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The Rev. Timothy Keller to step down from Redeemer Presbyterian Church

(RNS) The Rev. Timothy Keller, one of the country's most popular and influential conservative Christian thinkers, will step down this summer as senior pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York.

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The announcement came during Sunday (Feb. 26) services at Redeemer's three Manhattan locations and was posted Monday evening on the church's website. Those locations also will become independent churches, according to the announcement.

"That means we're all going to be sent out – but that includes me," Keller said, after recounting the biblical story of God calling Abraham to leave his homeland.

Keller's last day as senior pastor will be July 1, he said.

Afterward, he will become what he called a "teacher-trainer." He will continue working full time with the Redeemer City to City church planting network to teach and train Christian leaders and pastors, according to his announcement.

He also will remain involved in mid-week events and conferences at the church, he confirmed.

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Redeemer's three congregations will become "full-fledged congregations" with their own staffs and senior pastors, according to the announcement. That follows a decades-old plan the church put in place so as not to become a single megachurch, but a "family" of smaller churches, he said.

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Keller founded Redeemer in 1989 as part of the Presbyterian Church in America, according to his website. Since then, it has grown to a weekly attendance of more than 5,000 young professionals in Manhattan.

He also is co-founder of The Gospel Coalition and a New York Times bestselling author.


  1. Timothy Keller steps down as senior pastor and Boom, three churches are formed.

  2. Best wishes for the continued vitality and effectiveness of the church(es) described in this article.

  3. I respect the plan to eliminate the “mega” for three smaller churches. Who does THAT? I just hope he continues to write and speak, since he’s had significant impact for Christ in my life. My prayers are with him in this new chapter.

  4. No, the three churches were already there. Read the article again.

  5. “Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York.”… “Redeemer’s three Manhattan locations… “Those locations also will become independent churches, according to the announcement.”…”Redeemer’s three congregations will become “full-fledged congregations” with their own staffs and senior pastors, according to the announcement”. Seems like the three campuses of Redeemer Presbyterian Church will now become three separate, independent churches.

  6. #1I didn’t have a problem with it. I thought it was a good thing.
    #2 They existed as three campuses of Redeemer Presbyterian. Now there are three separate and independent churches and that’s not a bad thing.

  7. “Timothy Keller steps down as senior pastor and Boom, three churches are formed.”

    So what was that comment about?

  8. That three new churches were formed out of one (with three campuses) after the senior pastor steps down.

  9. Let me rephrase: Why did you feel that it was necessary to make the comment?

  10. Because there’s a comment thread available.
    Having disposed of the obvious also because as a Christian in the Reformed tradition (Reformed Baptist) I like listening to Tim Keller. Finally I think that it’s kind of neat that Redeemer thought to go in the direction they did rather than remain one large church they actually “planted” three churches in NYC.

  11. I am British and have never set foot in a Redeemer church or met Tim Keller personally. But his writing and preaching has greatly strengthened my own Christian faith over the years. He is undoubtedly one of the most important beacons of the unadulterated Word of God in the modern era. I wish him well and thank him from afar for the work he has done in an age that is increasingly challenging the real Christian message, inside and outside of the church, and for the help he has given me.

  12. Yes indeed, I am an Australian and I also found reading ‘The Reason for God’ gave me confidence to defend the gospel where it seems counter cultural. Tim work is a great blessing to those like me who sometimes feel besieged by those loud voices who believe the bible is completely wrong.

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