was weak in my beliefs, I’d at least cave in to one of your theories. I have not caved, not once.

  286. Christianity is no more insane that Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any of those other religions out there. Do you feel the same about those religions as well or just Christianity?

  287. I do not see my faith as a fallacy. That fallacy is yours, not mine or any other Christian’s fallacy. There’s lots more people out there just like me. Some may cave and you may talk some out of their faith, but you cannot talk me out of mine no matter what kind of label you put on it. You call it fallacy because you don’t get it and you don’t understand it and you won’t.

  288. I have defended my remarks and no, they have not been clearly shown to be mistaken. They are only mistaken to you, not to me or any other Christian. Only you and other atheists. My beliefs are neither flawed nor weak, only in your blind eyes. Not mine and not for millions of other Christians.

  289. Again, I must tell you that my faith is only a fallacy to you as are the falsehoods you accuse me of. I do not contradict myself. You are doing that all on your own. I never said my success came from having time and yours didn’t. I never said that. I will not retract anything. You retract that you cannot read for comprehension and that you cannot understand anything another person writes unless it fits into your agenda. You cannot come outside the atheist box to comprehend anything. A Christian will always seem contradictory to you as does our Bible and that is because you do not have the wisdom and guidance from God to understand it. It’s very simple you just won’t accept the facts, the real facts, the true facts. Get me 10 more Christian people in here and they will tell you the same as me, heck get me 100 or a thousand, even a million and they will tell you the same as I. You know that too. You know what the Christian faith is all about yet you deny it and blaspheme it. That is your problem and not mine and you haven’t shown me anything. Our beliefs are not racist, they are not horrid. That is your opinion and yours alone and maybe your cohorts. I am not deluded to any false religious beliefs whatsoever.

  290. You are the delusional one. Atheism is false period. You know it is. I don’t see any cogent rebuttals out of you or anyone else on here. All you all have said is I am wrong and I am delusional……you haven’t given me one good reason why you believe what you do other than my faith is racist and blah blah blah. I don’t know where you get that stuff from.

  291. I can give you an explanation as to why I believe homosexual behavior is being exhibited in animals, now whether you accept it or not is another thing. Without knowing how long this has been going on and without scientific evidence of how long animals have been having homosexual behavior, my guess would be that the food chain has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. We know that GMO’s are harmful to our bodies and organs, including the brain, I believe that could have something to do with it. Another reason animals may have homosexual tendencies is because they don’t have reasoning abilities like humans do. I guess they will do their thing on anything, like dogs do on people’s legs. It’s an urge, they don’t care how it gets done, as long as it gets done. Animals will ride anything. I’ve seen them do it. They don’t have brains that work like ours. They work on instinct and it’s not smart instinct. Humans however do have brains and they get rewired and it’s not always in a good way. I have my own theories about homosexuality and if you’d like me to share those with you, I’d be happy to. Science has NOT proven that homosexuality is something people are born with. And, this is a subject I have studied for many years. Most homosexuals will say science has proven they are born that way, but that isn’t true. I can give you both the Biblical reason, and I can also give you the reason I believe it is going on today. And, when you hear the reasoning, you can connect both to the Bible. But, that’s for another discussion. Yes, I agree, miscarriage and abortion end in the same result, death of a baby. At least you acknowledge that an abortion is the end of human life. Science has as a matter of fact finally proven what the Bible has always said, that life begins at conception. A miscarriage happens through no fault of the mother or anyone else. It is something that happens when something goes wrong with the unborn baby and God’s way of ending it. I know He doesn’t end it for all babies, but some He does. Or you can say that a mother’s body has rejected the baby because she instinctively via her brain knows something is wrong with the baby. Some mothers can do that, some can’t, especially first time mothers. They have never had a baby before and wouldn’t know what was a happening to her unborn child as it was growing. Abortion is a woman killing her baby for whatever reason she finds to do so. To me that’s murder. One is a no-fault death, the other is a homicidal death. And you are correct, both die. I am pro-life, most definitely and I would be pro-life whether I was a Christian or not, as a matter of fact, I was pro-choice in my young days when I was purely ignorant, then went on to learn about life beginning at conception and was pro-life after that. Also, knowing that a human heartbeat can be heard with modern technology at 22 days gestation and at 12 weeks gestation a human body is fully formed. You really can tell it is human before that, but for sake of argument, a baby is fully formed at 12 weeks. Most women have abortions long after those 12 weeks. Most don’t even know they are pregnant until they are about 12 weeks unless they are trying to get pregnant then they can know within a couple of days.

  292. That’s not really what the Johnson Amendment means. What it means is, pastors can now talk about politics from the pulpit without losing their tax exempt status. Before they would lose their church if they talked about politics and supported a politician. The Johnson Amendment is allowing them to support a politician. Some believe that if politics are allowed to be talked about in churches, then that interferes with the separation of church and state. I don’t believe it does, because preachers, pastors, etc. talk about politics outside the church doors to their parishioners so I don’t really see the problem. It’s only a problem if people make it a problem. I don’t see it as being any different than the politics that go on fake TV. How is it different? It isn’t I don’t think.

  293. Well, I’m hoping not. I hope they are declared cults and that will take care of that. But, in the event you are right, then it will most likely happen, but you are naive to believe that doesn’t happen already. “Donations” happen all the time under a different guise that’s all.

  294. Maybe in your eyes that’s what it is, but why don’t you say that to a million other Christians out there. They will tell you the same as me. False attribution fallacy? I think not. No fairy tales either. It is not false and it is not deceitful. Like I said, it may be that to you, but not to a million or 100 million other Christians.

  295. Yes, God put Obama in power. God puts who He wants in power whether they are good or bad. That’s how we Christians believe. Yes, God also wanted all those other leaders as well.

  296. Yes, I suppose it does and if y’all would let him do his job, I think he’s going to be the best president we have ever had and I think everyone owes it to him to give him a shot at it. We let Obama and Clinton stay and they were a lot worse than Trump by a long shot.

  297. I have one word for that. Soros! If you do your research you will see that

  298. Nope, you believe that lie from the pits of Hell if you want to. You will find out the minute you die that there really is a God and there really is a Hell.

  299. I can’t believe if you were a Pentecostal and PARTICIPATED in church services that you also didn’t have these emotional reactions outside of church? Not all expressions of emotions are behind church doors. We can have an experience with God anywhere besides church.

  300. Gosh you are a bitter bitter person!! No wonder you are an atheist. I am not a bigoted Christian and honestly I do not know any that are. You will have to explain why I am a bigot. I know I’m not.

  301. In varying degrees, my opinion depends on the specific religion. In today’s world, Islam is certainly the worst, and Christianity is probably the second worst. But Buddhism certainly gives the most respect to rational thought, and human decency.

  302. Linda Refuses To Get IT wrote:

    How old are you, how long have you claimed to be a “Christian” and do you even attend a church?

    It appears you didn’t read through my whole comment which stated that psychological emotional reactions are a product of simply being a human-being. No god needed.

    Contrary to what Pentecostal and other charismatic churches teach, their is absolutely NO evidence to support that religious emotional responses come from a supernatural deity. Emotional response is what it is: an emotional response.

    Now, you can attribute the reason behind an emotional response to anything.
    You can say it was because of this, or it was because of that.
    But, whatever you attribute it to, in order for it to be true and
    logical, it needs to be based on evidence that is provable and factual

    If you attribute the reason of the emotional response to something that is not provable or true, it is called an attribution fallacy. You need to read up on confirmation bias also.

    So to say, “I felt something. It must be from God.” That is an attribution fallacy because you are attributing your feeling to a source without any proof or factual evidence, because you can’t “prove” it was from God.
    You might as well attribute it to anything you want, if you aren’t going to require proof and evidence to make it truthful and valid.

    I know first hand that the preachers who were deemed the “best”, were the ones who could manipulate the emotion of the congregation to a frenzy, and then turn around and claim it was the “spirit of God”, when in reality, it was their “intention” to create the frenzy with the use of the cadence of their words, the music, the volume of their voice, etc.

    Church goers are taught to “attribute” their emotional response to their God belief, without any proof that it is God, and they willingly and blindingly do.

    Church goers are taught to “attribute” everything, always to “God”. This is a huge attribution fallacy. It is illogical and irrational.
    It is blindly false and teaches people not to use their brains in a logical and rational way. Christians choose willful blindness in order believe what they want to believe.

    That is basic logic, basic rationality, and just being smart, instead of willfully ignorant. That is the truth.

  303. I remain curious for an explanation of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. I remain curious as to how abortions and miscarriages are perceived as being different, in that they both end human life.

  304. Linda, again, you are plainly in the wrong here. That your doctrine is bigoted is obviously demonstrated by your evil holy book with its “chosen people”, and its tales about your horrific, evil “god” that has, according to your bible, condemned and in some cases killed or requesting killing of whole races and whole communities, for the actions of a sub-group. That is bigotry and injustice on a large scale, horrifically so.

    Again, it is high time for you to put your ancient, horrid and bigoted Christian superstitions away and get with the modern world.

  305. No, Linda. As usual, you are plainly wrong. Despite your claims, you cannot possibly know what you claim to know, because, among many other reasons, the being you claim exists obviously does not exist and does not have the characteristics you claim it does. Further, the foundational story of your dogma is itself nonsense. The doctrine of your Christian superstition even contradicts itself.

    You don’t “know” what you claim to. You are simply severely deluded, and you hold an obviously false, obviously racist set of beliefs.

  306. False from you again, Linda. The primary fallacy you just presented in your latest post is commonly known as the Secret Decoder Ring Fallacy. Look it up.

  307. No, Linda, you have not coherently defended your remarks. Rather, as the record now shows clearly above, you have presented fallacy after fallacy, and worse, you have tried to stifle dissenting opinions. Now in your latest post, you have basically concluded with an instance of the ad populum fallacy, which is essentially par for the course for you thus far.

    Your beliefs are not only flawed and weak; they are racist and, by modern moral and human rights standards, horridly evil.

  308. No, Linda. The record above stands: time after time, you have presented common fallacies.

    I have also explained why your Christian doctrine is very explicitly racist, and you have been utterly unable to counter that. Instead, you have tried to stifle dissenting opinions.

  309. Great, Linda. You’re making a bit of progress with your admission on record above that your sky fairy wanted the listed leaders. Now, how would you distinguish that from what leaders would have been chosen if there were no god involved?

  310. Linda, the latest flawed argument that you present, in your latest comment, is a common one known as Pascal’s Wager. Look it up.

    Time after time, you keep on presenting common fallacies as you try in vain to support your (obviously false) Christian superstitions.

  311. Linda wrote: “Yes, I know about all those things you mentioned.”

    You must be lying. If you knew all those things, and understood the ramifications of them, you would see that Christian dogma is created by man, it’s MAN-MADE.

    And “hell” is a construct of ancient pagan myths added to Christian dogma, long after the Counsels.

    Boy, you have an evil and strong ego. It clutches irrationality with all it’s might!

  312. No, Linda. Likely there are a multitude of alternate, and better explanations, but you have applied confirmation bias in order to (incorrectly) reject them.

    So, describe for us here even one of those “miracles” that you claim happened to you, and explain how it must have been divinely caused. Then explain how others in similar circumstances, likely some of them good people, received very different outcomes.

    Frankly, so far, every single one of the arguments that you have presented in attempted support of your beliefs has been specious and fallacious.

  313. Hippity-Hop said: “satan’s children are out in force”

    Satan isn’t real. There is no such thing. So,
    how can something that doesn’t exist, have children?

    We do not support your religious delusion because it is not based on truth, evidence, and proof. It is false and unreal.

  314. Yeah maybe, but Buddha is dead……….why would anyone follow a dead God?

  315. According to the teachings of Jesus you SHOULD have experiences with god outside of the walls of the temple/church/mosque etc.

  316. Big Deal! So what if Starbucks didn’t want to put Merry Christmas on their cups. Do you even know how ridiculous that sounds? Starbucks won’t print Merry Christmas! We’re being persecuted!

  317. Yes, you are right and I do. Everyone should and for those who do not believe God is real, all you have to do is have a personal relationship with Him and turn your back on Him and you will soon realize the definition of empty. Your heart will be so empty you can’t stand it.

  318. Everyone needs standards or our cultures would fall apart. But some people just don’t like the standards, especially those of Christians, if it interferes with their pleasure or desires or even perversions. By perversions that’s when pedophilia is labelled as child-attraction, and the attempt to make it normal by certain psychiatry organisations who support it. That is just evil. Should we stop holding it up as a standard because perverts don’t like it?? No.

    Children are well known for resisting good sense because they don’t want standards or limits imposed on them either. Eg. we all love candy and treats as kids AND adults, but the parent of a child still has to say “no, there is a limit on it”, to stop the kid being obese!

    It’s a loving father who says – this may look good, feel good at face value and in the right context it’s wonderful. BUT there is a bad consequence from doing this inappropriately or against my instructions, and you will regret it.

    I would rather have family values than hedonism rule my world.

  319. Your “standards” involves coming up with terrible excuses to act in an uncivil and malicious way to others and blame it on religion. You are bigoted against gays and too spineless to own up to it.

    How consenting adults live their lives is none of your business. It is not up to you how others live. Nobody needs your approval to make their personal and private decisions in their lives. So take your phony dishonest piece of crap alleged concern for the souls of others and shove it somewhere painful. It is just a pretense to act badly to others.

    “By perversions that’s when pedophilia is labelled as child-attraction,”

    Scumbag, pedophilia involves neither consent nor adults. Your inability to recognize such is one of many reasons not to take you seriously and to think badly of you as a human being.

    I would rather you worry about your own life and leave others alone. Nobody has to give a crap what your religions says on any given subject. Nobody else has to live according to your beliefs.

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